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Working from home – Top Motivation Ways

How to boost your motivation to work when your office is just your home? Here are my top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home.

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A love to last review!

Finally done watching the series “A love to last” in Netflix. The movie was very inspiring and full of great Filipino values. Gentle, forgiving and loving. Full-time mothers/hands on mothers can relate to the feelings of being exhausted running the house and the kids even with helpers and the more with no house hold support.…

Our kids too would love to see us looking great.

Sometimes you just want to dress up, look good and feel good. When most of the time you just seem not to care. Having two lovely boys is very interesting specially when your husband is an overseas. If my husband is here I usually asked him, is my clothes ok? My lipsticks and etc. When…

How to remove the green line in google sheet?

The green line in the google sheet comes out when you filter data without emphasizing or highlighting the boundaries of the data you wanted to filter. It automatically detects the data which are not separated with spaces then hinders you to filter all other data which are separated by spaces. So, after removing the green line you can filter it back by removing spaces between rows or columns of the data or highlight all the data you wanted to filter.


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