Being in a corporate world or in a  free working space!

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My husband is a corporate man and I am a freelancer working as a mother as well. What is the difference between my corporate husband and me as a freelancer?


1. Vacation



The corporate man has an option to focus his vacation and deny any nuisance of work left in the office. I see how my husband unpack his work issues in the corporate world when he gets home and while he’s having a vacation. while me, as a freelancer has to work while on vacation we have the commitment to submit output to the clients. Every project is an opportunity!

I have been on vacation but I just can’t say no to my clients! Running errands with output deliverables. I wanted to have a vacation without thinking of deliverables like the corporate man!


2. Control of the income.


Freelancer has the control of his income, she can earn as much as she can deliver quality output and as much as projects she wants to bid. Less project less income! Low quality is equivalent to low opportunity.

While working in the corporate world income is flat rate and secure for a month and income would increase depending on the volume of work through overtime.

With income, corporate man has a secure income for a month, but a freelancer has to have a goal of her income and equate it with hard work.

I still like to earn like a freelancer, as long as I have my husband who is earning secure income. This balances our revenue as a family.


3. Security of Tenure


Freelancer has no security of tenure, you control your time and your income. Your career depends on your effort and perseverance. Every client are transient which makes your career transient as well. That’s why you need to scrape the internet and build your reputation and get clients to keep coming and of course strategize your business.

While corporate man has the security of tenure compared to a freelancer. They can work long term for the company and with no worries of looking for another company to work for the next day.


4. Privileges


The corporate man has the privilege of healthcare. While Freelancers has to secure herself a healthcare insurance and her family. Retirement security should also be part of her personal plan and expenses.


5. Time with kids!



This is the time in which my corporate husband has no ample amount to spend. Family time is limited since he has only a dedicated number of paid leaves for a year. He can also be excused from household chores and taking care of the kids 🙂

As a freelancer, this is what I enjoy most of the time! I can spend with my kids though sometimes taking responsibilities is tiring however, I love the idea to be with them each time they sleep and having able to watch them while they grow.

Being in a corporate world or in a  free working space, whatever you may be the most important thing is we love what we do!


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