Nanay want – flowers?

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DSC05845 (2)

After playing outside the house my youngest Philnand got inside the room and said “nanay want some flowers? Here oh..” I was smiling and got it. Sure, thank you nak.

My kids love to give me flowers, they usually get those from the roadside or those flowers falling on the ground. My youngest even loves to see me putting those flowers on my ears.

I have kept some of those flowers they gave me in my journal which has become their journal too, these flowers were a year ago (2019)!


My kids’ were seven and four years old, I am enjoying watching them grow. Thank you to the idea of free working space – that I am able to be with them most of the time, while I try to grow and served several clients with their admin tasks.

I am excited to serve more clients this year and onwards because my kids are now learning to do things on their own. I also got some household support and  I work with my home office team. Mae your Back Office Support Team- the Philippines (MyBOSTP) would be very happy to grow with your team as well. We are a team of a dedicated woman, wife and a mother who are passionate in everything we do.

Comment below if you need some support with your overloaded office works!

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How to make kids behave in an online meeting.

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DSC05828 (2)When I locked the door they make more noise by knocking at it too hard with a yell ” Nanay, ooo..pen the door! ”

When they see me talking to my client online they wanted to show up and talk to them. So, I ended introducing them to my clients. My problem – they wanted to talk more especially when the client was trying to communicate with them.

There are three kinds of clients:

Client 1: They understand that you are a parent.

Scenario 1: My kids entered the room and were talking, trying to ask who am I talking to. I tried to hiddenly push them away from my camera.

Client 1: It’s ok Mae, I have kids too. You can talk to them and get back to me if you like.

Client 2: Work is work
Scenario: (My kids are calling me to go ) I hear that kids voice. I am not sure if you can do my task. My task is so demanding and you have so many things to do.

Client 3: We can make a bit of friendly talk and let’s proceed to work.
This is the client that my kids really loved. When I am having a meeting they joined with me. They even had a few small talks with my client before we start the proper meeting. My problem – they wanted to talk more especially when the client was trying to communicate with them.

Since these two little buddies of mine were like bubble gum to my tummy and to my breast. It would be very difficult to shoo them away to whatever I do. And the best thing to do is to make them quiet.

Now, my mother thought me an idea to put a note: A note near to my working table and at the door to our room.

DSC05829 (2)

Was this effective? Yes, I think my eldest son understands it, he even opened the door slowly and hide from my computer when he was trying to get the toy. And because the youngest was crying he tried to let his toy be borrowed by his youngest brother and the best thing they went to the playground with their cousin. 🙂 When they get home the meeting was over and I had a new task to do. 🙂




Maximized your resources for your kiddy party!

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I just came home from a christening and birthday celebration of Cate. They celebrated it at once. I believe this is a great idea to save time, money and effort.

Cate was a baby girl light colors were a great color theme for her party. It was a great theme color like pastel pink, turquoise, white, orange and beige. Very refreshing to the eyes and feminine. And yes, all were the idea of a loving mother. Young and creative. Kring her mother and with the help of the siblings – conceptualized the decors. The backdrop was decorated with balloons and an accent of the green leaf. The centerpiece at the backdrop was the picture of Cate taken from a cellphone. Her dress was personally knitted by Kring from old clothes which she re-designed.


Let’s learn from Kring how she maximized her resources to make the event successful without hiring a caterer, renting accommodation and a professional photographer.

  1. Family Support – Filipinos have a Bayanihan culture. Bayanihan culture was when relatives and friends help together in building a house or doing the harvest. Just the same concept, if there was a celebration we used to ask or relatives offering free help to make the event successful. With the support of the siblings and relatives from both sides – they have cooked the food and prepared the decors all together.


2. Use the resources available – they availed for free the function hall of the subdivision. Her sister was a homeowner hence, they have the privilege to use it for no cost.

DSC05352 (2)

3. Not so much of decors but making the backdrop attractive and colorful makes the venue so refreshing.

DSC05372 (2)

4. Kring redesigns old clothes and knitted it by herself self which was Cate’s clothes during the pictorial and the party.



