How was your Christmas 2019!

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Christmas 2019 for me is not much! There were no Christmas trees not so much of gifts.  My husband was not there to celebrate with us but he’s coming home soon for the new year! One thing I am grateful for, this year God taught me to bend my knees and get back to him in solemn prayers. Because I do not have enough money to spend on Christmas eve, I learned to face what I have and go on keep on praying for those that I deserved to have. Still, a few foods on the table with few significant people in our house are worth the Christmas 2019! Kids were sleeping so tight and they cannot blow their horns :-), and the neighbors are far not a sound of many greetings and tarotot ( horn) but still very grateful that despite some challenges God is still here for us! Reminding that he is the source of every good thing we have and we should go back and bend in prayers!




Merry Christmas Everyone!

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