Lead List Generation Service with Mybost!

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“You know that your service is helping clients when they keep getting into your inbox! ” – mybost

These past few weeks, I have been receiving tasks regarding Lead Generation Services. Business owners are now trying to beat the challenges of Corona Virus. If you need a team to help your marketing or sales team in building lead list! Mybost your back office support team at your service.

For more details you can send email to:

Contact Name: Mae

Email: mariakaya250@gmail.com

or you can fill up this form and we will get back to you right away!

God bless in sailing your business in this time of pandemic!

How to remove the green line in google sheet?

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There are two options in removing the green lines in google sheets which hinders you to filter all the data in the sheet.

  1. Alt A+D then F or on the menu tab click on turn off filter by clicking on the filter Icon on the google sheet.

2. Delete spaces then click the filter icon again or highlight all the data you wanted to filter then click “On filter Icon”.

The green line in the google sheet comes out when you filter data without emphasizing or highlighting the boundaries of the data you wanted to filter. It automatically detects the data which are not separated with spaces then hinders you to filter all other data which are separated by spaces. So, after removing the green line you can filter it back by removing spaces between rows or columns of the data or highlight all the data you wanted to filter.

What plants are in your working space?

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According to study release in NCBI

Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults.

What Plants are in your Working Space?

  1. Snake Plants
Air Purifier and release oxygen at night

Snake Plants are natural air purifier and it releases oxygen at night! And they don’t need much of your attention. So, if you are a busy person and has no time to take care of plants as needed. You can just put this plant anywhere and it can survived with little care.

2. Lemon Grass

If mosquitoes are disturbing your productivity and you are sensitive to the smell of mosquitoe sprays. Lemongrass are a natural insect repellent and can sway that mosquitoes itchiness while you are working. In fact, lemongrass has been used in many therapeutic oils. I also love its menthol-like smell. It feels refreshing to me.

Lemon Grass

ASANA an online tool for your team projects.

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Managing tasks with various team members from different places in this world are difficult. I sometimes wonder how my clients do manage their teams and I came across Asana. Many of my clients use this tool to manage their teams and projects. Since I am serving multiple clients and working with a team who are also working at the comfort of their homes. I tried using Asana for our team projects and my team goals. I love using it because it can organize a large number of projects and teams. Putting some colors on the task and movable boards are relaxing from being preoccupied with multiple tasks. I feel organized when putting all my tasks in Asana and assigning team members on each task which enables me to see the progress of the task from the beginning of the process to the delivery according to the due date set.

Since many business owners have their employees work online, schools doing online classes, teachers who have a lot of projects. Asana is not just for businesses with teams working at their own working space but I believe this is also one great tool for schools who are doing online classes and teachers too, or even for individual who wants to organize their tasks.

I will walk you through some great features of Asana which I enjoyed using. For the first time users these are the answers to your questions:

1. Is Asana free?

Yes, there is a free account that I am using. The free account can let you invite up to 15 members. If you have more than 15 members you can upgrade your membership.

2. How to set up an Asana Account?

Making an Asana account is just easy. Just have an email address. If you are working with documents I prefer you to make a Gmail account since google documents can easily collaborate with Asana. But any email would do.

Then go to Asana.com login through your email account or you can sign up using your email account.

3. How to use Asana?

This is how your Asana looks like once you have created your projects. You have the project name and the people assigned to do the task. The date the task should be closed is also clickable. The sample below defaults to a “board view”. I love the board view because I wanted to move the board through the process until we deliver the project which I named “well done”.

4. How to create projects in Asana?

After signing in, you can create your team name and invite people to the team in your Asana.

At the top right most of the Asana page click on your profile picture < more < Create New Workspace. You can click on share if you wanted to share the whole project to a team member but only click invite if you only want a specific person to see his specific task. Please check below more about inviting people to your Asana. 

Then you can see many options and one of them is the New project. Click on the new project.

Fill in your “Project Name”. Choose what is your Default view it could be List or Board. Choose the privacy of the projects, if it is for the team to be viewed or private to me.

This is how the “Board” view looks like in Asana. For this sample, the project name is 42WM20..

“To Do” ( the details can be seen in #7 below) is the first step of the task when it is “In progress ” you can move the board to “In progress” when it is done, move the board to “Well Done”. You can customize your process by clicking on “add column”. When you invite a team member after he is done with the task he can also move from in progress to well done. Click complete is he is done as well.

This is how the “List” view looks like.

42WM20 is the project name.

Task 1 -twitter#pt – Personal Trainer in the UK is the task details assigned to Mae then the due date.

5. How to send invite to my project board in Asana?

You can send an invite by clicking on the invite teammates via email for them to see their tasks. They can only see the task to where you have invited them unless you have invited them to your team Asana.

