My facebook messenger photos are saved automatically in my gallery. I want to avoid this from happening. Here’s what I did to keep away my messenger photos from jumping directly into my gallery:

  1. Open messenger at right side you will see incognito like tab. Click on “Photos & Media”.



2.  Uncheck “Save Photos” and “Save on Capture”.

20795038_10210104440270782_1650974038_o20773688_10210104362108828_240745827_o (1)




Posted by:A woman, a mother and wife!

This blog is about womanhood; mother and being a wife. You will get helpful information about anything, about being a woman. I share things base on my experiences and research about life, work, being a mother, being a wife and anything that makes life exciting. I love to empower myself, I love to learn and I love to empower others as well. I am a freelancer/contractor; experienced in online research and homebased customer support/admin support.

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