Why let the kids play in water?

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My kids really like to soak themselves in the water.  Why kids like to play in water? It is because, they find it exciting to hear the splash, drops, and waves of the water, they even like to get wet. Water itself is very attractive even to us adults because of it’s relaxing essence.

According to Pathways.org letting our kids play in the water can develop their balance and strength, motor skills, socialization; and give them fun ways to explore and discover many things like the volume of the water and biological knowledge relating to fish, frogs and etc. Moreover,  it also gives them opportunities in discovering that they can move their bodies in many ways while swimming or walk in the water.  Hence, now I understand why my kids are having fun with waters; because it gives them a lot of adventures and realization about bodies of waters and what they can do with it. Relating to the thing they see in youtube like ship,  fish, frogs and ducks and what they can do in the water as well. Realizing something would float in the water would be great for them.

Here are the 6 ways I find my kids enjoying while soaking themselves in water with toys! 


  1. Swimming Pool – The swimming pool is just walking distance from our house; I would let them swim 3- 4 times a month; once they are there, it would be very difficult to let them go home. My eldest son gained confidence in learning to swim on his own and the youngest would enjoy walking in the pool on his own.


2. Beach – Beach is an hour ride from our house, so we just go there once in a while. Early in the morning would be the best time to swim in the beach.


3. Bucket Pool – These are baby bath tabs and the pail we use for washing clothes. My youngest would love to soak himself and bring as many toys he could; he does this most of the time when he takes a bath in the morning. 


4. Bath in rainwater-  They have a great time running and playing; exploring the wonders of the rainwater. They hear the thunder and see lightings;  scared a bit, yet are enjoying soaking themselves in the rainwater. 


5. Kids Swimming Pool– I had this swimming pool during my eldest Christening ( A gift) and when we are too busy to look after them in the swimming pool we let them swim in the house with this – can be kept swimming pool. You can find this in stores; kids sections or buy online as well.

6. Fun bath in the shower room – They love letting the shower flow and playing the water in the floor as it falls. They are trying to swim like they are in the swimming pool and get their toys, splash the water, dance, sing and shout.


When you do these tips to your kids, never ever leave them unattended and you should check the floor if it’s not slippery and the bucket is safe for them to use. Always remember safety first. Never ever keep your eyes away from them, because waters can also be very dangerous to them.

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