Wow! Pasig River – Riverprize Award!

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” Anak ng Pasig Naman kayo, tapon doon, tapon dito (you are the siblings of the Pasig throw your garbage here and there)” a popular song when I was in grades school. Amazing how the Pasig River revive its ecosystem. The river was declared biologically dead in the year 1990’s because of population shoot up living in the riverbanks and industrial development.

This is a great achievement! Many of us thought this river would have no chance to revive its ecosystem and to be awarded Riverprize in the Asia Pacific has also revived our hope that there is real change in the Philippines!

How the Pasig River was revived?  In 1999 PRRC – Pasig River Rehabilitation  Coalition was organized to bring back the life of Pasig River. Its mission is to transform the Pasig River and its surrounding areas to live a quality urban life.

  • 18,719 families were relocated to a decent home since 1999 – 2017
  • 376 encroaching private structures were dismantled
  •  37,471.68 linear meters of environmental preservation areas were established
  • 17 of its 47 identified tributaries were developed
  •  22,000 kilograms of solid waste diversion
  • transformed communities into environmentally- responsible citizens


About the Award

“Riverprize is the worlds foremost awards in river basin management. This award is sponsored by the International River Foundation. An organization that integrates river management for the restoration, protection and sustainable management of the world’s rivers.”

The award was announced during  21st international Riversymposium in Sydney – 16th of October 2018.

The Riverprize Asia Pacific was awarded to Pasig River of the Philippines and Yangtze River of China.




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