Why do we like to travel in Thailand?

Thailand and Travel

Thailand is one of the best place to visit. According to Forbes with all countries around the world which people loved to visit, it had  ranked number one to have the largest number of visitors recorded 21.47 million in just a night. Statistic was recorded last 2016. I had visited the place twice. The last time we went there- was when I traveled with my kids. What are the things I love in Thailand?

1. Thailand has affordable and comfortable accommodations.

The hotels are great and affordable. If you plan to travel Thailand book earlier  to get a good hotel rates, because the hotels get easily fully booked. We use booking.com to book for hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. Choose those hotels that has free breakfast so you can have a great food before you start explore the Thailand.

2. Foods in Thailand are delicious.

Just don’t gabble the food right away, spices might blow your mouth 🙂 . Thai loves spicy food and if you’re not a fanatic of spicy foods, advise the person who take your order “No Spicy, please”  it means they will not add hot spices to your order.

3. You can buy cheap garments and electronics in Thailand.

Thailand is a good place to shop with quality and low cost garments, you can go to Pratunam, Chatuchak and Plantif

4. Wonderful Safari World

Dinosaur world, Safari World and etc. The pictures below were from Safari World. When you travel to Thailand with kids don’t miss this place they will surely enjoy. They will have a great time with different kinds of animals such us: Giraffe, Elephant, Walrus , Dolphin show and etc. Oh, one thing you can also get closer to the tigers and other wild animals while riding a cage car but we have not tried it, my kids might get scared and I am too. To enjoy all the shows and make the most of your pay, be early as 8:00 am, because they have many tourists to accommodate you need to queue for the gate pass.

In my next adventure to Thailand I would love to ride an Elephant.

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