When love is trying to fight illness!

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For a father who has been fighting life many times because of Chronic Kidney Disease.

A husband who has been trying to fight his breath and win it over many times for a wife he loves so much and for his one and only 7 year old son!

He is not just a friend and a wife of our cousin but he has been a real kuya to us and the best father and husband he can be!He has been the living testimony of LOVE conquers illness and FAITH moves breath even it seems loosing!

A love for his family has been his strength to keep going.

Kuya Jason has been in ICU because of massive heart attack while he was about to have a dialysis last December 29. We are knocking at your kind heart. Any amount is valuable for a woman who has been there in the ups and downs of his husband’s fight for a kidney disease! For an innocent child who thought his father is just ok.

Let us be part of their fight of being a family even just for a days or months and years, only God Knows!

All we know is kuya battling and trying to win his breath again but this time is the most trying moment of winning it over!

Like the sports he loves, battling with Chronic Kidney Disease is like kicking the ball. Fighting his breath is like trying to roll the ball over until it reaches to the goal where finally he can win it back. This time is the first time he shouts that he is already tired and even asking for the anointing of a priest yet, amazingly like we always see him every time he felt not ok, he always remembers to kick it fast and hard to get his breath back no matter what!

I made this crowdfunding not only because he is already part of our family circle but somehow, we have seen him how he was fighting to live since he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease last 2017. He was fighting for his young and beautiful wife and for his son whom he wanted to witness reaches high school, if ever. This he always jokingly imparts during family reunion. His fighting spirit is really amazing.

May the Lord and his angels carry this project to heavens and send back His glory and declaration that He is an amazing God and He is the Great provider and the Divine Healer.

You may send your donation through our crowdfunding project here.



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