5. The giveaways were not so many but enough to cater one head per family.

DSC05364 (2).JPG

DSC05367 (2).JPG

6. The loot bags were made up of paper cups and inside were candies and small colored pens. Just enough to make kids happy and get busy with much tiny stuff inside.


DSC05415 (2).JPG

7. They hired a magician to entertain the kids and also the adults.

DSC05394 (2).JPG

DSC05397 (2).JPG

8. Before the program started the guest were already encouraged to eat lunch then a few minutes the programs started. I believe that was a great idea to full the tummy first then enjoy the program. Thus, no need to have pica-pica.

DSC05439 (2).JPG

Of course, I volunteered to take unlimited photos. I enjoyed taking photos of the happy faces of the guest, the parents, and the celebrant. So, if you knew a friend who has an HD camera invite them and ask them to be the photographer for the event :-).

DSC05353 (2).JPG

Organizing a hands-on kiddy party was not easy between the smiles of parents, relatives and families were sleepless nights that will make it a successful and memorable event! Kudos to Kring! Taking care of a child then making all these a very creative event was a great mother job!

Birthday, Christening DIY and party Ideas!

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I went to my sister at Bagumbayan Sultan Kudarat because it’s her firstborn son’s birthday and christening celebration altogether. They have done it at once to be economical.  With their theme “Recycle and Re-use” I was amazed at how she prepared with the souvenirs and some DIY for the reception. Yes, she prepared it months before the celebration. She managed her time from the office and breastfeeding her son. She assembles the box, compiles the pictures and everything. Here are some helpful tips from her:

  1. Souveniers – It cost her less than  30 pesos. These are indoor plants in the pot, then printed a picture of the baby.  With the theme ‘recycle and re-use” I am sure many would love this idea. She bought plants from the local suppliers they are much cheaper than going to the mall.
  2. Loot Bags – She ordered the toys from shoppee, no food only cute toys inside her DIY newspaper bag. She bought bulk toys that cost less than 100 for 10-20 pcs.


The Reception

They got a package from a hotel P40,000 the accommodation and the food. They just add Lechon and pica and add her few DIY decor ideas.

3. These Boxes with letters “NATHAN FRANZ” and the photos of her baby all were prepared by her and some support of her household. Of course, despite the many details of a wife, a supportive husband would make all these things possible.




She prepared those framed photos.


4. Pica-Pica

Pica pica is a variety of tiny foods that we can pick and eat while waiting for the program to start. I think it is very important to avoid headaches hahaha, and keep everybody busy with the lovely tiny food which can keep them waiting while enjoying this food. Yes, I saw how the visitors enjoyed it. My sister contacted my cousin for the pica-pica corner. If you are interested to have her service you may contact her at her facebook page Jcppartypoppers


This is Cris you may contact her facebook for your party needs.





How was your Christmas 2019!

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Christmas 2019 for me is not much! There were no Christmas trees not so much of gifts.  My husband was not there to celebrate with us but he’s coming home soon for the new year! One thing I am grateful for, this year God taught me to bend my knees and get back to him in solemn prayers. Because I do not have enough money to spend on Christmas eve, I learned to face what I have and go on keep on praying for those that I deserved to have. Still, a few foods on the table with few significant people in our house are worth the Christmas 2019! Kids were sleeping so tight and they cannot blow their horns :-), and the neighbors are far not a sound of many greetings and tarotot ( horn) but still very grateful that despite some challenges God is still here for us! Reminding that he is the source of every good thing we have and we should go back and bend in prayers!




Merry Christmas Everyone!

Lazada Thailand Review – Online Shopping!

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1-screenshot (1)

It’s almost Christmas and my kids are excited to see their father and of course, they are excited about the gift. My eldest son has been longing for a Beyblade toy.

