I remember when you had your first hair cut!




I remember when you had your first hair cut, you were scared and didn’t want to sit on the chair alone. You have to sit on my lap, the barber gave you candies, lola and lolo have to cheer you up! You were so scared of the shave running into your head, moved around your neck because your hair tickles.

Sometimes we had to pause to soothe your feelings and cheer you up that you’ll look good after the hair cut. Your hair was cut but I was also trying to shed your tears because you were so scared and didn’t want your hair to get cut.

Now! You are both growing up, nanay no longer needs to carry you in her arms but
holding your hands walking is all you ever wanted. Hearing my voice is enough. You say yes so easily when I tell you to get your hair cut.You were so excited to get in and choose which chair you wanted to sit and get a new hair cut! And nanay was just amazed taking photos of her buddies having fun while the barber was cutting you hair.
You choose your own hairstyle too… 
Time flies so fast. I must cherish each moment because soon you’ll have your own circle of buddies that nanay had to let you go and be happy that you are walking with your own feet and doing things on your own.
Remember that nanay loves you so…

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