How to clean Aloe Vera to avoid skin itching!

Do feel that your skin is itching when you use fresh aloe vera? It is because you have not cleaned it well.

How to clean Aloe Vera to avoid skin itching?

1. Wash the Aloe Vera with clean water.

Clean your aloe vera with clean water thoroughly.

2. Peel both sides of the Aloe Vera.

Peel those parts which has like thorns on both sides.

3. Cut into chunks and soak in a clean water for few minutes.

Cut your aloe vera into chunks then soak into the water. You may wash again with clean water then soak it for few minutes.

You may also preserve your aloe vera by putting them in the refrigerator soaked in water for few days. So, you can apply each chunks for days. Then you will noticed using aloe vera without itching your skin.

If you do not have Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera gel are now available in the stores you can also buy them in Amazon. Check the list of organic Aloe Vera gel that you can buy from amazon!

What plants are in your working space?

According to study release in NCBI

Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults.

What Plants are in your Working Space?

  1. Snake Plants
Air Purifier and release oxygen at night

Snake Plants are natural air purifier and it releases oxygen at night! And they don’t need much of your attention. So, if you are a busy person and has no time to take care of plants as needed. You can just put this plant anywhere and it can survived with little care.

2. Lemon Grass

If mosquitoes are disturbing your productivity and you are sensitive to the smell of mosquitoe sprays. Lemongrass are a natural insect repellent and can sway that mosquitoes itchiness while you are working. In fact, lemongrass has been used in many therapeutic oils. I also love its menthol-like smell. It feels refreshing to me.

Lemon Grass

Top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home.

How to boost your motivation to work when your office is just your home?

When you are working at home it limits your interaction with people. According to Upwork, this has been one of the issues that freelancers were raising – the challenges of social interaction. It could be boring to stay in the four corners of your working space when you cannot go out because of the corona-virus – going out has been your way to break free from having been working at home. It is usual for you to be working at home but could be stressful feeling that you are doing things all over again in the same room and meeting the same people in the house. Thus, it could affect your motivation to work.

Here are the Top 10 ways to motivate oneself to work when you are working at home in these times of social distancing.

1. Pray

Praying is one great way to get back motivated to work. It gives you more strength and wisdom and bring back your grace to work. Praying can renew your soul and reboot your positive energy and of course knowing that there is someone powerful that will help you through and that is your God!

Here are few bible verse to boost your motivation.

1 Chronicles 28:20 –  David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Philippians 4:13 –  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

More bible verse in bible study tools website.

2. See green.

Put some plants in your working table or position your working table near to the window where you can see green.

According to a study published by ACS publications, the color green can reduce physiological stress, restore attention, enhanced immune function, and can help someone feel connected socially.

3. Exercise

Include in your weekly goal the time to exercise or revitalized with physical movement. Working at home may lead you to sit for about 8-12 hours a day. It is very important to have in your to-do list, your time to exercise. You can still do an exercise even with some precautions of social distancing. Exercising at home is still possible.

Youtube have different exercise guides that works for you. Walking exercise is also wonderful to move around in your house Check here 

According to a study when we do exercise our body released endorphins which are also called happy hormones.

4. Talk to people in the house.

Talk to people in your house – to your kids, parents, or spend time talking with your husband of anything. It is one great way to divert your mind into matters which are out from your working space. It can help you relate to what is going on with other people or laugh around with others.

According to Medical News Today deeper communication with others has a positive impact on happiness and well being.

5. Listen to music.

Music has frequencies that can trigger our emotions. Our body is composed of 70% water which can vibrate sound frequencies in other parts of our body then give a positive or negative impact to your emotions. For this reason, it is very important that you should know about the kind of music you are listening to.

According to Scientific Report, heroic music can have a good impact on motivation and constructiveness.

Here are some music that can boost your motivation

6. Break free.

Working at home hooked you up of being responsible about your time and output. You tend to always think of delivery and getting more clients which sometimes hinders you to do what you wanted at a certain time. Your work is more important than anything else.

Break free sometimes, do something relaxing even if it does not cost money. You sing, play around, do some planting, cooking, cleaning the house, or sit and breath fresh air!

