A love to last review!

Finally done watching the series “A love to last” in Netflix. The movie was very inspiring and full of great Filipino values. Gentle, forgiving and loving.

Full-time mothers/hands on mothers can relate to the feelings of being exhausted running the house and the kids even with helpers and the more with no house hold support. What makes Eeza Calsado-Grace looks bad was she gave up her family and kids in looking for herself and because of being exhausted. If you have been a full-time mother you can relate to Eeza’s feeling of distress but maybe only few can relate of her giving up.

Anton- Ian Veneracion – The father and the provider. He learned that it is important to also give time to the wife and the kids. Pro buyag gwapo jud si Anton and has done his best to keep family but failed. He was trying to keep their family even with her new wife

Anding – Bea Alonzo
Bea: A sweet and loving, independent woman. Trying to understand Anton’s baggage and fully accepts her responsibilities as a step mother but felt exhausted too.

Bea’s mother: I love this role, very Pilipina. I see her character through my Lola (Grandparent). And we can really say, this is how a real Pilipina love before times. A love that never fades for his husband. Willing to accept him even he had betrayed once. Soft, understanding and a mother that guides to what is really right and wrong. A motherly love that we can see to our parents.

Chloe – Julia Barretto: We can see many of her traits to elder siblings. Who want’s to owe the responsibilities parents cannot cater. Being the person who want’s to please everyone despite the pain. Masunuring anak (A good daughter) in Tagalog term.

The movie for me was full of Filipino values, it will remind us of the Pilipino family values and of course, Anding and Anton’s relationship and character are well portrayed. The movie also shows the importance of communication and listening between husbands and wives, kids and parents.

A love that is pursuing at the right time for Anton and Anding. A love that is waiting at the perfect time for Chloe and his college sweet heart.

A must watch for husbands and wives specially for those who are starting a family.