It’s August my husband’s birthday and my sister is about to deliver her first baby. September , my youngest son’s birthday. Oops.. November it’s my birthday. December, Christmas day, oh Christmas day. January,  New Year and my eldest son’s birthday.  I am also thinking of giving something for Marawi; my home for more than half of my life. Many gifts to prepare and I need to save for the present. Luckily, while thinking of gift ideas, scrolling the internet,  I bump into this “Fool-Proof Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions”, Wow! gift certificates  from GC Regalo by SM, the largest retailer in the Philippines and Sodexo. I will bookmark their page. When I have my budget,  I can just purchase online and at anytime for as low as 500-600 pesos. Truly a hassle-free gift giving idea! It saves me from spending too much on gifts, saves my time and from shame in going to occasions without a present; which I always do because it’s time consuming for me to choose gifts with my kids around. I cannot go out without them! From now on, I know where to turn to for occasions. I would love to purchase these two kinds of gift certificates and stock them whenever I can.

Sodexo Premium Pass/Sodexo Gift Check/Sodexo Gift Certificate, because Sodexo can be used in all SM affiliates and can be accepted over 9000 partner merchants and some of those I want to give this gift has no SM Malls near to their location.



SM Gift Pass/SM Gift Check/SM Gift Certificate, because I know some of those I want to receive this gifts loves to go to SM and affiliates.

sm gift

I am excited to collect these gift certificates and give them to my loved ones, my assistant and others who help me in taking care of my kids and for donation as well. I will be collecting gift certificates; my best gift idea . I can address it anywhere in the Philippines and send directly to the receiver with my personal message or greetings because it is coupled with a special card. I am sure the receiver would love it, because I would be giving them variety of gifts to choose on, from shopping, dining, travel and etc.

Oh, for those who want to give me a gift or for my kids, we would love to receive these gifts. 🙂 To my husband out there, no need to contact for a third person to surprise me, or send balik bayan box, surprise me with GC Regalo instead. 🙂


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This blog is about womanhood; mother and being a wife. You will get helpful information about anything, about being a woman. I share things base on my experiences and research about life, work, being a mother, being a wife and anything that makes life exciting. I love to empower myself, I love to learn and I love to empower others as well. I am a freelancer/contractor; experienced in online research and homebased customer support/admin support.

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