6. How to invite a team member to see the whole team projects?

You can also send invite to your Asana team board by just clicking on ” Invite to Asana” at the bottom leftmost corner of your Asana page. Take note the person you have invited should also make an Asana account.

7. Where to put the details of the task in Asana?

After adding a task you can click on the board and it will show you options that can help you elaborate the details of the task. You can attach the word, excel, or video file and where the team can make comments on the task.

Asana is a productivity tool specifically designed to improve team collaboration and work management. Whether you’re a project lead, sales manager, business owner, teacher or even students working in team task and projects can benefit from it and yes its free. Mobile asana app is available in both ios and android.

Top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home.

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How to boost your motivation to work when your office is just your home?

When you are working at home it limits your interaction with people. According to Upwork, this has been one of the issues that freelancers were raising – the challenges of social interaction. It could be boring to stay in the four corners of your working space when you cannot go out because of the corona-virus – going out has been your way to break free from having been working at home. It is usual for you to be working at home but could be stressful feeling that you are doing things all over again in the same room and meeting the same people in the house. Thus, it could affect your motivation to work.

Here are the Top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home in these times of social distancing.

1. Pray

Praying is one great way to get back motivated to work. It gives you more strength and wisdom and bring back your grace to work. Praying can renew your soul and reboot your positive energy and of course knowing that there is someone powerful that will help you through and that is your God!

Here are few bible verse to boost your motivation.

1 Chronicles 28:20 –  David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Philippians 4:13 –  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

More bible verse in bible study tools website.

2. See green.

Put some plants in your working table or position your working table near to the window where you can see green.

According to a study published by ACS publications, the color green can reduce physiological stress, restore attention, enhanced immune function, and can help someone feel connected socially.

3. Exercise

Include in your weekly goal the time to exercise or revitalized with physical movement. Working at home may lead you to sit for about 8-12 hours a day. It is very important to have in your to-do list, your time to exercise. You can still do an exercise even with some precautions of social distancing. Exercising at home is still possible.

Youtube have different exercise guides that works for you. Walking exercise is also wonderful to move around in your house Check here 

According to a study when we do exercise our body released endorphins which are also called happy hormones.

4. Talk to people in the house.

Talk to people in your house – to your kids, parents, or spend time talking with your husband of anything. It is one great way to divert your mind into matters which are out from your working space. It can help you relate to what is going on with other people or laugh around with others.

According to Medical News Today deeper communication with others has a positive impact on happiness and well being.

5. Listen to music.

Music has frequencies that can trigger our emotions. Our body is composed of 70% water which can vibrate sound frequencies in other parts of our body then give a positive or negative impact to your emotions. For this reason, it is very important that you should know about the kind of music you are listening to.

According to Scientific Report, heroic music can have a good impact on motivation and constructiveness.

Here are some music that can boost your motivation

6. Break free.

Working at home hooked you up of being responsible about your time and output. You tend to always think of delivery and getting more clients which sometimes hinders you to do what you wanted at a certain time. Your work is more important than anything else.

Break free sometimes, do something relaxing even if it does not cost money. You sing, play around, do some planting, cooking, cleaning the house, or sit and breath fresh air!

Break free sometimes, do something relaxing even if it does not cost money.

6. Eat healthy.

Our health is our source of wealth. The food that we eat can also impact our mental health. Here are the food that can boost your motivation.

Food boost motivation: Salmon, berries, eggs, dark chocolate, nuts, avocados, water, brown rice and mussels.

7. Set your weekly goal and imprint the output.

Some tools are available to help manage your output and things to do. Trello and Asana are one great tool to move around and check what has been going on with your tasks. Update and move the board when you accomplish something.

You can also write your goals and to-do list in the journal. A wonderful leeway of using computers. Making use of the old tools – the pen and the journal. Doing work-related activities with the use of tools which you have an emotional connection – is a great way to reboot your motivation.

Sticky notes and boards are fun to use too. Write down your goals and stick it to the board where you can move around like Trello. Make a unique stairway to your goals on a daily or weekly basis. Get motivated checking on what you have accomplished at the end of the day or week to meeting your long term goal. You can also write some motivational quotes and stick them to the wall.

8. Sleep well setting aside the worries from your home working space.

Reboot by sleeping well. You may be struggling with separating work from your home because you are already working at home. Your bed may be just next to your working space. So, you sleep when you are tired of working and wake up working again.

Train your mind to forget work when you are going to sleep. Listen to music that will help you sleep well or watch a happy movie before you sleep so that the last thoughts you have before sleeping, is not the output you need to accomplish- it is the new exciting thing you did before you go to bed. So, when you wake up, go back to the goals you have set up before the week starts.

