ASANA an online tool for your team projects.

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Managing tasks with various team members from different places in this world are difficult. I sometimes wonder how my clients do manage their teams and I came across Asana. Many of my clients use this tool to manage their teams and projects. Since I am serving multiple clients and working with a team who are also working at the comfort of their homes. I tried using Asana for our team projects and my team goals. I love using it because it can organize a large number of projects and teams. Putting some colors on the task and movable boards are relaxing from being preoccupied with multiple tasks. I feel organized when putting all my tasks in Asana and assigning team members on each task which enables me to see the progress of the task from the beginning of the process to the delivery according to the due date set.

Since many business owners have their employees work online, schools doing online classes, teachers who have a lot of projects. Asana is not just for businesses with teams working at their own working space but I believe this is also one great tool for schools who are doing online classes and teachers too, or even for individual who wants to organize their tasks.

I will walk you through some great features of Asana which I enjoyed using. For the first time users these are the answers to your questions:

1. Is Asana free?

Yes, there is a free account that I am using. The free account can let you invite up to 15 members. If you have more than 15 members you can upgrade your membership.

2. How to set up an Asana Account?

Making an Asana account is just easy. Just have an email address. If you are working with documents I prefer you to make a Gmail account since google documents can easily collaborate with Asana. But any email would do.

Then go to login through your email account or you can sign up using your email account.

3. How to use Asana?

This is how your Asana looks like once you have created your projects. You have the project name and the people assigned to do the task. The date the task should be closed is also clickable. The sample below defaults to a “board view”. I love the board view because I wanted to move the board through the process until we deliver the project which I named “well done”.

4. How to create projects in Asana?

After signing in, you can create your team name and invite people to the team in your Asana.

At the top right most of the Asana page click on your profile picture < more < Create New Workspace. You can click on share if you wanted to share the whole project to a team member but only click invite if you only want a specific person to see his specific task. Please check below more about inviting people to your Asana. 

Then you can see many options and one of them is the New project. Click on the new project.

Fill in your “Project Name”. Choose what is your Default view it could be List or Board. Choose the privacy of the projects, if it is for the team to be viewed or private to me.

This is how the “Board” view looks like in Asana. For this sample, the project name is 42WM20..

“To Do” ( the details can be seen in #7 below) is the first step of the task when it is “In progress ” you can move the board to “In progress” when it is done, move the board to “Well Done”. You can customize your process by clicking on “add column”. When you invite a team member after he is done with the task he can also move from in progress to well done. Click complete is he is done as well.

This is how the “List” view looks like.

42WM20 is the project name.

Task 1 -twitter#pt – Personal Trainer in the UK is the task details assigned to Mae then the due date.

5. How to send invite to my project board in Asana?

You can send an invite by clicking on the invite teammates via email for them to see their tasks. They can only see the task to where you have invited them unless you have invited them to your team Asana.

6. How to invite a team member to see the whole team projects?

You can also send invite to your Asana team board by just clicking on ” Invite to Asana” at the bottom leftmost corner of your Asana page. Take note the person you have invited should also make an Asana account.

7. Where to put the details of the task in Asana?

After adding a task you can click on the board and it will show you options that can help you elaborate the details of the task. You can attach the word, excel, or video file and where the team can make comments on the task.

Asana is a productivity tool specifically designed to improve team collaboration and work management. Whether you’re a project lead, sales manager, business owner, teacher or even students working in team task and projects can benefit from it and yes its free. Mobile asana app is available in both ios and android.

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