When kids are questioning you about God!

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While I was doing my online task at the terrace. My youngest son sat beside me and was staring at the sky. He said: Nanay I see God. Then I replied, where? There oh, his opening the sun! he replied. I am not sure if it was just his imagination or God really made fun of him and revealed himself to him. I believe, God really showed to him to answer his curiosity. He does the same way while my eldest got curious about God.phil (2)

The day before he sat here. He was also staring at the moon,  while I had an exercised and the sun was setting,  the stars came out and the moon showed up.

He was asking me: “Nanay where is God”? What a difficult question to answer, at the back of my mind. But, I tried to answer his question to the best I could

I answered: God is everywhere, in your heart, in your mind. You can see Him through your nanay or through your tatay or to every person who does good.

Then he replied: Nanay can the doctor open my tummy?

Me: Why?

His response: so that I can see God!

I was laughing and was amazed at how he wanted to see God. 🙂

As a mother I believe to the innocent child like them, he is more likely to show up. How can they speak such words? I don’t even teach them more about God, but we sometimes read bibles or they also watch Superbook but not really so deep about it. I was just amazed at how these kids find the answers to their questions.

I remember my eldest was also asking about God. He said, nanay I don’t believe there is God! I cannot see him. I explained to him the same answer, God is in your heart all the time, you can feel his presence through every people around you. He insisted, that there is no God because he cannot see it. A minute after our conversation he said: Nanay, I can feel God! then I replied, why? He tickles me here oh, pointing at his neck bone. I just laugh and I believe them! How could he say such a word, I did not even teach him that God tickles.

Sounds funny but it’s really amazing to find time talking with the kids, their questions are genuine and skeptical sometimes. But, these simple answers and hard questions are the thoughts that may help build their personalities and are a mechanism to build their cognitive development.

A study published in NCBI concluded that the ability to ask questions is a powerful tool that allows children to gather information they need in order to learn about the world and solve problems in it.

Results indicate that children ask many information-seeking questions and get informative answers. When they do not get an informative response, they keep asking; attention is not enough. Results also indicate that the content of children’s questions parallel their conceptual advances, and shift within an exchange and over the course of development to reflect the learning process.  -Chouinard MM.

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