Patience! Patience!Patience! Block toys to teach kids the value of patience!

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Patience! Patience Patience! I need to teach my kids to be patient. This was the phrase I had when I saw my eldest Siam being grumpy because he felt building blocks seemed so difficult. While observing him, I told myself this must be the effect of over tv exposure. They want things to happen right away, just like clicking the button of the remote control and entertain themselves with another youtube channel. Because honestly, they can watch tv for more than two hours a day especially when I am doing my online tasks, but today I find ample time to address this issue.

I realized that these blocks could be my tool to help them understand the value of being patient. But, I thought by just letting them play, is enough. A demonstration could help them better understand that being patient can help them build great things!

DSC01760 (2).JPG


Just this morning while I asked them to go up with me in the room and just play while I am doing my online task. I heard Siam crying, grumpy and about to destroy the blocks that he was building, “this is difficult! I cannot do this”!

I tried to compose myself, “It’s time for me to be patient too! ” . I called him and get his attention to watch what I am going to do. I got some blocks and demonstrated two types of scenarios:


1. The Impatient Person.

I acted like an impatient person, copying his reaction disappointed, grumpy and crying because the blocks kept falling and I can’t do it! I destroyed the blocks! (He laughs a bit while watching me. )


DSC01751 (2).JPG

After breaking because of disappointment!


2. The Patient Person.

I acted like a patient person. Showed him that I was thinking. ” I can do this, hmmm?” I am tired! I will sleep for a while! I acted like sleeping for a while and woke up full of positive energy in pursuing the blocks that I built. (He smiled with hope and excitement!)

He sat beside me and ready to build the blocks. But, I asked him to listen first. I told him. See? what is the difference between an impatient person and patient person? The patient person is already done doing the blocks while the impatient person needs to build the blocks all over again from zero. Now, whom do you choose to be like, the impatient person or the patient person? Then with excitement getting the blocks, ” the patient person”, his response. And that’s a relief for me! 🙂

DSC01761 (2).JPG

Nanay, look I am done! Now he sees the fruit of his labor with his baby brother.



Selfie for a great job!

DSC01762 (2).JPG

See what patience can do? Can clean the room.. (Just Kidding)

I just feel the need of teaching them to be patient, because after all when they grow,  life is a battle of yourself and life challenges. It’s the battle of thoughts and values to be able to persevere and endure its ups and downs! Today, they are not allowed to watch tv whole week I just hope we can persevere despite of my online tasks! See you tomorrow for another journey with these two kids.

Work at Home Nanay tip: Working online too needs patience! Patience to learn new skills, patience to find clients and prove your worth.  Patience gives you hope and hope drives you to do more and make things happen. Because being an online freelancer need much of self-effort to build once profile. Things don’t happen in one go or a year or two it happens when you decide to be patient and persevere until you find great clients that will recognize your learned skills.

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