Philippines: President Duterte Has Already Won with over 16 Million Votes: few are desperate to pull him down!

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I do not want to talk about politics nor do not want to do more research about it. Politics is a pain in the heart to talk about. However, as a Filipino Citizen who has been dreaming about change and wanted a safe and great haven for my kids; I for the first time in my whole life had voted because I believe my one vote was significant. And I am very proud to be a Filipino and our president is “President Rodrigo Duterte! Our President is Mr. President Rodrigo Duterte!! Do we need to shout it out? Our President in the Philippines is President Rodrigo Duterte and no one can put this good man down!!!


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Philippines: President Duterte Has Already Won by 16 Million Votes: few are desperate to pull him down! And these few!? While our president is busy with many programs for the Filipino people, these few are busy crawling outside this country and on the internet where most of the Filipino do not hang out. It is because nobody believes in them in our country! Now they are trying to deceive you out there who have not been here in the Philippines that our country is in chaos because of Martial Law and the war on drugs. Well, in fact, we are safe with Martial Law and many of us support the war on drugs.  It’s just so awful that they have crawled information websites such as Wikipedia to deceive people who know nothing about the Philippines.


While I am about to sleep and tried to scroll facebook I read a group in Davao. Some Davaoenos trying to alter this manipulated description of Davao City. Seems trying to discredit the place and for sure the President.

I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t. That description was really disturbing. In Wikipedia it say’s :

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.00.29 AM

“Davao is falsely described in the national media as one of the world’s safest cities.[8][9][10][11] In reality, the city has the highest murder rate and the second highest rape rate in the Philippines, according to police data.[12][13]

A contributor who tried bring shame to Davao.

I do online research and sometimes we use Wikipedia as one of the resources. And I believe many use this website to get information. It can be easily searched when we go to search engines.

This description is not at all true!!!! And if we cannot correct it, it will spread a bad image of the place which is a complete lie!

I love this place because  I find it safe for me and my kids to live in. We are living in Davao and we are the living testimony that this is not at all true!

Her references:

Davao City ranks as 9th safest in the world.

Davao City improves to 5th in ranking of world’s safest cities


Then the contributor tried to counteract the facts by these mere references:

Philippine death squads very much in business as Duterte set for presidency

Thousands dead: the Philippine president, the death squad allegations, and a brutal drugs war

These references are very shallow to merely say: “In reality, the city has the highest murder rate and the second highest rape rate in the Philippines, according to police data.” And when you read the article you see Trillianes and Lascanas as if a good man in this country. In the Philippines, these two people are already hated by many Filipinos. They are the few who obviously wanted this Gov’t down.

Now let’s talk about Numbeo 

Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, quality of health care, among other statistics.

Which means their data are coming from the consumer. So when they cite data about the safest index in Davao. Meaning these data are coming from people who have visited Davao. Let’s check the safest Index of Davao city up to this month Feb 2018:

It says from 886 correspondents it says the safest index ranges from 72-79 which are in highest rate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 1.28.17 AM

This census is without all Davaoenoes shouting out loud that we are happy and safe in this city and Martial Law protects us! We adhere to it because we want change to also manifest the whole Philippines! To have voted our Tatay Digong to be a president was a sacrifice. We loved him to be in Davao, but because we want you to feel how happy we are to have Duterte’s leading our city we sacrificed our votes.


Now let’s check a little fact about the statement.

Concluding that our city of Davao is not safe with small fact and all others as a lie. Is obviously a propaganda.

“In reality, the city has the highest murder rate and the second highest rape rate in the Philippines, according to police data. “

The highest murder rate, which is 1,032 in 15 Calendar Years (CY 2010-2015) years as shown in the index below. Take note, this is for 15 years. The statement “second highest rape in the Philippines “is absurd. Please show your data! Then concluding that our city is not safe is a slap to all Davaoenos.

Let check this a little fact  Crime index data from the year 2010-2015 


The contributor has no right to alter the census of the people that they feel safe in Davao. Though in this statistic showed Davao has the highest rate of murder, however, we are the fourth to have a lesser highest rate of crime index. Considering Davao is the biggest city in the Philippines. Being there #4 is already a big plus for us.

Their statement which concluded that Davao is not safe! Go straight from Davaoenos face, we could tell you straight from the eyes! That we love this city and we feel safe here!



Now I am citing this another source, in FB I listened to this video, I cannot find the link anymore. Trillianes said Gensan is safer than Davao and etc. Do they have the same sentiments of the person who adds information in Wikipedia? They have similar lines. Hmm… sound fishy isn’t it?

Seems they are desperate to Destroy the Father of this Country. The President who is determined to do his best to fulfill his promise to his countrymen.

Trillianes are now spreading propaganda.

We have been living here in Davao. And less crime is the best description we could have for this place and we owe this to our present President Rodrigo Duterte.

Here po, oh, in the present Febuary 2018. According to Numbeo, Davao has 28.93 crime index which is low and 74.70 safety index which is high. Where is the basis of your talks?

From Numbeo :

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.09.19 AM

Why are you so concerned of Davao wag na po kayong mag alala sa amin, kaya na po kami ni Inday Sarah? There are more cities in this country that needs more of your help Quezon City has 60.30 crime index and 39.70 safe index. I think your position could have done a lot to help this country. But, instead of helping we see you more as a distraction. We perceived your action as the destroyer of the goodwill of our President at the expense of the whole country and its image.

Even me as a private person napapa sulat dahil po hindi ko na po masikmura pinag sasabi nyo. I believe many of us do. Look at the social media, people are hating you. Nagising napo ang mga Pilipino ngayon, our minds and heart cannot be altered by what you are talking but how you carry out your goals in this country. We need ACTION!  ACTION! ACTION! and the President has already proven a lot of it!!!! Davao is a testimony to it! Which my mother had described in there early days as no man’s land! Maybe you have gotten your statistic in 19forgotten, 2018 na po tayo ngayon! Mayron pa talagang hindi nakaka move on sa history ng Pilipinas!


I do not know President Duterte and any of the Duterte’s personally. But, I am enjoying the fruit of his good governance in Davao. I am not connected to any government position as well. I am just a work at home mother who wants a safe Philippines for my kids! Free from drug, corruption, and oppression. And this is why I have devoted a bit of my precious time to write something about him. This is the best way I can say to the world that we have the best president! I am doing this for the future of my kids and nothing else! I just hope the article would crawl the internet to let them know that we love our President! And no one can put this good man down!

Let’s continue to move forward the Philippines!…

God Bless you, Mr. President Rodrigo Duterte! We believe you and we pray for you!





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