My Son wipes his eyes with his saliva.


My son is 4 and I always saw him wiping his eyes with his saliva. I am worried, why does he has this mannerism. I tried to google it today and found out that many kids or even adults do the same and seems it’s normal. While reading, I found out that some people rub their eyes with saliva when they feel their eyes are dry; and they feel sleepy yet they wouldn’t want their eyes to shut! And exactly, I think this is what my son has been doing.

What did I do to minimize such mannerism?

Possible cause and effect of such mannerism. 

Although I have not asked a doctor about the bad effect of the rubbing saliva in the eyes. However, just to stop him from doing it. I talked to him about the possible effect of rubbing his eyes with saliva (white lie or could happen as well). This sounds so funny  and absurd, but it works. 🙂

I showed him a picture of the kid which has inflamed eyes (exaggerated) ; my object to let him know that – because the saliva has bacteria it might infect his eyes and will look like the picture.


Tell him, the ants will crawl at your eyes and bite it. You want your eyes to get bigger?

His reaction:

  • Sometimes, if he is not so sleepy yet, after having heard of stopping him from rubbing his eyes, he goes to the toilet and clean his eyes.
  • It seems that he is trying to stop himself from doing it because of the effect I told him (his scared that his eye will look as the picture).
  • As he grows, has not been rubbing his eyes often as before. I think it will also get lessen as he grows and eventually with constant reminder he would forget of doing it.




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