My husband thought that it was an expensive toy but it just cost from 200Bhat- 700Bhat. Beyblade was on sale 20% up to 50%! He does not need to go around Bangkok to buy toys that my kids exactly wanted to receive. He just sent the photo while we are chatting and kids would just choose which one they like.



Parents looking for a gift for their kids, Lazada Thailand delivers affordable and quality toys. My husband has been buying through this online shop and we got our kid’s toys from gun toys, insect toys and their Beyblade through this online shop. Nevertheless every order he received is of great quality. Visit Lazada here.


                                 My  Lazada Thailand online review!!!


Kids jumping spiders adventure!

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It was a week when I did not let my kids watch tv. At the age of three and six, I noticed that my two kids can go along exploring many things like trying to make a boat out of the plastics and sticks, draw, gardening and insect hunting. And the house gets messy! It’s ok than watching tv most of their time. When they are busy exploring a lot of things this makes our motherhood duty easier :-). When I was a kid I am not fun of insects but these two kids really love insect, reptiles, and birds! I have no choice but to go along with them and support them! A week of no tv? What did they do?

  1. They play together jump and teasing each other or even playing like an insect fighting.

DSC01933 (2).JPG

2. Playing blocks and or trying to draw creatures.

DSC01734 (2).JPG

2. When it’s 4:00 pm I jogged and them insect hunting.



3. They play with their pets, they have love birds, chicken, fish, and spiders.

DSC01742 (2).JPG




Jumping spiders adventure was very interesting. I just noticed while watching jumping spiders which Siam and Philnand was able to catch nearby our house – that jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes and have sharp vision. Jumping spiders has venom and it’s not fatal to a human. One interesting behavior of jumping spiders: they are called jumping spiders because they jump and uses their web as a safety rope so they may not fall when they jump from one location to another location.

After a week, I let them watch tv but with two conditions:

  • Only watch 1 hour a day.
  • Watch only those that they can learn something like their favorite dr. Jack Be Brave, Wild Kratts and knowledge channel or anything that can help them learn something about animals because this is their interest.

Me and my husband also made a youtube channel of their adventure, to compile those interesting moments they have. Check Siamee&Philoy Toys-Adventure

Nanay’s tip: How does this kids get so interested of insects?DSC01992.JPG

Most of the time when they watch youtube we expose them to channels that they can learn something interesting about animals or insect. I believe watching Brave Wilderness influences them very much in getting more information about animals and get started to be connected with animals or insects.

Lipstick color for morena skin tone.

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I don’t use blush on, eyebrows, eyelashes but I love lipsticks! As long as I have day cream and lipstick, I am already confident to walk around. I used to put eyeliner and lipstick before I got married. But, I have been trying to figure out the best lipstick color for my tan skin. I have a typical Filipino skin tone which they call “Morena”. When I got married and had my first-born son, I have only been using lipsticks, it’s time-consuming to put all the set of makeup in my face! I have my son to attend too. So, lipsticks were just enough for me. 1-5 minutes in the mirror and I am off to go!

Dark colored red lipsticks came out! And I got curious about using it. Finally, I got the perfect color for my skin tone. It’s red deep color lipstick or dark colors. I believe they blend along with my skin tone and it brightens my skin. Below are lipstick colors I play around.


1. Plum Noir from Mary Kay


plum (2)


I have been looking for this color but I couldn’t find a good brand that uses less hazardous chemicals and paraben free products.  I saw a friend selling online these new colors of lipstick from Mary Kay and I really love it! It just fit into my skin tone and brings sophisticated looks even if I don’t have makeup. 

2. Red Alert from Mary Kay


red alert (2)


Since I have been using my burgundy like colored lipstick (Osaka Plum in number 5 below) from the body shop for three years now. I need to have a new one. I found a “red alert” which is similar to it. At first, I thought it’s not the red I wanted but, I tried to apply it thickly,  there I got the color I wanted. The true color of the lipstick does not appear at an instant but minutes after I got the color I expected. But, if you want really dark red my friend says. “red serine” is darker. 

