Java Maya Bird-Cause of Sudden Death

I bought birds for my kids, they love animals. Put those two Java Maya birds or known as java sparrow, in the cage.

One day my son was not in the house for the whole day; he always looked after his birds’ food. The day after, we found that his birds’ died. The two of them died! I felt guilty because, I was not able to also look after them while my son was away. My son “nanay the lord will correct them to be  alive? ” ; what he meant was, if the bird will be alive because the Lord will help them to be alive after they died. He was crying and wanted the bird to come back after they were buried. He even says to her aunt, after burying them, “they will grow, tita?” they are coming back?  (hehehe.. he thought animals were like plants, they will grow in the soil). He felt so bad and was crying for the lost of his pet.

I wanted to buy another birds however, when I researched and tried to understand why those birds died, I found out the reasons of their death could be one of these listed below:

Top 10 birds killers

I summarized them into this abbreviation: WUTTOTHOSH

  1. Water –  This could be the possible reason because after lunch (the day before they died) we were not able to check if they have enough water in their pot.
  2. Unclipped wings – Could be; since, they were two in the small cage and they could not really freely fly. And naturally they should not be in the cage.
  3. Trauma-  They might have not adapted their new environment yet. Moreover, during   night  time the wind was cold and may be their location was not a comfortable place for them.
  4. Toxic Foams – My son, put a letter foam inside their cage, they might have  tried to eat it.
  5. Other Animals – We have other animals in the house but, they are living separately.
  6. Toxic Food and Plant – We don’t put any other food in the cage except the bird food      and the water, but letter foam was connected to a tie that was hanged on the cage which they could wrongly associate it as their food. 
  7. Heat Exposure – Sun set during 3’Oclock  goes to the  direction  at the corner  of our     house where we put them.
  8. Owner – caused disease – My son, usually brought them anywhere and sometimes         played with them by touching their bodies with a stick.
  9. Sleeping with birds – We didn’t sleep with them, but sometimes my son brought the     cage  inside our room, because he wanted to always see them.
  10. Hand Feeding Mistakes – We don’t give them food through hands


Oh, it seems 80% of the caused of birds death were true to how we handled those java maya birds. I felt guilty of not knowing how to take care of  birds. I found out that birds were really sensitive and they need special attention than the fish and dog we have in the house.

That would be the last time birds, I won’t be buying birds anymore, I’d rather let them escape from the cage than seeing birds die in our house. But, my son wants to buy iguana in exchange for the death of his bird! Oh no… I don’t know how to take care of birds how much more Iguana?… 🙂  Iguana seems scary to be a pet… Oh,



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