What are the best places to go in Bangkok with Kids?

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Me and my two boys used to visit my husband who works as an overseas in Kabinburi, Thailand. Every time we visit amazing Thailand my husband makes an itinerary mainly for kids to enjoy in Bangkok. What are the best places to go in Bangkok with Kids? below is my current lists of the best places to visit while in Bangkok with kids with entrance fee and without. These details I am talking about are for years 2018 and 2019. I will be mentioning the year since we understand that prices and places may grow and innovate with time.

  1.  Safari World

Cost: 810 Bhat/ head includes buffet lunch. Kids below 100cm are free.  

We were able to book a ticket from a friend it cost lesser than booking online. Be there as early as 6:00 am because there is a flock of tourists and of course to enjoy all the shows they have and you may have ample of time to roam around this huge Safari World. The park was opened in 1988 with a total area of 480 acres (190 ha) for its open zoo and 180acres for its bird park.

Not only kids will enjoy this place so much! Parents will have fun too! Kids will be amazed personally by looking at several animal species which they only see on the TV. Kids have mixed emotions siam covers his nose when he saw the Elephant but my Philnand enjoys feeding the elephant. They have an elephant show, orangutan show, dolphins show, sea lion shows, and giraffe feeding as well. Walrus is fun too and many more. Then a huge lunch buffet eat as much as you can then roam again!

DSC_0192 (2).JPG

DSC_0216 (2).JPG

DSC_0252 (2).JPG

DSC_0143 (2).JPG

2. Ocean World /Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

Cost : 650 Bhat per head. Kids below 100cm are free approximately these are kids from 1-4 years old.

This place is located inside a huge Siam Paragon mall map here

Kids will enjoy the marine animals. This is where my kids saw different kinds of dart-poison frog which they only saw on youtube while watching be brave. Amazing the frog is as mall as a thumb watch here

You may need some guidance on how we get there check out here.  There is no free lunch and you may take your lunch just 1 story above the park. There are several food restaurants lining up from, Thai food, Japanese food, and many others. Overwhelming! Food! food! food! this is one of the reason makes Thailand amazing. It’s affordable and tasty.

3.  Watching 3D cartoon movie at Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok

Cost : 645 Baht/Head a bit cheaper since we got an early bird ticket.

Map here

Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok is also known to be a wax museum. Popular celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians are being replicated using wax. Kids still enjoy the place but they enjoy more in watching 3d cartoon movie. There are also games and many more.

4. Public Parks for free.

Lumpini Park is the first public park in Bangkok. Entrance is free you can bring food or buy food from vendors just outside the park and a store inside. If all you want to to do is breathing fresh air and let your kids play around with the doves, feel the breeze of the wind, watch over the lake this is a perfect place to unwind and relax for free.

lumpini park.jpg

lumpini park2.jpg

Benchasiri Park is a garden on Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand. Built on 11.6 acres next door to the Emporium shopping complex. This park is also very nice if you want to jog around an have a glimpse of the dove and monitor lizard. We went here just for the kids to see real monitor lizard and indeed some monitor lizard will walk along with you. They are hiding near the rivers.

monitor lizard2.jpg

siam and friends.jpgDSC09110.jpgsiam catches a dove.jpgmachesire.jpgDSC09121.jpg

There are still more places to go in Bangkok, See you in  my next post.

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Using booking.com makes it easier to book online you can pay online or reserve the accommodation and pay when you arrived. In Thailand, there are many great hotels to stay with and at affordable prices. Go choose where to stay in Booking.com

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