Our Church leaders: Why so silent about Fr. Chito Suganob?


Last night as we were discussing about Marawi over chat group with CSOan’s and Alumni, I aired that I am a bit disappointed and skeptical why CBCP has been so silent about Fr. Chito or over issues about Marawi.

We were used to hear prayer for.. or general prayers in the church if there were calamities happening anywhere in this country or other countries. I was surprised others also felt the same we are coming from different places and go to church wherever we are at; so meaning they also did not hear any prayer for Fr. Chito, or prayer for the hostages, or prayer for Marawi as a whole; or may be we were absent in the Sunday mass when they prayed for them.

Oh, I remember one Sunday, there was a prayer for Fr. Chito and Marawi; and to my surprise it was my mother who handed the offering prayer. Offering prayer : that one we write in a piece of paper and put in the envelope? How about people who do not know fr. Chito and other hostages, do Catholic Communities nation wide pray for them, do you organized prayer for them?


Credits to Fr. Edwin Dela Pena who is always there for Fr. Chito and the Catholic Community of Marawi.

#Labanlang Fr. Chito



As one with the Catholic Community in Marawi. Please spare Fr, Chito and other hostages from your political arguments and even dragging their name as receiving money from LP and wit. They are not political personalities. Father Chito has gone through so much trauma and threats to his life when he was a hostage. He still has to undergo a long process of stress debriefing to recovery and be back to his normal life.  Father Chito and the other left hostages are just simple Filipinos who do their part in building this nation. He’s a peace advocate priest and others are teachers and professionals in the community. They are just the few faces of the victims of this war.


Prayer Request:

Let us continue on praying for the remaining hostages that God will cover them with his love and protection;  and soon be freed safely.  Let us pray for the soldiers, who have been offering their lives to free Marawi from terrorists. For the LGU, non- profit organizations and volunteers,  who are in one way or another, has offered selflessly to heal the broken hearts of those who have lost their hard earned properties and loved once. Also, For the President that God will give him wisdom to come up with the best resolution for this crisis. This is never an easy task considering the differences in culture and faith. We are praying for this war to end soon and that Meranao people, students, staffs and teachers would live a better Marawi.

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