Please spare the altar from any political events!


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To our Catholic Church leaders, I personally beg, please spare the altar from any political events! Who am I? I am just a mere churchgoer who wants to go to church, have peace of mind and pray!

While I was skimming my facebook and watching the news about the two political siblings of Makati running for the gov’t position arguing inside one of the parish church in Makati, my question right away – was? Why in this world, such event was held in the church?! I felt shaking and I felt being heartbroken, how the church we have high regard has hosted such an event in front of the altar!? To the altar, we are trained to respect and offer our intimate prayer to the Lord! While watching the news, the people were screaming and you see the politicos talking and behind them: is the Altar! Awkward and gross is the only feeling I can describe! Seems I can recall the picture of the story in the bible where God got angry because his temple has become the place of trade, gambling and etc.

To the churchgoers do not let your church be a place like this! Our faith has been moved because of what we see how our church has somehow been involved in political issues! Sometimes, hear sermons of the priest being politically motivated. To our church please hear us! We are already pissed off of political issues, please do not bring these issues and events in the church! With politics, we have our own personal views and no one can dictate us! But, with our faith and the church, we have high regards to you and everything you do is a reflection of our Catholic faith and which way our faith should flow. The Catholic church is striving “matira ang matibay” lucky to those who have built strong their faith that not even a priest behavior can shake their faith. But, for those whose faith needs to be restored and to those who are learning our faith, I believe the priest and the church leader should consider to whom they are really serving to?

I am not judging all the priest, I know not all of you are into politics. I personally grew up in the small Catholic community in Mindanao State University- Marawi 20 years ago! I never remember our parish has been involved in any political events, never heard any of our priests talks about politics. I can only remember how the church has helped shaped our emotional strength to self-healing, involved in peace – building with different beliefs and cultures, leadership training, singing and getting along with our relationship within the small community: and misunderstandings are reconciled exclusively with solemn prayers!

To our priest and church leaders hope you would take action to what happened in Makati and to other parishes holding similar events! It’s a BIG NO! NO! NO to many of us! NO POLITICAL FORUM INFRONT OF THE ALTAR PLEASE! There are many appropriate venues for those events! Not the altar please, even if you have covered the holy sacrament!

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