Break free sometimes, do something relaxing even if it does not cost money.

6. Eat healthy.

Our health is our source of wealth. The food that we eat can also impact our mental health. Here are the food that can boost your motivation.

Food boost motivation: Salmon, berries, eggs, dark chocolate, nuts, avocados, water, brown rice and mussels.

7. Set your weekly goal and imprint the output.

Some tools are available to help manage your output and things to do. Trello and Asana are one great tool to move around and check what has been going on with your tasks. Update and move the board when you accomplish something.

You can also write your goals and to-do list in the journal. A wonderful leeway of using computers. Making use of the old tools – the pen and the journal. Doing work-related activities with the use of tools which you have an emotional connection – is a great way to reboot your motivation.

Sticky notes and boards are fun to use too. Write down your goals and stick it to the board where you can move around like Trello. Make a unique stairway to your goals on a daily or weekly basis. Get motivated checking on what you have accomplished at the end of the day or week to meeting your long term goal. You can also write some motivational quotes and stick them to the wall.

8. Sleep well setting aside the worries from your home working space.

Reboot by sleeping well. You may be struggling with separating work from your home because you are already working at home. Your bed may be just next to your working space. So, you sleep when you are tired of working and wake up working again.

Train your mind to forget work when you are going to sleep. Listen to music that will help you sleep well or watch a happy movie before you sleep so that the last thoughts you have before sleeping, is not the output you need to accomplish- it is the new exciting thing you did before you go to bed. So, when you wake up, go back to the goals you have set up before the week starts.

Channel your inner yogi is also something exiting to do before sleeping.

9. Work with purpose

Knowing your great purpose of doing something is the core motivation to move forward and be productive in anything you do. 

We get motivated to move because we have a purpose.

Write down your purpose or meditate it.

10. A moment of silence.

Be quiet with yourself! A moment of silence within yourself. You got to be mindful of your thoughts, your feeling, and your goals. Then try to meditate what you want to happen. Affirm yourself with positive self-talk and prayers.

Here are my exercise motivation trigger tools.

Gaining weight is too easy but losing weight needs us to sweat out!

I was 59-60kgs when the year started! I was challenged to lose weight when I could not use my old pants and clothes!

Sharing you the tools that motivate me to stand up and do an exercise at home only! Again at home only – because we need to “stay home”. This coronavirus is challenging our fitness habit :-).

Now I am 57kgs, still trying to push harder since I wanted to hit 54kgs.

Here are my exercise motivation trigger tools:


Light Brown and Blue Leaves DIY Influencer Facebook Post Set

1. Mirror

I  put a mirror on my working table to see how my looks are going. Oh, when I see those little fats on it. I always talk to myself – I can look better than this. I need to lose weight! Aja kudasay!

2. Weighing Scale

The weighing scale is very important it helps me to be mindful of my weight and my eating habit. It’s easy to gain weight but difficult to lose weight. It needs you to move your body and burn some fats. I was not successful in doing it every day yet trying to at least do thrice a week – better than nothing at all.

I feel threatened when my weight reaches 58kgs. So, I do check my weight often.

3. Fitness Smartwatch

My husband gave me a fitness smartwatch. It helped me a lot. I had a good exercise habit when I first had it,  January this year. In fact, after a month I reached 55kgs. But, I went out of my way when the coronavirus spiked.

I learned that If I make 4000 walks a  day, I can burn about 200 calories which is equivalent to a cup of rice. I can reach that 8000 walks a day when I first had my smartwatch! Oh, I need to do it again these months. 🙂

You gotta sit all day and have some food while working! 🙂 We must watch this when we are working at home.

Now, I am trying again to reach my goal of 54kgs after two months. I am counting Day 1 for this.

DSC06501 (2)
Day 1 – 4/29/2020

For Day 2; Stay tuned!



Tools to release stress: the blue space!


DSC01267 (2).JPG

I decided to be a full-time mother when I was pregnant with my first born son Siam. I pave my way through Upwork to get an online job while I am staying at home with my kids. My husband works overseas. I have support like parents and relatives staying in the house but, taking care of kids while the husband is away was not easy. There are just things that a wife could only express to the husband that I couldn’t express to others.  My mind and body need to be strong for my kids. If my husband is around it’s a relief though because he tries to carry all, budgeting and take care of the kids most of his time and I have a pretty relaxing moment thinking only a few things like my online job and some chores in the house. My mind is literally relaxing.

