When your husband is an engineer how does he make a decision?

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When your husband is an engineer how does he make a decision?

My husband is a product engineer for a car manufacturing firm. He is used to making a plan and masters 5 WHY’s?  Knowing the cause and effect of every decision is valuable. Considering all the angles that will affect the decision before taking action should be measured.

Mind you, when you carry out significant things that need his approval, he cannot decide right away! They need to look at the pros and cons. Write your plan, your pros, and cons if possible get a big board to hang at the wall then you will have a meeting?  Oh, dear are we having a corporate meeting? Wife needs answers right away! But, this is a logical way of taking in a major decision anyway, I don’t oppose it, but! I just can’t wait! At the end of the day, I make a decision that doesn’t give a lot of impacts, then meeting no more.

And just this day my son takes an exam I and my son agreed that he needs to have a perfect score. My son said he had two mistakes. I told him, oh nerf gun no more! And my husband through our text conversation is talking about tolerance?! Oh, then my son still has a reward because his father is considering of tolerance.

And when we do budgeting with our finances everything is organized in an excel sheet!

So, when he is in the house, I always remind him that you are not at your work ok? You are not the boss. I am the boss! 🙂 Then, he is not allowed to make his voice louder like making an argument when they have issues in the manufacturing firm.


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