Why do I go the church on sundays.


It’s Sunday today and my kids are still sleeping.  I am waiting for them to wake up because we are going to church.

Honestly, sometimes I just go to church but I cannot really listen well to the sermon, it is because these little ones I have often times  are disturbing my focus. They roam around, they play or they want me to go with them anywhere they want. Yet,  I still see the essence of going to church every Sunday because of the following reasons:

  1.  I am  busy on the weekdays and going to church is one of the best way that I can show to our kids the importance of God in our lives. Sooner they will grow and they will have their own struggles;  I believe that the best tool to have emotional strength is through knowing that we have God who is the most powerful and our savior each time when we have problems or  when we are feeling pained, depressed or any problems that money cannot solve nor people around us can help solve.
  2. Going to church as a family is a good habit which strengthens the bond and eventually as kids grow they will learn to go to church in their own will.
  3. Though an hour is not an assurance for me to focus well in joining the mass, at least I have 5 minutes to 20 minutes intimate connection with the Lord; listening to his words and singing praise songs.
  4. Going to church refreshes my thoughts  from a weekly routine and connecting with the Lord on Sundays seems loading myself with strength and wisdom for the incoming week.


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