Kids jumping spiders adventure!

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It was a week when I did not let my kids watch tv. At the age of three and six, I noticed that my two kids can go along exploring many things like trying to make a boat out of the plastics and sticks, draw, gardening and insect hunting. And the house gets messy! It’s ok than watching tv most of their time. When they are busy exploring a lot of things this makes our motherhood duty easier :-). When I was a kid I am not fun of insects but these two kids really love insect, reptiles, and birds! I have no choice but to go along with them and support them! A week of no tv? What did they do?

  1. They play together jump and teasing each other or even playing like an insect fighting.

DSC01933 (2).JPG

2. Playing blocks and or trying to draw creatures.

DSC01734 (2).JPG

2. When it’s 4:00 pm I jogged and them insect hunting.



3. They play with their pets, they have love birds, chicken, fish, and spiders.

DSC01742 (2).JPG




Jumping spiders adventure was very interesting. I just noticed while watching jumping spiders which Siam and Philnand was able to catch nearby our house – that jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes and have sharp vision. Jumping spiders has venom and it’s not fatal to a human. One interesting behavior of jumping spiders: they are called jumping spiders because they jump and uses their web as a safety rope so they may not fall when they jump from one location to another location.

After a week, I let them watch tv but with two conditions:

  • Only watch 1 hour a day.
  • Watch only those that they can learn something like their favorite dr. Jack Be Brave, Wild Kratts and knowledge channel or anything that can help them learn something about animals because this is their interest.

Me and my husband also made a youtube channel of their adventure, to compile those interesting moments they have. Check Siamee&Philoy Toys-Adventure

Nanay’s tip: How does this kids get so interested of insects?DSC01992.JPG

Most of the time when they watch youtube we expose them to channels that they can learn something interesting about animals or insect. I believe watching Brave Wilderness influences them very much in getting more information about animals and get started to be connected with animals or insects.

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