No me time, it’s always us time!

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Being a work at home mother is a privilege for me to be with my kids almost every minute of my time. Those were the days! Those were the days that I wanted to have a me-time but I refused to, because my two boys used to see me beside them. Yes, I had secret tears moments, but those were the days! Yes, those were the days.


Even my journal is my eldest son’s drawing book.

Now, I don’t have a long hour me time but we have us time. We go to the mall together, we drop his kuya sometimes in the school and get him, they wait for me when I am in the parlor too,  play tennis or jog, study, and yes, in all my going outs, they are with me. Am I enjoying it? Yes, I do! Though sometimes I wanted to have my time- my thoughts still are with them. When I go out alone, I ended up wanted to go home right away! I’m on my case to go home. Do I like it, when they are looking for me? Yes, of course, because I know very soon I will have an ample of me time. Philnand will go to school next year, I would be alone in this coffee shop working while waiting for them.



Today was the longest me time. I call it my time because I almost have 5 hours, thinking of how can I build a building like this? (Just Kidding) 🙂



While my little one does his own thing, lying down, eating then playing. No annoying movements, he just wanted to sleep as he has been doing whenever I bring my laptop here. I miss writing and I choose to write! Just thinking of my goals and put them into writing. I left my pressures from deadlines and other matters that a mother should think. I just think of my goals and write them.  While watching the busy street and the tall buildings wishing to have one of them someday uhmpp.. I am dreaming.. 🙂

This is just my one kind of me time, waiting for my eldest’s sons dismissal time, no laptop. Just trying to have peace of mind and redirecting thoughts to a goal. Maximizing my own me time while I am with them is equal to us time.

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