For Mary Kay, you may contact my friend’s FB here. for queries about these products.


3. Pink from Mac


1 (2)

This is the set I got from my sister’s balikbayan box.










My sister sent it from Canada. At first, I wasn’t using it because I thought pink won’t really match to my skin tone. I feel uncomfortable, seemed pink color does not blend with my Morena skin. I felt walking behind my lips. People would catch my lips right away not my whole face as one. They just don’t go along. But,  I tried using it as well. Applied it thickly to reveal the strong pink color and at least go along with my skin tone. Not bad at all! I should have a daring mood to use this color confidently.  I believe this set is really good for those who have white skin.

4. Natural color from Mac

I rarely use it. I feel pale and dead while using it. My lips are already naturally pail. But, my sister loves this color.


5. Osaka Plum (Burgundy) from Body Shop



The Body Shop Matte Lipstick – Osaka Plum – about 700PHP










This is my first ever favorite lipstick from the body shop. I have been using this for three years.  Nonetheless, this color opened up the idea that dark-colored lipsticks are just perfect for my skin tone. 

Mac and Mary Kay, they smell like fruits. Leaves a bit of dry lip feeling which made you feel that the color on your lips fades. Try looking at the mirror, oh, the color is still there.

With Body Shop, though the color is matt it does not leave a dry lip feeling. It has no smell unlike mac and mary kay.

With other lipsticks; putting on it leaves the feeling of heaviness and dryness on the lips, then peel some skin on the lips. Colors easily go away after long hours of using it. But not with Mac, Mary Kay and Body Shop.

With full-time and work at home mothers like me, we tend to overlook fixing ourselves in the mirror because kids need our attention, we always stay in the house and; to be pretty – demands time. With only lipstick on, we can still look good and feel good! Not so much expensive because these brands will last for years enough to treat ourselves with good looks! But as I  always remember to practice, we need to feel good, choose to be happy and be positive because the energy inside our soul radiates to how we look and how others look at us!

Where has all my patience gone – parenting!

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Before my marriage life, I thought I had “tons of patience” not until I have kids. Where has all my patience gone? Parenting makes me realize that I needed to practice the art of patience. Yes, as I go along taking care of my two kids from birth, I just understand that patience is an art which parents can learn and can practice.

Parenting is not an easy task, every parent has gone through a battle with patience! Where has all my patience gone? Have you tried asking yourself like this? I, did.

Parenting measures my patience and I still have to master it. Practicing the art of patience is to first understand the factors why we lost it and then retrieving them back.

What are the factors that make me impatient and how to retrieve my patience back? Here is my top 5!


1. Unmeet Unrealistic Expectations

Unmeet unrealistic expectations as a parent we have expectations how kids should behave, talk and many others. And when they started to explore their independence and try to do things on their own, starts to act silly, cry, spit, shout and many others we started to scream or get angry.

Every child is unique, they have their own milestone. As a parent, we are here to guide them and correct them. Let’s take it slow and not pressure them to do that and this unless they are already hurting somebody or it will badly hurt them.


2. Busy

Parents are naturally busy! Busy with work and busy with kids, plus the house chores! When kids start to touch our things, clutter the house with toys and all their explorations, ask many why’s while we are doing some household chores, or doing some work and when we are disturbed we start to lose our patience.

Delegate some chores to the members of the family do not try to embrace all the responsibilities when you can’t. Know your priorities and make to do’s. Kids are our utmost priorities.


3. Stress out

When we are thinking about a lot of things, financial, family relationship problems and even we started to pin the button of our multitasking skills sometimes we get stressed out! And we don’t like kids to disturb us with their needs and wants. Then, we start to lose our patience.

Breath in, breath out! Then repeat 10 times then reverse; breath out, breath in. Be positive! Learn not to worry everything, just know your priorities. Have a “Me Time” even just a few minutes while they are sleeping. Break free when you can, have a walk, listen to your favorite songs, exercise. Or play with your kids, laugh with them and have a chit-chat with them. Their smiles, laughs, hugs, and kisses are happy pills and their answers to your silly questions will surprise you and make you laugh!