Channel your inner yogi is also something exiting to do before sleeping.

9. Work with purpose

Knowing your great purpose of doing something is the core motivation to move forward and be productive in anything you do. 

We get motivated to move because we have a purpose.

Write down your purpose or meditate it.

10. A moment of silence.

Be quiet with yourself! A moment of silence within yourself. You got to be mindful of your thoughts, your feeling, and your goals. Then try to meditate what you want to happen. Affirm yourself with positive self-talk and prayers.

Nanay want – flowers?

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DSC05845 (2)

After playing outside the house my youngest Philnand got inside the room and said “nanay want some flowers? Here oh..” I was smiling and got it. Sure, thank you nak.

My kids love to give me flowers, they usually get those from the roadside or those flowers falling on the ground. My youngest even loves to see me putting those flowers on my ears.

I have kept some of those flowers they gave me in my journal which has become their journal too, these flowers were a year ago (2019)!


My kids’ were seven and four years old, I am enjoying watching them grow. Thank you to the idea of free working space – that I am able to be with them most of the time, while I try to grow and served several clients with their admin tasks.

I am excited to serve more clients this year and onwards because my kids are now learning to do things on their own. I also got some household support and  I work with my home office team. Mae your Back Office Support Team- the Philippines (MyBOSTP) would be very happy to grow with your team as well. We are a team of a dedicated woman, wife and a mother who are passionate in everything we do.

Comment below if you need some support with your overloaded office works!

DSC05514 (2)


No me time, it’s always us time!

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Being a work at home mother is a privilege for me to be with my kids almost every minute of my time. Those were the days! Those were the days that I wanted to have a me-time but I refused to, because my two boys used to see me beside them. Yes, I had secret tears moments, but those were the days! Yes, those were the days.


Even my journal is my eldest son’s drawing book.

Now, I don’t have a long hour me time but we have us time. We go to the mall together, we drop his kuya sometimes in the school and get him, they wait for me when I am in the parlor too,  play tennis or jog, study, and yes, in all my going outs, they are with me. Am I enjoying it? Yes, I do! Though sometimes I wanted to have my time- my thoughts still are with them. When I go out alone, I ended up wanted to go home right away! I’m on my case to go home. Do I like it, when they are looking for me? Yes, of course, because I know very soon I will have an ample of me time. Philnand will go to school next year, I would be alone in this coffee shop working while waiting for them.



Today was the longest me time. I call it my time because I almost have 5 hours, thinking of how can I build a building like this? (Just Kidding) 🙂



While my little one does his own thing, lying down, eating then playing. No annoying movements, he just wanted to sleep as he has been doing whenever I bring my laptop here. I miss writing and I choose to write! Just thinking of my goals and put them into writing. I left my pressures from deadlines and other matters that a mother should think. I just think of my goals and write them.  While watching the busy street and the tall buildings wishing to have one of them someday uhmpp.. I am dreaming.. 🙂

This is just my one kind of me time, waiting for my eldest’s sons dismissal time, no laptop. Just trying to have peace of mind and redirecting thoughts to a goal. Maximizing my own me time while I am with them is equal to us time.

Patience! Patience!Patience! Block toys to teach kids the value of patience!

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DSC01749 (2).JPG


Patience! Patience Patience! I need to teach my kids to be patient. This was the phrase I had when I saw my eldest Siam being grumpy because he felt building blocks seemed so difficult. While observing him, I told myself this must be the effect of over tv exposure. They want things to happen right away, just like clicking the button of the remote control and entertain themselves with another youtube channel. Because honestly, they can watch tv for more than two hours a day especially when I am doing my online tasks, but today I find ample time to address this issue.

I realized that these blocks could be my tool to help them understand the value of being patient. But, I thought by just letting them play, is enough. A demonstration could help them better understand that being patient can help them build great things!

DSC01760 (2).JPG


Just this morning while I asked them to go up with me in the room and just play while I am doing my online task. I heard Siam crying, grumpy and about to destroy the blocks that he was building, “this is difficult! I cannot do this”!

I tried to compose myself, “It’s time for me to be patient too! ” . I called him and get his attention to watch what I am going to do. I got some blocks and demonstrated two types of scenarios:


1. The Impatient Person.

I acted like an impatient person, copying his reaction disappointed, grumpy and crying because the blocks kept falling and I can’t do it! I destroyed the blocks! (He laughs a bit while watching me. )


DSC01751 (2).JPG

After breaking because of disappointment!


2. The Patient Person.

I acted like a patient person. Showed him that I was thinking. ” I can do this, hmmm?” I am tired! I will sleep for a while! I acted like sleeping for a while and woke up full of positive energy in pursuing the blocks that I built. (He smiled with hope and excitement!)

