Top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home.

How to boost your motivation to work when your office is just your home?

When you are working at home it limits your interaction with people. According to Upwork, this has been one of the issues that freelancers were raising – the challenges of social interaction. It could be boring to stay in the four corners of your working space when you cannot go out because of the corona-virus – going out has been your way to break free from having been working at home. It is usual for you to be working at home but could be stressful feeling that you are doing things all over again in the same room and meeting the same people in the house. Thus, it could affect your motivation to work.

Here are the Top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home in these times of social distancing.

1. Pray

Praying is one great way to get back motivated to work. It gives you more strength and wisdom and bring back your grace to work. Praying can renew your soul and reboot your positive energy and of course knowing that there is someone powerful that will help you through and that is your God!

Here are few bible verse to boost your motivation.

1 Chronicles 28:20 –  David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Philippians 4:13 –  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

More bible verse in bible study tools website.

2. See green.

Put some plants in your working table or position your working table near to the window where you can see green.

According to a study published by ACS publications, the color green can reduce physiological stress, restore attention, enhanced immune function, and can help someone feel connected socially.

3. Exercise

Include in your weekly goal the time to exercise or revitalized with physical movement. Working at home may lead you to sit for about 8-12 hours a day. It is very important to have in your to-do list, your time to exercise. You can still do an exercise even with some precautions of social distancing. Exercising at home is still possible.

Youtube have different exercise guides that works for you. Walking exercise is also wonderful to move around in your house Check here 

According to a study when we do exercise our body released endorphins which are also called happy hormones.

4. Talk to people in the house.

Talk to people in your house – to your kids, parents, or spend time talking with your husband of anything. It is one great way to divert your mind into matters which are out from your working space. It can help you relate to what is going on with other people or laugh around with others.

According to Medical News Today deeper communication with others has a positive impact on happiness and well being.

5. Listen to music.

Music has frequencies that can trigger our emotions. Our body is composed of 70% water which can vibrate sound frequencies in other parts of our body then give a positive or negative impact to your emotions. For this reason, it is very important that you should know about the kind of music you are listening to.

According to Scientific Report, heroic music can have a good impact on motivation and constructiveness.

Here are some music that can boost your motivation

6. Break free.

Working at home hooked you up of being responsible about your time and output. You tend to always think of delivery and getting more clients which sometimes hinders you to do what you wanted at a certain time. Your work is more important than anything else.

Break free sometimes, do something relaxing even if it does not cost money. You sing, play around, do some planting, cooking, cleaning the house, or sit and breath fresh air!

Break free sometimes, do something relaxing even if it does not cost money.

6. Eat healthy.

Our health is our source of wealth. The food that we eat can also impact our mental health. Here are the food that can boost your motivation.

Food boost motivation: Salmon, berries, eggs, dark chocolate, nuts, avocados, water, brown rice and mussels.

7. Set your weekly goal and imprint the output.

Some tools are available to help manage your output and things to do. Trello and Asana are one great tool to move around and check what has been going on with your tasks. Update and move the board when you accomplish something.

You can also write your goals and to-do list in the journal. A wonderful leeway of using computers. Making use of the old tools – the pen and the journal. Doing work-related activities with the use of tools which you have an emotional connection – is a great way to reboot your motivation.

Sticky notes and boards are fun to use too. Write down your goals and stick it to the board where you can move around like Trello. Make a unique stairway to your goals on a daily or weekly basis. Get motivated checking on what you have accomplished at the end of the day or week to meeting your long term goal. You can also write some motivational quotes and stick them to the wall.

8. Sleep well setting aside the worries from your home working space.

Reboot by sleeping well. You may be struggling with separating work from your home because you are already working at home. Your bed may be just next to your working space. So, you sleep when you are tired of working and wake up working again.

Train your mind to forget work when you are going to sleep. Listen to music that will help you sleep well or watch a happy movie before you sleep so that the last thoughts you have before sleeping, is not the output you need to accomplish- it is the new exciting thing you did before you go to bed. So, when you wake up, go back to the goals you have set up before the week starts.

Channel your inner yogi is also something exiting to do before sleeping.

9. Work with purpose

Knowing your great purpose of doing something is the core motivation to move forward and be productive in anything you do. 

We get motivated to move because we have a purpose.

Write down your purpose or meditate it.

10. A moment of silence.

Be quiet with yourself! A moment of silence within yourself. You got to be mindful of your thoughts, your feeling, and your goals. Then try to meditate what you want to happen. Affirm yourself with positive self-talk and prayers.