I am trying to understand where my stress coming from. Oh, after two years, I get pregnant, then Siam needs to undergo surgery then after a week I labored my second child Philnand. Again, after two years, my second child needs to undergo surgery of the same disease as my eldest – Hirschsprung’s disease.  Philnand’s recovery from surgery gave me more worries. I worry every day when he couldn’t poop thinking that when the first surgery wasn’t working well, he needed to undergo another surgery. I need to deal with his shouts and cries when during potty time. He felt pain when pooping and he didn’t want to poop!

I felt like giving up! My kids could not live without seeing me even for a day! There was no way of giving up! One day, I tried to sneak outside where my kids couldn’t see me. I was walking and trying to meditate under the heat of the sun. Imagined that the heat of the sun burns my negative thoughts and God’s holy spirit washes away my busy mind. I was walking and I saw Siam’s carpool, so I decided to stay on the road where the carpool usually passes through out of the village, expecting my son could see me. I waited for almost thirty minutes but I did not see my son’s carpool passes through the road. I decided to go home and asked my mother if Siam has already gone to school: she said yes! I cried and got inside the room, scared what was happening to me? Am I becoming crazy? I believe, what my mind saw was not really happening! I talked to my husband and he told me to lie low of my online job so that my mind would only focus on my kids. I could still feed you even if you have no work, he said! For me, my online job was also very important. But, I decided to follow him and tried to rebuild my emotional strength. I decided to bid less work online to concentrate my thoughts to my kids. Less online task causes the drop of being a 100% top rated freelancer to 78%,  I lost my badge. Yet, I know I could still make it up. I just have to put a space of my thoughts of earning more and gave more time to my kids. I started to fetch and dropped Siam in the school (my father does before) with my youngest Philnand. I and my kids sometimes go out, pay the bills and go to playgrounds.

DSC01888 (2).JPG


Although I don’t earn more, I was happy spending more time with my kids. Eventually, kids are learning to be independent. Philnand had fewer tantrums, he was already comfortable walking with me as long as we hold hands while walking. He also does things on his own and we don’t spend much time on breastfeeding any longer. Every time he wanted to poop and cried, I tried to practiced not to personalize it, and not to worry about it so that I won’t get angry. Instead, we made song  (Philnand is pooping a big poop! Nanay and tatay is happy!). My duty as a mother gets lighter as my kids’ grew. I had time to stay long in the toilet, put some lipstick on and look at the mirror noticing that I already had many gray hairs. I was very happy because finally even if I don’t have me time kids don’t need me all the time because they are learning to be independent. As long as they could see me around they are already happy to do things on their own. And now, I am not ready to deal with more people whose values are different from mine, I am just so tired and I want to relax even just for a while. I cried to the deepest hidden thoughts I had, box the bed to the deepest anger I hide. Then my sister just let me cry and speak out! That was the loudest cry I ever had since my motherhood. Because when I am tired I used to just cry it on my own or hide in the ink of my journal or springs of the shower. Then my sister thought tools to release my stress and when I feel depressed.

Here we go! Read through my six helpful tools and tips to release stress or depression! I have been practicing them and really are helpful!

1. Breathing in and Breathing out.

DSC00967 (2).JPG
My youngest son took this photo. 🙂

Seat cross your legs and breath in, breath out! breath out, breath in! Feel the air running through the nose, to the backbone, and into the tummy making it half full. Then, release slowly making your tummy half flattened. This will help clear up your thoughts that cause you to stress accordingly to my sister.


2. Look for someone you can talk to.

DSC01305 (2).JPG

Look for someone you can talk to. I just learned the importance of talking to someone is one way of releasing your busy thoughts. My sister explained, if you keep on talking to yourself it’s like you are putting everything back to your own body and senses: worries, stress, loneliness all negative feelings which will accumulate and will stress the mind. Whereas, talking to somebody will help you release thoughts away from your body! Taking away all your worries and releasing each thought which keeps your mind busy.


