My newly found natural-based night and day cream – from Aromacology Sensi!

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I am so excited to use this natural beauty product from Aromacology!

Years ago I had an online research task about beauty products and the rate of their hazardous effect! I was surprised that most of the products I am using and for my kids have mid to high hazard effects. In Skin Deep website these products such as soap, lotion, and others may cause cancer! I became so, meticulous reading on the content of the products I and my kids were using. There was once that I do not even use soap for my skin. I do not usually go out – I do not care about how I look like. I do not even have a mirror to look at! Then, I noticed that my skin looked unhealthy, dull and small pimples came! I only noticed them when my sisters were laughing at me:

What is happening to you?!!

Many have said, every product that we are already using is hazardous!

But, when I had that research task, I saw products that were less hazardous and safe to use. Most of these products were organic and natural products. So, I decided to begin caring for my skin with organic products.

My sister, who is a doctor, even told me – we need to take care of our skin and hydrate it while it could still absorb nutrients. As we get older our skin cannot already hold those nutrients. While wrinkles and sagging skin are not showing up yet- take care of your skin.

So, yes from that day on! I started taking care of my skin. It took me a lot of stores to visit just to get these products! I remember going to grocery store reading the content of day cream and other products ” no paraben and other hazardous content”! I ended up going home with only 1 product in my hand. Then, I found healthy options. Most of the organic products and rated safe to use were in this store! So, I started using products from Aveeno, Human Nature and I bought some in healthy options – brands that I came across in my task with products that are less hazardous to safe effect.

And because of pandemic (Covid), I wanted to buy beauty products that are safe yet affordable!

While walking in the mall, I came across this stall – Aromacology! Certified 98% natural! I was very excited to check on their products!

I asked about soap, then my favorite partner – the day and night cream! Luckily they have! I am so excited – I have been looking for an affordable organic or natural day cream and night cream that are Philippine-made! For the first time, I found it in Aromacology Sensi – made in Davao, Philippines! I bought these four products which are essential for my daily routine. For 1000 pesos, I already have the four basic skincare products. These are essential for me than makeup! Lipstick was one but because we use a face mask, my lipstick was replaced with a face mask. 🙂

I do not like a strong smell of beauty products. I do not even use perfumes! The sales lady handed me a friendly smelling lotion, soap, day cream, and night cream with free coffee! 🙂

The natural products I bought from Aromacology were:

  1. Body Butter, Papaya and Pineapple
  2. Moisture White – Night Cream
  3. Matte Finish – Day Cream
  4. Lemon and Tea Tree Soap
  5. Coffee – this is free 🙂

I took a bath with this lovely Tea Tree and Lemon Soap from Aromacology Sensi. Even it’s still 5 pm – I applied the moisture white – night cream from Aromacology Sensi in my face! Excited indeed! So, I took a photo of myself, because I saved money from buying an expensive natural product and I also feel good having met these products!

Beauty Products

Since this is my first day of using the product yet, I will be reviewing these products after a month! For now, I am excited about using them every day and see what it can do to my skin after a month! 🙂

The night cream it’s not really oily – like you will not feel stinky after applying. The smell is not strong. After an hour I can see some natural oil coming from my face! I haven’t been using a regular product for my night skin care except the almond oil. I think I am going to love doing my night routine because of this product! 🙂

See you in my next blogs about my natural and organic product! 🙂

You can also buy organic day cream from Amazon.

Beauty Products

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