Maximized your resources for your kiddy party!

I just came home from a christening and birthday celebration of Cate. They celebrated it at once. I believe this is a great idea to save time, money and effort.

Cate was a baby girl light colors were a great color theme for her party. It was a great theme color like pastel pink, turquoise, white, orange and beige. Very refreshing to the eyes and feminine. And yes, all were the idea of a loving mother. Young and creative. Kring her mother and with the help of the siblings – conceptualized the decors. The backdrop was decorated with balloons and an accent of the green leaf. The centerpiece at the backdrop was the picture of Cate taken from a cellphone. Her dress was personally knitted by Kring from old clothes which she re-designed.


Let’s learn from Kring how she maximized her resources to make the event successful without hiring a caterer, renting accommodation and a professional photographer.

  1. Family Support – Filipinos have a Bayanihan culture. Bayanihan culture was when relatives and friends help together in building a house or doing the harvest. Just the same concept, if there was a celebration we used to ask or relatives offering free help to make the event successful. With the support of the siblings and relatives from both sides – they have cooked the food and prepared the decors all together.


2. Use the resources available – they availed for free the function hall of the subdivision. Her sister was a homeowner hence, they have the privilege to use it for no cost.

DSC05352 (2)

3. Not so much of decors but making the backdrop attractive and colorful makes the venue so refreshing.

DSC05372 (2)

4. Kring redesigns old clothes and knitted it by herself self which was Cate’s clothes during the pictorial and the party.



5. The giveaways were not so many but enough to cater one head per family.

DSC05364 (2).JPG

DSC05367 (2).JPG

6. The loot bags were made up of paper cups and inside were candies and small colored pens. Just enough to make kids happy and get busy with much tiny stuff inside.


DSC05415 (2).JPG

7. They hired a magician to entertain the kids and also the adults.

DSC05394 (2).JPG

DSC05397 (2).JPG

8. Before the program started the guest were already encouraged to eat lunch then a few minutes the programs started. I believe that was a great idea to full the tummy first then enjoy the program. Thus, no need to have pica-pica.

DSC05439 (2).JPG

Of course, I volunteered to take unlimited photos. I enjoyed taking photos of the happy faces of the guest, the parents, and the celebrant. So, if you knew a friend who has an HD camera invite them and ask them to be the photographer for the event :-).

DSC05353 (2).JPG

Organizing a hands-on kiddy party was not easy between the smiles of parents, relatives and families were sleepless nights that will make it a successful and memorable event! Kudos to Kring! Taking care of a child then making all these a very creative event was a great mother job!

A love to last review!

Finally done watching the series “A love to last” in Netflix. The movie was very inspiring and full of great Filipino values. Gentle, forgiving and loving.

Full-time mothers/hands on mothers can relate to the feelings of being exhausted running the house and the kids even with helpers and the more with no house hold support. What makes Eeza Calsado-Grace looks bad was she gave up her family and kids in looking for herself and because of being exhausted. If you have been a full-time mother you can relate to Eeza’s feeling of distress but maybe only few can relate of her giving up.

Anton- Ian Veneracion – The father and the provider. He learned that it is important to also give time to the wife and the kids. Pro buyag gwapo jud si Anton and has done his best to keep family but failed. He was trying to keep their family even with her new wife

Anding – Bea Alonzo
Bea: A sweet and loving, independent woman. Trying to understand Anton’s baggage and fully accepts her responsibilities as a step mother but felt exhausted too.

Bea’s mother: I love this role, very Pilipina. I see her character through my Lola (Grandparent). And we can really say, this is how a real Pilipina love before times. A love that never fades for his husband. Willing to accept him even he had betrayed once. Soft, understanding and a mother that guides to what is really right and wrong. A motherly love that we can see to our parents.

Chloe – Julia Barretto: We can see many of her traits to elder siblings. Who want’s to owe the responsibilities parents cannot cater. Being the person who want’s to please everyone despite the pain. Masunuring anak (A good daughter) in Tagalog term.

The movie for me was full of Filipino values, it will remind us of the Pilipino family values and of course, Anding and Anton’s relationship and character are well portrayed. The movie also shows the importance of communication and listening between husbands and wives, kids and parents.

A love that is pursuing at the right time for Anton and Anding. A love that is waiting at the perfect time for Chloe and his college sweet heart.

A must watch for husbands and wives specially for those who are starting a family.

