Where has all my patience gone – parenting!

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Before my marriage life, I thought I had “tons of patience” not until I have kids. Where has all my patience gone? Parenting makes me realize that I needed to practice the art of patience. Yes, as I go along taking care of my two kids from birth, I just understand that patience is an art which parents can learn and can practice.

Parenting is not an easy task, every parent has gone through a battle with patience! Where has all my patience gone? Have you tried asking yourself like this? I, did.

Parenting measures my patience and I still have to master it. Practicing the art of patience is to first understand the factors why we lost it and then retrieving them back.

What are the factors that make me impatient and how to retrieve my patience back? Here is my top 5!


1. Unmeet Unrealistic Expectations

Unmeet unrealistic expectations as a parent we have expectations how kids should behave, talk and many others. And when they started to explore their independence and try to do things on their own, starts to act silly, cry, spit, shout and many others we started to scream or get angry.

Every child is unique, they have their own milestone. As a parent, we are here to guide them and correct them. Let’s take it slow and not pressure them to do that and this unless they are already hurting somebody or it will badly hurt them.


2. Busy

Parents are naturally busy! Busy with work and busy with kids, plus the house chores! When kids start to touch our things, clutter the house with toys and all their explorations, ask many why’s while we are doing some household chores, or doing some work and when we are disturbed we start to lose our patience.

Delegate some chores to the members of the family do not try to embrace all the responsibilities when you can’t. Know your priorities and make to do’s. Kids are our utmost priorities.


3. Stress out

When we are thinking about a lot of things, financial, family relationship problems and even we started to pin the button of our multitasking skills sometimes we get stressed out! And we don’t like kids to disturb us with their needs and wants. Then, we start to lose our patience.

Breath in, breath out! Then repeat 10 times then reverse; breath out, breath in. Be positive! Learn not to worry everything, just know your priorities. Have a “Me Time” even just a few minutes while they are sleeping. Break free when you can, have a walk, listen to your favorite songs, exercise. Or play with your kids, laugh with them and have a chit-chat with them. Their smiles, laughs, hugs, and kisses are happy pills and their answers to your silly questions will surprise you and make you laugh!


4. Influence of the environment

This may include your relatives, friends, a partner who may give you a piece of advice about parenting that your parenting is too tame, you need to discipline your kid then you started getting angry. When our environment is surrounded by a yell or negative emotions, it will trigger out temper than we lose patience.

Everybody has a unique parenting style and parenting is an everyday learning experience. Learn when are you going to give up patience. Stay away from a negative environment or people that will trigger your patience. Understand your child before you listen to others opinion of parenting style. Remember, it is still best to discipline a child when you are patient and calm!


5. Menstruation

For mothers only! I myself had mood swings and I easily get angry when I had a menstrual period.

Understand yourself that you have a menstrual period and mood swings may trigger your patience. When you are starting to get angry, opps.. Tell yourself to slow down! Do not be controlled by your emotions, kids don’t understand what you are going through!

Practicing the art of patience is an everyday learning experience. I can say that the best trait a mother should wear is “Patience” because it is where you will be able to learn how to understand your children, talk to them and be with them for 24 hours of your life. Patience will teach you how to control your mood, your emotions. Always remember do not let impatient embrace you!


3 thoughts on “Where has all my patience gone – parenting!

  1. Some of us thought we were shortcoming free, until after marriage. Then when we had children we realized we were pot full of shortcomings. Over time we get through it. Then again, you realize you didn’t do all that bad.

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