It’s been 5 years with Upwork and getting a top badge is super duper special!!

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I started Upwork when it was Odesk and my eldest son was 9 months old back then. I was eager to earn on my own while my husband was working as an Overseas Filipino Worker. Eventually, I got pregnant with my youngest and now my two kids are five and three years old. I am still up and running, working as a full-time mother and a freelancer! Thank you Upwork, you are in every milestone of my motherhood, in joys and in tears! I am glad it’s been 5 years with you and with my kids and counting! I survived and to be one of those who has a top badge, is a super-duper special accomplishment for me!


I started with one client and zero experience in a home-based job setting; only the guts to explore online job and be financially independent were all I had. It was really hard in the first few months, but I kept on learning and believing in myself. Months and years passed by, I gain more experience, more confidence and I am getting more passionate about my work. I always feel proud whenever I get positive reviews and more motivated to improve better on those negative ones. Constructive criticism helps me develop and grow as a freelancer. Suddenly, I just noticed that my clients increased significantly as I started to work on diverse projects and earning 5-star reviews. Bidding and winning projects with 50 plus applicants and receiving a job well-done comments from your clients makes it more fulfilling. And in about 3-years of working hard, I gained my first 100% top badge. Upwork has been with me through ups and downs. It develops me both personally and professionally. At the same time, it also gives my family more financial stability and even helped finance my child’s biopsy, build a gate in the house, a niece a chance to pursue his college degree and now has graduated, and many others. I guess it also helps my husband not to worry too much about our expenses.



A selfie after an online conference with clients and the project was awarded to me.

My kids are now growing! It’s been 5 rewarding years with Upwork and them! I see how God blesses me through every client I met. I earned $$$ which I never earned working in the corporate world. I see how my skills evolved through every task and new task I do. It’s a joy,  challenging and inspiring e-meeting new people around from different countries; from CEO’s to business leaders to key influencers, to successful colleagues and to starters. It was such a great learning experience.




All the while, getting a top badge was a no easy task and trying to sustain it for two succeeding years was a big challenge for me. I need to keep the passion alive. I need to persevere and keep my dedication to deliver quality and timely output. It’s not just to sit and earn but to love every task I do, and put my shoes into every client who trusts in me. Sometimes, I came to a point where It seems I needed to choose my freelancing career or being a full-time mother. But, wait! These things I could not afford to lose! Working as a freelancer is the only thing I have which nobody can take away from me. The experience and skills I gained from every client were priceless. So, I decided to go and sail with my two kids! Here I am! Here I am! still up and running happily freelancing in Upwork while taking care of my kids.


A vacation in Thailand me and my kids were in my husband’s apartment while he was at work.  I was working plus feeding and playing with them.


I may be so lonely sometimes, I may be depressed once upon a time in my life, I may be so happy, I may be on a vacation, I may be breastfeeding, I may have postpartum, I may be sick sometimes in my life, others may see I’m working too much but never did I left my freelancing career in Upwork because they empowered me as a woman and a mother. My experience with them continuously improves my skills and to the things – I love to do. With no doubt, my success story in Upwork gives me the fulfillment because I have the chance to earn while I am looking after my kids even my husband is on the other side of this world.

Thank you Upwork for 5 challenging and rewarding years. A top badge is an extra super duper special achievement for me!! And looking forward to continuously grow as a freelancer!



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