3. Blue Space

DSC01274 (2).JPG

According to blue health, a synthesis found that people living close to blue spaces report higher levels of physical activity and that interaction with blue spaces can have a positive effect on mental health – particularly in terms of stress reduction and perceived wellbeing.”

Yes, it did really work! After going to the beach I went home with a very fresh mind!Felt renewed strength! Since it was summer every time when my sister visited us we often find these blue space! And because the Philippines has many of these blue spaces! Excited to talk about this too in my blogs 🙂


4. Learn to say no!


DSC01311 (2).JPG


Learn to say no to the things that will cause you stress. No, to the obligations that you cannot cater. Learn to say not ok when it is not ok for you. Because it’s a burden to pretend you are ok but the truth you are not. It takes a lot of courage to say no, but when you are able to do it. It’s a big help in managing your stress. Mayo Clinic has a great article about when to say no as stress relief check here.

5. You cannot please everybody.

DSC01471 (2).JPG

Don’t try to impress everybody,  take it easy and live life not to the expectations of others. Be your own good self without any expectations.


6. Exercise



Exercising or jogging with my two boys helps me redirect my positive thoughts and releases negative energy through sweat. While I jog or meditate I also pray. It is my time to connect to our creator and the universe. Feeling the sunset or sunrise then breathing fresh air and looking at the trees and mountains. According to a study published in ncbi “location with the highest level of nature had the greatest effect on reducing levels of stress .  Additionally according to  WebMD when we exercise our body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduces perceptions of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.


No matter how wide this beach maybe there is just only a few spaces that our focus can dwell.


No matter how wide this beach maybe there is just only a few spaces that our focus can dwell and those are the scenes that make up our values. But, sometimes we are able to extend a bit of the space that we can focus on. Learn to accept some values that we cannot change and learn to love those spaces that are new. But, there are times, that we are tired and just want to focus our sight on the views that we want, until we fall asleep and take a good rest. And sometimes, we just have to bring everything to our sight it may be nice and sweet or awful and stressful and still we need to fall asleep and have a good rest.


Needle Fear – not just for kids but also their parents!

The Godzilla Feet


Just arrived from a week of confinement in the hospital. My son Philnand needs to undergo a biopsy to confirm if he has Hirschsprung’s disease! As a mother of two kids who experienced going to the hospital of a similar procedure, the fear of the needle hasn’t changed. It was a challenge to show to our kids and encourage them to cooperate while looking at the needle being inserted into their tiny veins. There were many instances that inserting the intravenous therapy could take more than twice to successfully get its position because kids veins were not easy to find. I wanted to run and give up for the procedure. Cry with them, as they cry when they look at my eyes which seems to say “I am scared, please help me, get away from everybody’s grasp”. I have been holding my tears in the hospital. I wanted to scream and cry out loud, ask God why! But, I needed to show to them that everything’s gonna be ok. I needed to stay positive. I needed to hold back my tears because my husband is there working hard overseas! I wanted to give up, but as a parent giving up is not and should not be part of our choice. Our option is to always move forward for our kids no matter what the obstacles may be. And there even, sometimes my tears fell while holding, hugging and singing his favorite song lullaby for an IV, I needed to let him go through the procedure because it is needed! We needed to confirm what was the cause of him not pooping for 2 – 5 days and to confirm the findings of the barium enema that says possible Hirschsprung’s. Oh, Hirschsprung’s why oh why are you in our genes?!!! You have cost so much to our family!

Inserting IV ( Intravenous therapy) to kids is not just a struggle for the kids but also for the parents and the nurses. But, between a wife and a husband, I believe husbands have a low tolerance of enduring fear when watching their kids struggling with IV insertion. I remember my husband when he went home for my eldest son’s surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease, he was struggling to watch my son, screaming and crying while nurses were trying to insert IV more than twice. He got angry and thought the nurses were just practicing  IV insertion and went to the nurse station and look for an expert. So, I asked him to go outside the room not to watch his son with IV being inserted and I will take care of our son and with my mother. I understand sometimes it takes many times to insert the IV because kids veins are so small and not visible my sisters who are in the medical profession explained it to me.


