Our kids too would love to see us looking great.

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Sometimes you just want to dress up, look good and feel good. When most of the time you just seem not to care.

Having two lovely boys is very interesting specially when your husband is an overseas. If my husband is here I usually asked him, is my clothes ok? My lipsticks and etc. When he is not around my two boys are my mirror!

Today, my youngest son told me: Nanay you look so.. pretty today! I will give you flowers!

My eldest son: Nanay, I like that clothes better than the other one. I will take a photo of you! And indeed, he took all these photo!

Oh, yes! They have been my lovely mirror.

If I am wearing a skirt, they will check if I am wearing undershorts.

So, if sometimes they are bored of waiting for me while I am grooming myself. I will always remind them “Diba you want nanay to be pretty?

Yes, I have a four year old youngest and my eldest is seven! As a work at home mother, I am enjoying these lovely times with them because I know when they grow, I would not be their apple of the eye anymore!

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