Mothers Shop Online and be in trend.

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Sometimes we are busy mothers wouldn’t have time to shop for ourselves. We go to the mall but ended up buying groceries and buy things for our kids then at the end of the day would be so tired; would choose not to buy clothes for ourselves.  Sometimes I miss being beautiful and would want to shop trendy clothes. I don’t usually shop online because I am doubtful of the quality and as a breastfeeding mom one thing I need to consider in buying clothes is not just to look pretty but easy for my son to breastfeed. And this really takes so much  of my time to look for clothes. One day, I saw my sister with pretty and trendy clothes I asked them where they bought those, they said online shopping with Zalora and that was the first time I got interested buying my clothes online  with Zalora to shop for trendy clothes and be pretty even I am a busy full time, work at home mom. As a woman, I believe it is very important to look good and feel beautiful it is our gift for ourselves despite our busy schedule as a mother.

I remember that time when we had almost 2 months vacation at the urban area where I couldn’t find fab and beautiful clothes to fit however, I had seen my sisters and their officemates with beautiful clothes; these girls were so pretty with there nice clothes? Where did they buy these clothes? As far as the mountain and  rivers  we stayed the clothes they bought from online shopping with  Zalora were delivered.

One thing you need to remember when you shop online is your size; once you know your size everything will be all fine. Zalora sell simple but elegant clothes and these are the kinds of clothes I like to fit, as a breastfeeding mom, I would choose those clothes with buttons and find many good design from Woman. So, if you are a busy mom, while your kids are sleeping scroll down your phone with Zalora app and start shopping anywhere; it’s nice to treat ourselves with clothes that will make us feel beautiful and powerful. 🙂

To Download Mobile App here: Zalora Mobile App

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 8.45.20 AM

Zalora Mobile App

Start Shopping here: Zalora


Please see here other online shop that might fit your taste and location : SHop Online and Feel Beautiful

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