4. Influence of the environment

This may include your relatives, friends, a partner who may give you a piece of advice about parenting that your parenting is too tame, you need to discipline your kid then you started getting angry. When our environment is surrounded by a yell or negative emotions, it will trigger out temper than we lose patience.

Everybody has a unique parenting style and parenting is an everyday learning experience. Learn when are you going to give up patience. Stay away from a negative environment or people that will trigger your patience. Understand your child before you listen to others opinion of parenting style. Remember, it is still best to discipline a child when you are patient and calm!


5. Menstruation

For mothers only! I myself had mood swings and I easily get angry when I had a menstrual period.

Understand yourself that you have a menstrual period and mood swings may trigger your patience. When you are starting to get angry, opps.. Tell yourself to slow down! Do not be controlled by your emotions, kids don’t understand what you are going through!

Practicing the art of patience is an everyday learning experience. I can say that the best trait a mother should wear is “Patience” because it is where you will be able to learn how to understand your children, talk to them and be with them for 24 hours of your life. Patience will teach you how to control your mood, your emotions. Always remember do not let impatient embrace you!


Barium Enema for Hirschsprung’s disease – How to calm child’s fear during the procedure?

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It was two years ago when my eldest son was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s. Just as age as my eldest, now my youngest needs to undergo tests for possible Hirschsprung’s disease! He already had gone through Barium Enema and sad to say, the white chemicals did not flush out after 24 hours. Hirschsprung’s disease was said to be a rare disease but in my case, it’s not rare anymore. My two offsprings are vulnerable to this kind of disease.

My youngest is now scheduled for a biopsy. Hoping that everything goes well.

For the parent whose child needs to undergo barium enema, I understand your feelings and more for the child’s fear when they needed to go inside the x-ray room.

The same with my eldest during the procedure my youngest Philnand was screaming and was very scared the first few minutes of the barium enema.

Below are the ways I used to calm my child’s fear during the barium enema.


1. Spaceship.


Refer x-ray room as a spaceship. We use this word to calm my eldest son and now my youngest when they had a barium enema. I use the word spaceship to make them feel that they are just going play in the x-ray room and to make an impression of a fun environment.



2. Inform the child about the procedure.


For me, it is very important that they have a bit of understanding what they need to go through. I believe that it will help them emotionally to prepare and at least they won’t be surprised when they go to the hospital. I believe knowing what they needed to go through will at least help them face the procedure.

Days before the procedure I already inform the child about the procedure and use spaceship as x-ray room. Kids seem not to understand what you are talking about. But as a mother I believe deep inside them they can hear and understand what we are talking about. I talk to them like this:

“Philnand, next week we need to go to a spaceship. everything’s gonna be ok. It will help you so that you can poop easily. Cooperate ok?” Nanay is just here for you.

You talk to them about the procedure and how it’s going to help them, then assure them that you are always there for them. Do this not once but many times;  before going to bed or breastfeeding time.


3. Cooperate

DSC04556Use positive word to let him know that the procedure won’t be successful without him doing his part. For me, instead of saying “do not cry, do not be scared” I use the word, “please cooperate”. This word was very helpful for my youngest son. I am also using this word to prepare him for the biopsy.


4. Assist your child during the barium enema procedure.


Not sure in other hospitals, but for my youngest I was there and my mother to calm him during the procedure. We were holding him in the x-ray room. He screamed and was kicking! Trying to escape every hand that holds him. As a parent we pity them but our only choice is to let them do the procedure. All we can do is comfort them, hug them, rub their hair and for me, I just kept saying “nanay is here nak” (mother is here baby, it’s ok, we are almost done)


6. Take Picture

DSC02647The radiologists use the word take a picture to ease child’s fear in the x-ray room. ” We are just going to take a picture” one-two-three… Yes, still helpful to ease their fear and make them feel that it’s fun.



