Working With Fresh Air


Literally working with fresh air refreshes the mind to work. If you are a work at home or a freelancer we often work in the  four corners of our house: often times inside the room to stay away from distractions.  To keep us up beat with our job or just to break the routine working environment its nice to do the following:

  1. Work outside the room in you dining table or sofa  to be with your family so that you can laugh and talk with them while working.
  2. Work outside the house where you can feel the breeze of the soothing air. A place where the air kisses your face and sway your hair. This is so far the best I have ever done that revitalized my energy to work.
  3. Go to park, coffee shop or anywhere where it gets you connected with the people and the environment.`

As the with the meaning  of  Breath of fresh air in dictionary  it says ” someone or something that makes a situation feel new, different, and exciting:” This is exactly what we need.

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