He sat beside me and ready to build the blocks. But, I asked him to listen first. I told him. See? what is the difference between an impatient person and patient person? The patient person is already done doing the blocks while the impatient person needs to build the blocks all over again from zero. Now, whom do you choose to be like, the impatient person or the patient person? Then with excitement getting the blocks, ” the patient person”, his response. And that’s a relief for me! 🙂

DSC01761 (2).JPG

Nanay, look I am done! Now he sees the fruit of his labor with his baby brother.



Selfie for a great job!

DSC01762 (2).JPG

See what patience can do? Can clean the room.. (Just Kidding)

I just feel the need of teaching them to be patient, because after all when they grow,  life is a battle of yourself and life challenges. It’s the battle of thoughts and values to be able to persevere and endure its ups and downs! Today, they are not allowed to watch tv whole week I just hope we can persevere despite of my online tasks! See you tomorrow for another journey with these two kids.

Work at Home Nanay tip: Working online too needs patience! Patience to learn new skills, patience to find clients and prove your worth.  Patience gives you hope and hope drives you to do more and make things happen. Because being an online freelancer need much of self-effort to build once profile. Things don’t happen in one go or a year or two it happens when you decide to be patient and persevere until you find great clients that will recognize your learned skills.

Being in a corporate world or in a  free working space!

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My husband is a corporate man and I am a freelancer working as a mother as well. What is the difference between my corporate husband and me as a freelancer?


1. Vacation



The corporate man has an option to focus his vacation and deny any nuisance of work left in the office. I see how my husband unpack his work issues in the corporate world when he gets home and while he’s having a vacation. while me, as a freelancer has to work while on vacation we have the commitment to submit output to the clients. Every project is an opportunity!

I have been on vacation but I just can’t say no to my clients! Running errands with output deliverables. I wanted to have a vacation without thinking of deliverables like the corporate man!


2. Control of the income.


Freelancer has the control of his income, she can earn as much as she can deliver quality output and as much as projects she wants to bid. Less project less income! Low quality is equivalent to low opportunity.

While working in the corporate world income is flat rate and secure for a month and income would increase depending on the volume of work through overtime.

With income, corporate man has a secure income for a month, but a freelancer has to have a goal of her income and equate it with hard work.

I still like to earn like a freelancer, as long as I have my husband who is earning secure income. This balances our revenue as a family.


3. Security of Tenure


Freelancer has no security of tenure, you control your time and your income. Your career depends on your effort and perseverance. Every client are transient which makes your career transient as well. That’s why you need to scrape the internet and build your reputation and get clients to keep coming and of course strategize your business.

While corporate man has the security of tenure compared to a freelancer. They can work long term for the company and with no worries of looking for another company to work for the next day.


4. Privileges


The corporate man has the privilege of healthcare. While Freelancers has to secure herself a healthcare insurance and her family. Retirement security should also be part of her personal plan and expenses.


5. Time with kids!



This is the time in which my corporate husband has no ample amount to spend. Family time is limited since he has only a dedicated number of paid leaves for a year. He can also be excused from household chores and taking care of the kids 🙂

As a freelancer, this is what I enjoy most of the time! I can spend with my kids though sometimes taking responsibilities is tiring however, I love the idea to be with them each time they sleep and having able to watch them while they grow.

Being in a corporate world or in a  free working space, whatever you may be the most important thing is we love what we do!


A Freelancer?

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What is a Freelancer?

Freelancer means you can work in your own space and time. You can work when your kids are sleeping, you can work while on vacation. You can work while breastfeeding and many more…

Freelancer has no long-term commitment to a single company.

Freelancer is a contractor where you can bid several projects as much as you think you can deliver.

Freelancer is a common term used by those people working online as a virtual assistant, admin support, programmer, writers, researchers and etc.


Some of you might be doubtful if it really exists? Yes, it does.  In fact, according to Upwork “Freelancing in America:2017”   50% are working as a freelancer in the US. They also projected in the year 2020 the working environment would be a freelance.

It implies that you can work as much as 1,2, 3 or more employers ( freelancers call them a client, instead of employers). All would depend on your capacity to do the job in your own space and time. It also depends on how many projects you win from bidding.


How does a freelancer work?

Most of the freelancer works online;  the internet and computer are already part of their lives because it’s their primary tool to earn.


How does a client pay the Freelancer?

A client will pay them hourly, fixed price or monthly.

Hourly means they are paid per hour of the work done.

Example: You are hired as a virtual assistant for 20 hours a week 5USd per hour.

Fixed price means the client will pay the freelancer on the desired output.

Example: Client A, has a project which cost 100USD for you to write 4000 words about the story of your life.