Virgin Coconut Oil for Healing Purposes.

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In the Philippines, virgin coconut oil is very common because we can just make them in our own home. Not sure with millennials because they are already available in the market. But I remember 30 years back when our grandparents used to have this homemade virgin coconut oil with some roots inside the bottle in Bisaya we call them “Lana”. These virgin coconut oils are even used by our grandparents as a scent to let the “ghost or witch” stay away from anybody or inside the house. These may be myths but, yes, other’s used it as protection. They put a small amount in the bottle and tied it in their waist.

For some herb doctors “Albularyo” homemade virgin coconut oils for healing purposes; they don’t just make this any time of the day or any days of the month. I remember my grandparents, they make virgin coconut oils every holy Friday 3pm! When they make it, they prayed for it. They offered a prayer…

And now, I see my father he makes virgin coconut oil anytime of the day but after it’s cooked he puts the virgin coconut in the bottle and bring it in his room; and prayed for it! And I see it as a very effective way of making your homemade virgin coconut oil extra special and powerful now we can call it as “Virgin Coconut Oil the Powerful Superfood “ hehe just my term to it.

I see my father how he values and takes care of this virgin coconut oil. Every drop of it is very valuable and he even doesn’t want us to waste it. I understand why; it is because as you can see from my article “How to Make Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil” and I will show you the video later; making homemade virgin coconut oil cost time and effort. You need to love making it. Because it is not easy from the process one and you need to wait for hours to for the oil to show up! Indeed it’s a long process. So, every effort you make counts and add it with faith! That is really special! I remember my mother says when you drink medicine you need to pray that ” the Lord will send his holy spirit and through that medicine, I will get held”  and yes, it is a great practice.

We can see a lot of benefits from virgin coconut oils but I will be sharing you now my personal experience with these “Virgin Coconut Oil the Powerful Superfood ”  

I use it for:

1. My hair as a conditioner or shampoo mixed it with lemon.

I remember when I was in college I had my hair rebonded and oh, my hair dried out because of the chemicals. I use this oil to heal my hair and yes, it really works. I use a small amount as a conditioner. And it makes hair black.

2. Dandruff-Free

This dandruff is making me feel ew.. when I wave my hair, I could see them flying around. And yes, it works great I used to apply virgin coconut oil on my scalp overnight. And take a bath with a small amount of  “Baking Soda and Lemon” as shampoo, or if I don’t have time. I use shampoo from the store. I am trying to use natural beauty products for my skin and hair.

3. Mosquito bites, wound, and itchiness.

Virgin coconut oil is just perfect for mosquito bites, wound, and itch. Wound get’s dry easily and get healed easily.

4. Lotion or sunblock

I am not really using it as lotion every day because I am afraid I will get tan. I am already tan but applying a small amount in the evening sometimes yes is a good practice.

I also tried applying it to my kids as sunblock when they swim in the pool and was good. My kid’s skin didn’t really get dark as before when I tried to let them swim without a sunblock. Their skin looks good and shiny and they didn’t get sunburn. It was also a good sunblock as swimming pool is not an overflowing swimming pool for sure bacterias are all around. Applying coconut oil can protect their skin from bacteria and UV rays.

Many are also using virgin coconut oil for tanning. Makes your skin dark and shiny.

5. Hard Stool

I had enough of stool problem my eldest was diagnosed with a Hirschsprung’s disease. And when I noticed that my youngest has a series of hard stool it gets me worried. That is why my parents make’s homemade virgin coconut oil. I give 1-3 tables spoon a day not as much as I can remember and most especially if my youngest hasn’t pooped for a day. I gave it in the morning before they eat breakfast. Indeed it helps my youngest to poop.

Aside from the vitamins they take, I gave them virgin coconut oil.

6. Boost Immune System

It was January 2017 when I got sick for a week to 1 month, I felt itchiness everywhere in my body. I thought would end my life. Even mefenamic or pain reliever cannot overpower the itchiness I felt. I had tried many home remedies such as soaking myself with boiled guava leaves, taking a bath in the beach, drinking ginger tea or turmeric, drinking boiled garlic and drinking ample amount of virgin coconut oil a day. I did not drink any medicine because they didn’t work out for me. A pain reliever was of no use. But, these home remedies including virgin coconut oil I believe healed me.

7. Oil for body Massage.

Its natural warm is great for body massage.


Virgin Coconut Oils are already Available in the market. You can also order online through Amazon! I have arranged them based on reviews here are the top 3 best products according to customers reviews.

  1. Organic Coconut Oil by CCL’s USDA organic 

2. Wildly Organic Coconut Oil – Virgin Unrefined by Wilderness Family Naturals

3. Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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