How to Make Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil?

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How to make your homemade virgin coconut oil? Virgin coconut oil as the superfood to be in your home as remedies for dandruff, home remedies for wounds,  home remedies for hard stool, home remedies as a massage oil, home remedies as lotion, home remedies as vitamins for your kids and yours, home remedies to boost the immune system. Yes, I have done this for virgin coconut oil since we were young. Most of these remedies have already been part of my growing up and I have applied them to my kids as well. Let’s get started and I will show you how we make your homemade virgin coconut oil.

1. Since the Philippines is rich in coconut fruit. In some rural areas, we can just pick some old coconuts falling on the road or even asked from your neighbor’s farm. And we had gotten 3 old coconuts from my brother in laws farm. Yes, this is free.

Open the old coconut as shown below and separate the coconut juice.


2. Grate the meat of the coconuts. And we use our homemade grater.



3. Pour your coconut juice into the grated coconut then squeezed it to extract the coconut milk. Separate your squeezed coconut milk.




5. Squeeze the grated coconut for the second time now with water, it is for us to get enough coconut milk. Mix the first squeezed coconut milk with your second squeezed coconut milk.

5.  Now we are ready to cook the coconut milk. Put them in a pan.  A big pan. You can put the fire to its max. You may cover your pan and let it boil.


6. When it boils you may open it and stir sometimes. Until you can see the oil goes out and the coconut milk goes brown. The three old coconut fruit will take about 3 hours to be fully cooked.



6. When it turns brown you may stop from cooking and let it cool. Then, you may separate the virgin coconut oil from the cooked coconut milk.



You may put your coconut milk in the bottle. And eat the cooked coconut milk. My youngest and I love to eat it. It tastes great and sweet.

Make your own virgin coconut oil and it’s great to have it in your home as your superfood. Great for your kids and your family too.. 🙂

And now, I see my father he makes virgin coconut oil anytime of the day but after it’s cooked he puts the virgin coconut in the bottle and bring it in his room; and prayed for it! It’s a makes virgin coconut oil special for healing purposes. And I see it as a very effective way of making your homemade virgin coconut oil extra special and powerful now we can call it as “Virgin Coconut Oil the Powerful Superfood “ hehe just my term to it.

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