A Freelancer?

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What is a Freelancer?

Freelancer means you can work in your own space and time. You can work when your kids are sleeping, you can work while on vacation. You can work while breastfeeding and many more…

Freelancer has no long-term commitment to a single company.

Freelancer is a contractor where you can bid several projects as much as you think you can deliver.

Freelancer is a common term used by those people working online as a virtual assistant, admin support, programmer, writers, researchers and etc.


Some of you might be doubtful if it really exists? Yes, it does.  In fact, according to Upwork “Freelancing in America:2017”   50% are working as a freelancer in the US. They also projected in the year 2020 the working environment would be a freelance.

It implies that you can work as much as 1,2, 3 or more employers ( freelancers call them a client, instead of employers). All would depend on your capacity to do the job in your own space and time. It also depends on how many projects you win from bidding.


How does a freelancer work?

Most of the freelancer works online;  the internet and computer are already part of their lives because it’s their primary tool to earn.


How does a client pay the Freelancer?

A client will pay them hourly, fixed price or monthly.

Hourly means they are paid per hour of the work done.

Example: You are hired as a virtual assistant for 20 hours a week 5USd per hour.

Fixed price means the client will pay the freelancer on the desired output.

Example: Client A, has a project which cost 100USD for you to write 4000 words about the story of your life.



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