Frozen II Review!

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5 Stars on the Frozen II  movie!

I have not been to the cinema for many years, this time we had three tickets for my two little boys and me. A fundraising program for Christmas organized by the parents’ school teachers organization of my son’s school. At first, I thought my two kids and I would not enjoy because we had not seen Frozen I either and they even laughed when hearing the movie, “they said it’s for girls”. Yes, we watched the Frozen II. There was a flock of kids and families lining up.

The frozen II movie was really amazing from the effects, the character and their personalities plus Elsa and Anna were very pretty! A magical movie that made me think about how did the writers, directors, and others put all together to put life into the movie.  You will be hypnotized by their magical world. It was adventurous and that ice coming out from Elsa’s hands, the way he runs, sway her body and execute her power was really amazing. I want to become Elsa at that moment :-). And owh, her clothes were really nice. Olaf giggles kids in the cinema. Kids were silent when Elsa was fighting alone to find the third power.  Laughing at Olaf and Anna’s boyfriend (when he was trying to propose to Anna), shouting and even clapping at the end of the movie.

The movie was not just all about the luxury of being a princess but finding for the reason of her existence and Elsa’s power – that was to free the tribe coming from their mother and the tribe coming from their father. Frozen II was about the love of the family -especially how the two sisters showed their support for each other through thick and thin. It was touching how Anna did not prioritize his boyfriend yet because of her sister Elsa but when everything goes well. They both learned to let go and live separately according to their mission. It was nice how Anna and Elsa showed their affection, concern, and love for each other.

Frozen II movie is full of values, excitement, and adventure. I recommend families to watch together! Boys and girls would really enjoy the movie just like how my two little kids enjoyed it!

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