7. Give your child a hug.


If the child really screams and seems uncontrollable give him a rest for a moment. Ask the radiologists if he can stop for a while. Give your child a hug and sing your favorite song. Assure him that it will be over soon and he needs to cooperate.


8. Faith

DSC04733Sometimes, I think deeper and has many what if’s? What if’s and why’s? But, later on, I tried to suppress my fears and let Faith float over my heart and thoughts. I am trying to entertain what is only good for my thoughts. Whatever the outcome may be, God will provide and he lead us the way. This may seem difficult to do but we need to put them in our system. After all our creator is our best physician. Before the procedure, we also need to pray for our child and all the clinical person who will assist them. This is very helpful so that everything runs smoothly and in our favor.


5. Lullaby and Goodnight.


31956622_10212011411823879_7784318720066715648_n (1)

After 24 hours of the Barium Enema. Since we need to let him have the x-ray again. I just sung lullaby and goodnight with roses be… and he closes his eyes. And he cooperates.:)


Sing your child’s favorite lullaby or sing any of his favorite songs while patting him. With my youngest singing, his favorite “Lullaby and Goodnight” song was very helpful to calm his fear as we go through with the procedure. He stopped screaming and just close his eyes while requesting me to sing “Lullaby and Goodnight”.

The first minute of the barium enema was very difficult, he screams and wanted to go out of the x-ray room; but as we go through with the procedure he gave in finally. When we went back after 24 hours for the x-ray. I felt he was scared saying with fear in his eyes and about to cry “Nanay, lullaby, lullaby”  he did not cry or scream.  He cooperates and just asks me to be there for him and sing a lullaby.

Now, he is scheduled for the biopsy I kept telling him that he needed to go to another spaceship and everything’s gonna be ok. It will help his “Lubot” (butt) so that he can poop easily. And we will be waiting for him. I told him that the Lords, angel and the doctors are going to take care of him in the spaceship. He just kept silent sometimes. Sometimes he says “no, spaceship” sometimes he says ” cooperate” sometimes he says “no cooperate” hehehe..


Lastly, treat him with the healthy food he likes he must be very hungry. He was on fasting for 8 hours before the procedure. It’s best to have the test in the morning before breakfast because most of the 8 hours fast was spent in sleeping and when they wake up and starts to ask for food. It’s the time you need to divert his attention through walking or playing. At least an hour or two hours of sacrifice not to suffice his tummy.



A Freelancer?

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What is a Freelancer?

Freelancer means you can work in your own space and time. You can work when your kids are sleeping, you can work while on vacation. You can work while breastfeeding and many more…

Freelancer has no long-term commitment to a single company.

Freelancer is a contractor where you can bid several projects as much as you think you can deliver.

Freelancer is a common term used by those people working online as a virtual assistant, admin support, programmer, writers, researchers and etc.


Some of you might be doubtful if it really exists? Yes, it does.  In fact, according to Upwork “Freelancing in America:2017”   50% are working as a freelancer in the US. They also projected in the year 2020 the working environment would be a freelance.

It implies that you can work as much as 1,2, 3 or more employers ( freelancers call them a client, instead of employers). All would depend on your capacity to do the job in your own space and time. It also depends on how many projects you win from bidding.


How does a freelancer work?

Most of the freelancer works online;  the internet and computer are already part of their lives because it’s their primary tool to earn.


How does a client pay the Freelancer?

A client will pay them hourly, fixed price or monthly.

Hourly means they are paid per hour of the work done.

Example: You are hired as a virtual assistant for 20 hours a week 5USd per hour.

Fixed price means the client will pay the freelancer on the desired output.

Example: Client A, has a project which cost 100USD for you to write 4000 words about the story of your life.



How to use excel…

How To

By: Fherd Mar


After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  1. Create a new workbook/worksheet
  2. Add, delete and hide columns or rows
  3. Format and merge cells

Before we start, let’s first understand the difference between an excel workbook and worksheet.

