Philippines: Medical Cannabis is now legal.

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The use of Marijuana since 1972 in the Philippines has been unlawful and after some states of the US declared recreational cannabis as legal,  the Philippines as well declared Medical Cannabis legal this year; 2017 a press release from the house of representative dated 26th of September 2017  titled: “House Committee Approves the Medical Cannabis Bill” .  The bill, authored by Isabela Representative  Rodolfo T. Albano III called “Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act” which seeks to legalize Medical Cannabis. This bill has been controversial because the Philippines has recorded Marijuana as  the second used illegal drugs in the country. And after a long deliberation of the bill since year 2014 the house of representative approves its legality this year 2017. Remember cannabis are only legal for  “Medication Purposes”. The Law has a very strict ordinance such as:

  1. A Patient who is qualified to use “Medical Cannabis”  should be given an Identification card.
  2.  Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has the virtue in monitoring and regulating the release of the “Medical Cannabis” in the health facilities.
  3. Research Centers should  follow safety procedure; and permits should be acquired from PDEA and Department of Health.



  2. Press Release, Albano, T.R: House Committee Approves the Medical Cannabis Bill, 2017.






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