Bringing back my desire to work!

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I am glad that I am bringing back my desire to work. It’s been more than a week now and I found the things I did in my article faith and work really works for me. I am now bringing back my desire to work and enjoying everything I do.  For a week of trying to practice good habit such as following my to do list, has been a good help for me not focus myself on just one and repetitive task.

My usual everyday task just revolve in the four corners of our house, my laptop and my freelancing task then kids, and maybe because I have been doing these for so long then,  I lost my passion, I get bored as I also disconnect myself  with the Lord. What are the things I think helped me to bring back my desire to work?

  1. I call God’s grace everyday, when I wake up and before bed time. I am trying to build a good habit of listening to wonderful praise songs and meditation songs like that from Don Moen. I love listening to his songs. And his songs from Hymnbook full album are just great songs that brings back my connection with our creator. I even listen these when I am working. It refreshes my thoughts.

2.  My realistic and achievable to do list has helped me to form a good everyday habit. Such as:

  • In the morning while waiting for my son at school, I do my freelancing task.
  • When I am at home I prioritize doing my mother’s task including unlimited breastfeeding my youngest son.
  • I work sometimes when my kids are watching youtube and if there is somebody who will look after them.
  • Then 4-5 times a week, I spare 1-2 hours jog or play tennis with my kids; breath fresh air outside our village.
  • When my kids are sleeping at night and if my body has still energy to tick my time to work, then I do.

3. I take time to talk with friends I just knew when my son entered school. Now I am learning to mingle with others. As a freelancer we tend to isolate ourselves with others because of the nature of our work. We always need internet.

I am connecting myself to my inner self, people, God, environment and my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. Embracing the things that I can do and not mending on the things that I can hardly do yet, like working 8-12 hours a day; and connecting to what I really need to do in the present situation of my life, helps me to bring back my desire to work and enjoy each responsibilities I have. There are many things I would like to do  but as a mother I need to prioritize my kids. As what I read from  the book “One Thing” I just have to build a good habit in hitting my one thing, and I know when they grow up, nobody will grab my hand, ask me to carry them anymore. 🙂 I will just take each plan one step at a time by forming a good habit.:)

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