Worksheet – is a single spreadsheet that contains cells organized by columns and rows. By default, the column starts with alphabet A while a row starts with number 1.


In above photo, the yellow cell location can be called as cell 1A or A1 while the green cell is cell 7D or D7.

Workbook – is a file that contains one or more worksheets. Each worksheet is separated by tabs at the bottom of an Excel window.02

The photo above shows an excel workbook that contains 3 worksheets. The “+” sign gives you an option to add more sheets if necessary.

Creating a new workbook and worksheet.

First, you must have the Microsoft Office installed on your computer or laptop.

Then, go to the start menu and find the excel icon as below. Click on it and it will automatically guide you to a new workbook.


Once excel workbook is open, then you can now start working on your worksheets. Sometimes, you would like to rename the worksheet’s name for tracking purposes. If this is the case, then just follow the simple steps below to do it.

  1. Mouse right clicks the sheet and it will show options below, select rename.


2.  You can now change the tab/sheet’s name per your preference.


You can also select tab color if you want to highlight a specific sheet. Follow the same steps as above but choose “Tab Color”. This is very useful in sending out vital information so that the receiver will immediately take notice and do prioritization as needed.


Adding, deleting or hiding columns or rows

Now that you already have a basic understanding of a worksheet, let’s start learning about the columns and rows.

In some cases, we are the task to work on an existing worksheet where is already an information or data available. This may require us to add, delete, hide or move columns and rows to have the expected result we need.

However, this also applies to our own worksheet that we need to revise based on our manager or client’s feedback.

In below example, our client requires us to add more information about the number of social media followers, hide the email address and delete the home address.


To add the number of social media followers, it’s more organize if we insert a column beside the Facebook (column B) and Twitter (Column C) accordingly instead of just adding it directly in column F and G.

So, we start inserting Facebook followers by just mouse right click on column C and it will show option as below. Select insert and it will add a new column C and you will notice that the Twitter, emails and home address information are moved to column D, E, F respectively.



Once you have the new column C, then you can proceed to add a header “Facebook Followers” and their numbers.


Next is to add the number of Twitter followers, and what you’ll do is same as above. Mouse right clicks the column E and select insert. Then proceed to add a new header “Twitter Followers” and their numbers.


Now that you’re done adding social media followers, the next task is to hide the email address.

This is almost similar steps with inserting/adding a new column. You just need to mouse right-click the column where the header “Email” is located, for this example is column F.


Select “Hide” and it will hide the entire column F. Please take note that the data or information in column F is not lost, it’s still there just hiding. You can always get and show that information anytime you need.


If for some reasons, you need that information to be shown then you can unhide it. It’s very easy to do, just mouse right click column E and G and it will show options. Select “Unhide” and it will show back the entire column F.



The last task is to delete the home address information. To do this, just also mouse right-click the column where the header “Home Address” is located which is column G and below options will appear. Select “Delete” and it will delete the entire information in column G.



Please be extra careful in doing this, make sure you are deleting the correct column because once you saved the file and closed if you can’t anymore get back that information

But if the file is not yet closed, then you can always undo it by clicking below icon or type command “Ctrl + Z”.


So, you’re now done with your task. Don’t forget to always save your file.

The task above teaches us how to add or insert, hide and delete columns but sometimes we also need to work on rows. Don’t panic if you’re an Excel beginner because we’re here to help.

Working on excel rows is completely the same as working in columns. Only difference maybe is because you’re doing it horizontally.

Same steps apply for adding, hiding or deleting rows. It always starts with mouse right click and options you need will appear.


Formatting cells

Its time now to learn the smallest part of an excel worksheet – the cell. If you can remember, we partially mention about a cell and cell location in the introduction.

And as said, an excel worksheet contains cells organized by columns and rows. This means that the information or data are shown in single or multiple cells. It’s the main point of our task so we need to make sure each cell information is correct and precise.