Lead List Generation Service with Mybost!

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These past few weeks, I have been receiving tasks regarding Lead Generation Services. Business owners are now trying to beat the challenges of Corona Virus. If you need a team to help your marketing or sales team in building lead list! Mybost your back office support team at your service.

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God bless in sailing your business in this time of pandemic!

Our kids too would love to see us looking great.

Sometimes you just want to dress up, look good and feel good. When most of the time you just seem not to care.

Having two lovely boys is very interesting specially when your husband is an overseas. If my husband is here I usually asked him, is my clothes ok? My lipsticks and etc. When he is not around my two boys are my mirror!

Today, my youngest son told me: Nanay you look so.. pretty today! I will give you flowers!

My eldest son: Nanay, I like that clothes better than the other one. I will take a photo of you! And indeed, he took all these photo!

Oh, yes! They have been my lovely mirror.

If I am wearing a skirt, they will check if I am wearing undershorts.

So, if sometimes they are bored of waiting for me while I am grooming myself. I will always remind them “Diba you want nanay to be pretty?

Yes, I have a four year old youngest and my eldest is seven! As a work at home mother, I am enjoying these lovely times with them because I know when they grow, I would not be their apple of the eye anymore!

How to remove the green line in google sheet?

There are two options in removing the green lines in google sheets which hinders you to filter all the data in the sheet.

  1. Alt A+D then F or on the menu tab click on turn off filter by clicking on the filter Icon on the google sheet.

2. Delete spaces then click the filter icon again or highlight all the data you wanted to filter then click “On filter Icon”.

The green line in the google sheet comes out when you filter data without emphasizing or highlighting the boundaries of the data you wanted to filter. It automatically detects the data which are not separated with spaces then hinders you to filter all other data which are separated by spaces. So, after removing the green line you can filter it back by removing spaces between rows or columns of the data or highlight all the data you wanted to filter.

Remote learning space for kids and a working space for a work at home mother!

Now, I needed to re-arrange my working space to be flexible for kids remote learning space as well.

Yes, since I have two kids having their online school this year. I also have to move my online task after their online schooling. Definitely they needed help during their learning session with their virtual teachers specially when your kids are still in kinder and early grade school. So, I re-arrange my working space mainly for them to use comfortably while I can also easily sit and use the computer after their learning session.

It is very important that your kids ambiance is relaxing by putting their table as much as possible near to open spaces where air can easily get into them and their eyes can see few boundaries.

Here are the tips in making your remote learning space for kids at the same time a working space for work at home mother:

1. Separate the table for each kid.

I have two kids, I separated their tables since I want them not to use headset. Because too much use of headset would not be good for their ears. And I wanted them to develop their hearing skills.

2. Put an extra table.

I put an extra table for writing or where they can easily move their laptop when they needed to write or do some art works.

3. Book stand

My mother did a DIY book stand for them to easily move their eyes from the computer to the books.

3. Foot stand

My mother did a DIY foot stand for their little feet since their tables and chairs are not really designed for their heights. So, they can relax their feet on the foot stand while learning. Keeping them comfortable on their chairs and tables.

4. Organizer

My mother made a DIY organizer for us to put the books, printers and other things which we can easily grab on.

5. Plants

We have a lot of snake plants and Aloe Vera which my mother planted even before the Corona Virus. Perfect! Snake plants boost their mood and reduced stress while Aloe Vera can absorb radiation.

Facing the computer for more than an hour would be too boring and stressful for them. So, I put plants near to the working table. I am planning to add more of these plants!

6. Reminder Board.

I find this very important because I usually forget their activities- for us to be reminded easily of their daily activities. Now my to do board becomes theirs as well.

7. Small baskets.

These small baskets were their toys organizers. Since we already have disposed some of their toys, I use this small baskets to put the things they needed. We can also use unused ice cream containers or biscuits containers. I put all the notebooks they need for Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays! Put them in the place where they can easily grab and return.

How to clean Aloe Vera to avoid skin itching!

Do feel that your skin is itching when you use fresh aloe vera? It is because you have not cleaned it well.

How to clean Aloe Vera to avoid skin itching?

1. Wash the Aloe Vera with clean water.

Clean your aloe vera with clean water thoroughly.

2. Peel both sides of the Aloe Vera.

Peel those parts which has like thorns on both sides.

3. Cut into chunks and soak in a clean water for few minutes.

Cut your aloe vera into chunks then soak into the water. You may wash again with clean water then soak it for few minutes.