And according to study initiated in Toronto Canada published in science direct:  24% of parents and 63% of children reported a fear of needles. Needle fear was the primary reason for immunization non-compliance for 7% and 8% of parents and children, respectively.

According to Contemporary Pediatrics,  there are also several studies that urge clinician to consider needle fears.

With Philnand, the good thing, I observe the hospital has improved in terms of the quality system. They indeed considered needle fear when inserting IV.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 7.33.51 AM

I observed they followed a procedure; before inserting the IV, they needed to be sure of the veins location, they have veins tracing tool. It took an hour to look for his veins. I just let them be than trying many times and they would fail. I told them “it’s ok just take time to look for the veins” so they won’t get pressured. They inserted twice but failed, because my son was tan, was difficult to locate his veins. The third time they tried the feet and the doctor was there to assist them. Finally, the IV was inserted. They asked a diaper to protect the IV from moving. After the IV was inserted, my son was screaming looking at his feet “so strange” he was kicking,  “My feet! My feet!”. The nurses got another diaper to cover the other foot to put weight on his feet from kicking so much and move the other foot which has an IV. And the other reason was, for the child not to look at the difference between his normal foot and the “Godzilla Foot”. We used to call it “Godzilla Feet” because he likes a Godzilla just to give a fun ambiance. After few hours he got used to it.





Virgin Coconut Oil for Healing Purposes.


In the Philippines, virgin coconut oil is very common because we can just make them in our own home. Not sure with millennials because they are already available in the market. But I remember 30 years back when our grandparents used to have this homemade virgin coconut oil with some roots inside the bottle in Bisaya we call them “Lana”. These virgin coconut oils are even used by our grandparents as a scent to let the “ghost or witch” stay away from anybody or inside the house. These may be myths but, yes, other’s used it as protection. They put a small amount in the bottle and tied it in their waist.

For some herb doctors “Albularyo” homemade virgin coconut oils for healing purposes; they don’t just make this any time of the day or any days of the month. I remember my grandparents, they make virgin coconut oils every holy Friday 3pm! When they make it, they prayed for it. They offered a prayer…

And now, I see my father he makes virgin coconut oil anytime of the day but after it’s cooked he puts the virgin coconut in the bottle and bring it in his room; and prayed for it! And I see it as a very effective way of making your homemade virgin coconut oil extra special and powerful now we can call it as “Virgin Coconut Oil the Powerful Superfood “ hehe just my term to it.

I see my father how he values and takes care of this virgin coconut oil. Every drop of it is very valuable and he even doesn’t want us to waste it. I understand why; it is because as you can see from my article “How to Make Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil” and I will show you the video later; making homemade virgin coconut oil cost time and effort. You need to love making it. Because it is not easy from the process one and you need to wait for hours to for the oil to show up! Indeed it’s a long process. So, every effort you make counts and add it with faith! That is really special! I remember my mother says when you drink medicine you need to pray that ” the Lord will send his holy spirit and through that medicine, I will get held”  and yes, it is a great practice.

We can see a lot of benefits from virgin coconut oils but I will be sharing you now my personal experience with these “Virgin Coconut Oil the Powerful Superfood ”  

I use it for:

1. My hair as a conditioner or shampoo mixed it with lemon.

I remember when I was in college I had my hair rebonded and oh, my hair dried out because of the chemicals. I use this oil to heal my hair and yes, it really works. I use a small amount as a conditioner. And it makes hair black.

2. Dandruff-Free

This dandruff is making me feel ew.. when I wave my hair, I could see them flying around. And yes, it works great I used to apply virgin coconut oil on my scalp overnight. And take a bath with a small amount of  “Baking Soda and Lemon” as shampoo, or if I don’t have time. I use shampoo from the store. I am trying to use natural beauty products for my skin and hair.

3. Mosquito bites, wound, and itchiness.

Virgin coconut oil is just perfect for mosquito bites, wound, and itch. Wound get’s dry easily and get healed easily.

4. Lotion or sunblock

I am not really using it as lotion every day because I am afraid I will get tan. I am already tan but applying a small amount in the evening sometimes yes is a good practice.

