My Brother Printer – J105 colors are not printing?

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My Brother Printer – J105 colors are not printing? After doing all the automatic cleaning through your printer’s options or checking the settings of the printer. If your brother printer was still not printing colors. It could print black but the colors were not showing. The problem might be clogged print heads. The solution is to clean up the clogged print heads.

How to clean a clogged printer head?


  1. A syringe with needle.
  2. Alcohol
  3. Distilled Water
  4. Small containers


  1. Take all the cartridge from the printer then try to insert your syringe to check the hole then flush an air to the small wholes of the printer head by pushing your syringe.
  2. Make your cleaning solution: 30% alcohol and 70% distilled water. Fill the container with your cleaning solution, one container for each color. One cleaning solution in a container for your magenta, yellow, blue, purple, and black.
  3. Designate one syringe for each color to avoid mixing of colors when you do the cleaning. You may also use only one syringe but it would be time-consuming to clean a single syringe every after cleaning each color printer head. Because cleaning the clogged may not take only a minute. It might need you to do more than 3 times until it works.
  4. Take your syringe. Fill it with cleaning solution as much as you can then insert it to the hole then flush. Follow the procedure for other colors.
  5. Try printing then do automatic cleaning. If it is still not working do #4 and #5 until the color shows up. This may take time but it will work if the problem is really clogged printer head!

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