Lipstick color for morena skin tone.

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I don’t use blush on, eyebrows, eyelashes but I love lipsticks! As long as I have day cream and lipstick, I am already confident to walk around. I used to put eyeliner and lipstick before I got married. But, I have been trying to figure out the best lipstick color for my tan skin. I have a typical Filipino skin tone which they call “Morena”. When I got married and had my first-born son, I have only been using lipsticks, it’s time-consuming to put all the set of makeup in my face! I have my son to attend too. So, lipsticks were just enough for me. 1-5 minutes in the mirror and I am off to go!

Dark colored red lipsticks came out! And I got curious about using it. Finally, I got the perfect color for my skin tone. It’s red deep color lipstick or dark colors. I believe they blend along with my skin tone and it brightens my skin. Below are lipstick colors I play around.


1. Plum Noir from Mary Kay


plum (2)


I have been looking for this color but I couldn’t find a good brand that uses less hazardous chemicals and paraben free products.  I saw a friend selling online these new colors of lipstick from Mary Kay and I really love it! It just fit into my skin tone and brings sophisticated looks even if I don’t have makeup. 

2. Red Alert from Mary Kay


red alert (2)


Since I have been using my burgundy like colored lipstick (Osaka Plum in number 5 below) from the body shop for three years now. I need to have a new one. I found a “red alert” which is similar to it. At first, I thought it’s not the red I wanted but, I tried to apply it thickly,  there I got the color I wanted. The true color of the lipstick does not appear at an instant but minutes after I got the color I expected. But, if you want really dark red my friend says. “red serine” is darker. 

For Mary Kay, you may contact my friend’s FB here. for queries about these products.


3. Pink from Mac


1 (2)

This is the set I got from my sister’s balikbayan box.










My sister sent it from Canada. At first, I wasn’t using it because I thought pink won’t really match to my skin tone. I feel uncomfortable, seemed pink color does not blend with my Morena skin. I felt walking behind my lips. People would catch my lips right away not my whole face as one. They just don’t go along. But,  I tried using it as well. Applied it thickly to reveal the strong pink color and at least go along with my skin tone. Not bad at all! I should have a daring mood to use this color confidently.  I believe this set is really good for those who have white skin.

4. Natural color from Mac

I rarely use it. I feel pale and dead while using it. My lips are already naturally pail. But, my sister loves this color.


5. Osaka Plum (Burgundy) from Body Shop



The Body Shop Matte Lipstick – Osaka Plum – about 700PHP










This is my first ever favorite lipstick from the body shop. I have been using this for three years.  Nonetheless, this color opened up the idea that dark-colored lipsticks are just perfect for my skin tone. 

Mac and Mary Kay, they smell like fruits. Leaves a bit of dry lip feeling which made you feel that the color on your lips fades. Try looking at the mirror, oh, the color is still there.

With Body Shop, though the color is matt it does not leave a dry lip feeling. It has no smell unlike mac and mary kay.

With other lipsticks; putting on it leaves the feeling of heaviness and dryness on the lips, then peel some skin on the lips. Colors easily go away after long hours of using it. But not with Mac, Mary Kay and Body Shop.

With full-time and work at home mothers like me, we tend to overlook fixing ourselves in the mirror because kids need our attention, we always stay in the house and; to be pretty – demands time. With only lipstick on, we can still look good and feel good! Not so much expensive because these brands will last for years enough to treat ourselves with good looks! But as I  always remember to practice, we need to feel good, choose to be happy and be positive because the energy inside our soul radiates to how we look and how others look at us!

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