I also tried applying it to my kids as sunblock when they swim in the pool and was good. My kid’s skin didn’t really get dark as before when I tried to let them swim without a sunblock. Their skin looks good and shiny and they didn’t get sunburn. It was also a good sunblock as swimming pool is not an overflowing swimming pool for sure bacterias are all around. Applying coconut oil can protect their skin from bacteria and UV rays.

Many are also using virgin coconut oil for tanning. Makes your skin dark and shiny.

5. Hard Stool

I had enough of stool problem my eldest was diagnosed with a Hirschsprung’s disease. And when I noticed that my youngest has a series of hard stool it gets me worried. That is why my parents make’s homemade virgin coconut oil. I give 1-3 tables spoon a day not as much as I can remember and most especially if my youngest hasn’t pooped for a day. I gave it in the morning before they eat breakfast. Indeed it helps my youngest to poop.

Aside from the vitamins they take, I gave them virgin coconut oil.

6. Boost Immune System

It was January 2017 when I got sick for a week to 1 month, I felt itchiness everywhere in my body. I thought would end my life. Even mefenamic or pain reliever cannot overpower the itchiness I felt. I had tried many home remedies such as soaking myself with boiled guava leaves, taking a bath in the beach, drinking ginger tea or turmeric, drinking boiled garlic and drinking ample amount of virgin coconut oil a day. I did not drink any medicine because they didn’t work out for me. A pain reliever was of no use. But, these home remedies including virgin coconut oil I believe healed me.

7. Oil for body Massage.

Its natural warm is great for body massage.


Virgin Coconut Oils are already Available in the market. You can also order online through Amazon! I have arranged them based on reviews here are the top 3 best products according to customers reviews.

  1. Organic Coconut Oil by CCL’s USDA organic 

2. Wildly Organic Coconut Oil – Virgin Unrefined by Wilderness Family Naturals

3. Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

How to Make Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil?

How to make your homemade virgin coconut oil? Virgin coconut oil as the superfood to be in your home as remedies for dandruff, home remedies for wounds,  home remedies for hard stool, home remedies as a massage oil, home remedies as lotion, home remedies as vitamins for your kids and yours, home remedies to boost the immune system. Yes, I have done this for virgin coconut oil since we were young. Most of these remedies have already been part of my growing up and I have applied them to my kids as well. Let’s get started and I will show you how we make your homemade virgin coconut oil.

1. Since the Philippines is rich in coconut fruit. In some rural areas, we can just pick some old coconuts falling on the road or even asked from your neighbor’s farm. And we had gotten 3 old coconuts from my brother in laws farm. Yes, this is free.

Open the old coconut as shown below and separate the coconut juice.


2. Grate the meat of the coconuts. And we use our homemade grater.



3. Pour your coconut juice into the grated coconut then squeezed it to extract the coconut milk. Separate your squeezed coconut milk.




5. Squeeze the grated coconut for the second time now with water, it is for us to get enough coconut milk. Mix the first squeezed coconut milk with your second squeezed coconut milk.

5.  Now we are ready to cook the coconut milk. Put them in a pan.  A big pan. You can put the fire to its max. You may cover your pan and let it boil.


6. When it boils you may open it and stir sometimes. Until you can see the oil goes out and the coconut milk goes brown. The three old coconut fruit will take about 3 hours to be fully cooked.



6. When it turns brown you may stop from cooking and let it cool. Then, you may separate the virgin coconut oil from the cooked coconut milk.



You may put your coconut milk in the bottle. And eat the cooked coconut milk. My youngest and I love to eat it. It tastes great and sweet.

Make your own virgin coconut oil and it’s great to have it in your home as your superfood. Great for your kids and your family too.. 🙂

And now, I see my father he makes virgin coconut oil anytime of the day but after it’s cooked he puts the virgin coconut in the bottle and bring it in his room; and prayed for it! It’s a makes virgin coconut oil special for healing purposes. And I see it as a very effective way of making your homemade virgin coconut oil extra special and powerful now we can call it as “Virgin Coconut Oil the Powerful Superfood “ hehe just my term to it.