You may also preserve your aloe vera by putting them in the refrigerator soaked in water for few days. So, you can apply each chunks for days. Then you will noticed using aloe vera without itching your skin.

If you do not have Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera gel are now available in the stores you can also buy them in Amazon. Check the list of organic Aloe Vera gel that you can buy from amazon!

My newly found natural-based night and day cream – from Aromacology Sensi!

I am so excited to use this natural beauty product from Aromacology!

Years ago I had an online research task about beauty products and the rate of their hazardous effect! I was surprised that most of the products I am using and for my kids have mid to high hazard effects. In Skin Deep website these products such as soap, lotion, and others may cause cancer! I became so, meticulous reading on the content of the products I and my kids were using. There was once that I do not even use soap for my skin. I do not usually go out – I do not care about how I look like. I do not even have a mirror to look at! Then, I noticed that my skin looked unhealthy, dull and small pimples came! I only noticed them when my sisters were laughing at me:

What is happening to you?!!

Many have said, every product that we are already using is hazardous!

But, when I had that research task, I saw products that were less hazardous and safe to use. Most of these products were organic and natural products. So, I decided to begin caring for my skin with organic products.

My sister, who is a doctor, even told me – we need to take care of our skin and hydrate it while it could still absorb nutrients. As we get older our skin cannot already hold those nutrients. While wrinkles and sagging skin are not showing up yet- take care of your skin.

So, yes from that day on! I started taking care of my skin. It took me a lot of stores to visit just to get these products! I remember going to grocery store reading the content of day cream and other products ” no paraben and other hazardous content”! I ended up going home with only 1 product in my hand. Then, I found healthy options. Most of the organic products and rated safe to use were in this store! So, I started using products from Aveeno, Human Nature and I bought some in healthy options – brands that I came across in my task with products that are less hazardous to safe effect.

And because of pandemic (Covid), I wanted to buy beauty products that are safe yet affordable!

While walking in the mall, I came across this stall – Aromacology! Certified 98% natural! I was very excited to check on their products!

I asked about soap, then my favorite partner – the day and night cream! Luckily they have! I am so excited – I have been looking for an affordable organic or natural day cream and night cream that are Philippine-made! For the first time, I found it in Aromacology Sensi – made in Davao, Philippines! I bought these four products which are essential for my daily routine. For 1000 pesos, I already have the four basic skincare products. These are essential for me than makeup! Lipstick was one but because we use a face mask, my lipstick was replaced with a face mask. 🙂

I do not like a strong smell of beauty products. I do not even use perfumes! The sales lady handed me a friendly smelling lotion, soap, day cream, and night cream with free coffee! 🙂

The natural products I bought from Aromacology were:

  1. Body Butter, Papaya and Pineapple
  2. Moisture White – Night Cream
  3. Matte Finish – Day Cream
  4. Lemon and Tea Tree Soap
  5. Coffee – this is free 🙂

I took a bath with this lovely Tea Tree and Lemon Soap from Aromacology Sensi. Even it’s still 5 pm – I applied the moisture white – night cream from Aromacology Sensi in my face! Excited indeed! So, I took a photo of myself, because I saved money from buying an expensive natural product and I also feel good having met these products!

Beauty Products

Since this is my first day of using the product yet, I will be reviewing these products after a month! For now, I am excited about using them every day and see what it can do to my skin after a month! 🙂

The night cream it’s not really oily – like you will not feel stinky after applying. The smell is not strong. After an hour I can see some natural oil coming from my face! I haven’t been using a regular product for my night skin care except the almond oil. I think I am going to love doing my night routine because of this product! 🙂

See you in my next blogs about my natural and organic product! 🙂

You can also buy organic day cream from Amazon.

Beauty Products

What plants are in your working space?

According to study release in NCBI

Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults.

What Plants are in your Working Space?

  1. Snake Plants
Air Purifier and release oxygen at night

Snake Plants are natural air purifier and it releases oxygen at night! And they don’t need much of your attention. So, if you are a busy person and has no time to take care of plants as needed. You can just put this plant anywhere and it can survived with little care.

2. Lemon Grass

If mosquitoes are disturbing your productivity and you are sensitive to the smell of mosquitoe sprays. Lemongrass are a natural insect repellent and can sway that mosquitoes itchiness while you are working. In fact, lemongrass has been used in many therapeutic oils. I also love its menthol-like smell. It feels refreshing to me.

Lemon Grass