Now, let’s understand how we can format a cell so that the required information is provided.

By using mouse right click on a specific cell, below options will appear.


Select “Format Cells” and it will open another window as below.


There are 6 tabs available to choose from: Number, Alignment, Font, Border, Fill, and Protection.

Number tab – gives you an option to modify the value or specific information you want to show. The most commonly used category are number, currency, date and time.

In below example, we want to show the weight of each part number in 2 decimal places only.


So, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Select the first cell then press shift and select the last cell, then mouse right click.


2.  Select format cells and go to number category then set decimal places to 2 and press OK.


3.  Now, your weights value is changed to 2 decimal places. Take note that this follows the Roundup system.


Almost the same steps are needed if you want to use category currency, date, time, etc.

Alignment tab – gives you an option to modify the alignment, orientation or control of each cell information.


By selecting the drop-down menu of horizontal and vertical alignment, you can change the position of the text or data in each cell. See sample below where we change the header’s horizontal position to be a left-indent and vertical position to be center.


You can also change the text orientation if you need, just click your preferred orientation and the text or data in your selected cells will change accordingly. See example below.


Font tab – gives you an option to modify the fonts of each cell information. You can also do some effects if necessary. The most common I used is “strikethrough” which signifies that the information of a cell is canceled or not used.

You can select from a variety of font styles, sizes, and colors available.


In below example, I will change the font color to red and use strikethrough because I want to emphasize that this part XXX is already canceled and not available.


Border tab – gives you an option to modify the border lines and line color of each cell information.


In below example, I want to change the borderline to be thicker and line color to blue.

  1. Select the line style you want to use
  2. Select the line color you like
  3. Click the border lines you want to change


Fill tab – gives you an option to modify the background color of each cell per your preference. There are a variety of colors you can select.


In below example, I want to change the cell color to green to emphasize that I’m done checking and it’s correct.


Protection tab – gives you an option to lock the cells or hidden the formulas within the cells. But this has no effect until you protect the worksheet. This is a more complex topic so I will discuss this in future tutorials.


So now that you already understand how to format cells and the basic functionality of each tab.

We’ll discuss also how to merge cells and its purpose. Actually, this function can be found in alignment tab but I prefer to discuss it separately in details because this could be a very useful tool when we are organizing data information.

In below example, we are a task to organize the data according to Twitter followers so that we can prioritize which leads we need to contact immediately.


Those with 500k+ followers will be priority 1, then 100K – 499K will be priority 2 and 99K below will be priority 3. To do this, we need to sort first the number of twitter followers from highest to lowest.

**Sort and filter topics will be discussed in future tutorials.


After sorting, then we can add header “Priority” in column G. Then, by following the priority criteria above we can start to merge those cells into column G.

Select the cells accordingly then click merge icon as shown below.


And the result will be like this, you can write number 1 to signify that it’s priority #1.


Then, just repeat the same steps for the rest of the priority until you’re finished.


Another useful application of merge cells is when we are presenting information that requires merging cells so that we can provide a more concise information that will be easy to understand. A sample below in red box are merge cells.


Cells AF5 to AS5 are merged together so that we can add a header “Action Schedule Progress Ratio” and under it are the months Jan – July. We’re doing this so we can present the data in a concise and effective manner because we are tracking the progress of the countermeasures per month.

That is some of the purposes why we need to merge cells. It can vary in every application depending on the necessity to do it. But the common goal is to be able to present the data or information in a more concise and effective way so that it will be easy for our colleagues, managers, and clients to comprehend and understand.

We’re now done with our tutorial, I hope that you’ve learned something from it. You can always read it again and familiarize until you’ve mastered it. May this help you with your daily task in school and work.

Please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback or comments about the tutorial. I’m always looking forward to continuous improvement so your feedback means a lot. You can share this with your friends, peers or colleagues to help them as well.

Until the next tutorial, thank you for your time. Have a nice day and God bless!