It’s been 5 years with Upwork and getting a top badge is super duper special!!

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I started Upwork when it was Odesk and my eldest son was 9 months old back then. I was eager to earn on my own while my husband was working as an Overseas Filipino Worker. Eventually, I got pregnant with my youngest and now my two kids are five and three years old. I am still up and running, working as a full-time mother and a freelancer! Thank you Upwork, you are in every milestone of my motherhood, in joys and in tears! I am glad it’s been 5 years with you and with my kids and counting! I survived and to be one of those who has a top badge, is a super-duper special accomplishment for me!


I started with one client and zero experience in a home-based job setting; only the guts to explore online job and be financially independent were all I had. It was really hard in the first few months, but I kept on learning and believing in myself. Months and years passed by, I gain more experience, more confidence and I am getting more passionate about my work. I always feel proud whenever I get positive reviews and more motivated to improve better on those negative ones. Constructive criticism helps me develop and grow as a freelancer. Suddenly, I just noticed that my clients increased significantly as I started to work on diverse projects and earning 5-star reviews. Bidding and winning projects with 50 plus applicants and receiving a job well-done comments from your clients makes it more fulfilling. And in about 3-years of working hard, I gained my first 100% top badge. Upwork has been with me through ups and downs. It develops me both personally and professionally. At the same time, it also gives my family more financial stability and even helped finance my child’s biopsy, build a gate in the house, a niece a chance to pursue his college degree and now has graduated, and many others. I guess it also helps my husband not to worry too much about our expenses.



A selfie after an online conference with clients and the project was awarded to me.

My kids are now growing! It’s been 5 rewarding years with Upwork and them! I see how God blesses me through every client I met. I earned $$$ which I never earned working in the corporate world. I see how my skills evolved through every task and new task I do. It’s a joy,  challenging and inspiring e-meeting new people around from different countries; from CEO’s to business leaders to key influencers, to successful colleagues and to starters. It was such a great learning experience.




All the while, getting a top badge was a no easy task and trying to sustain it for two succeeding years was a big challenge for me. I need to keep the passion alive. I need to persevere and keep my dedication to deliver quality and timely output. It’s not just to sit and earn but to love every task I do, and put my shoes into every client who trusts in me. Sometimes, I came to a point where It seems I needed to choose my freelancing career or being a full-time mother. But, wait! These things I could not afford to lose! Working as a freelancer is the only thing I have which nobody can take away from me. The experience and skills I gained from every client were priceless. So, I decided to go and sail with my two kids! Here I am! Here I am! still up and running happily freelancing in Upwork while taking care of my kids.


A vacation in Thailand me and my kids were in my husband’s apartment while he was at work.  I was working plus feeding and playing with them.


I may be so lonely sometimes, I may be depressed once upon a time in my life, I may be so happy, I may be on a vacation, I may be breastfeeding, I may have postpartum, I may be sick sometimes in my life, others may see I’m working too much but never did I left my freelancing career in Upwork because they empowered me as a woman and a mother. My experience with them continuously improves my skills and to the things – I love to do. With no doubt, my success story in Upwork gives me the fulfillment because I have the chance to earn while I am looking after my kids even my husband is on the other side of this world.

Thank you Upwork for 5 challenging and rewarding years. A top badge is an extra super duper special achievement for me!! And looking forward to continuously grow as a freelancer!

Being in a corporate world or in a  free working space!

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My husband is a corporate man and I am a freelancer working as a mother as well. What is the difference between my corporate husband and me as a freelancer?


1. Vacation



The corporate man has an option to focus his vacation and deny any nuisance of work left in the office. I see how my husband unpack his work issues in the corporate world when he gets home and while he’s having a vacation. while me, as a freelancer has to work while on vacation we have the commitment to submit output to the clients. Every project is an opportunity!

I have been on vacation but I just can’t say no to my clients! Running errands with output deliverables. I wanted to have a vacation without thinking of deliverables like the corporate man!


2. Control of the income.


Freelancer has the control of his income, she can earn as much as she can deliver quality output and as much as projects she wants to bid. Less project less income! Low quality is equivalent to low opportunity.

While working in the corporate world income is flat rate and secure for a month and income would increase depending on the volume of work through overtime.

With income, corporate man has a secure income for a month, but a freelancer has to have a goal of her income and equate it with hard work.

I still like to earn like a freelancer, as long as I have my husband who is earning secure income. This balances our revenue as a family.


3. Security of Tenure


Freelancer has no security of tenure, you control your time and your income. Your career depends on your effort and perseverance. Every client are transient which makes your career transient as well. That’s why you need to scrape the internet and build your reputation and get clients to keep coming and of course strategize your business.

While corporate man has the security of tenure compared to a freelancer. They can work long term for the company and with no worries of looking for another company to work for the next day.


4. Privileges


The corporate man has the privilege of healthcare. While Freelancers has to secure herself a healthcare insurance and her family. Retirement security should also be part of her personal plan and expenses.


5. Time with kids!



This is the time in which my corporate husband has no ample amount to spend. Family time is limited since he has only a dedicated number of paid leaves for a year. He can also be excused from household chores and taking care of the kids 🙂

As a freelancer, this is what I enjoy most of the time! I can spend with my kids though sometimes taking responsibilities is tiring however, I love the idea to be with them each time they sleep and having able to watch them while they grow.

Being in a corporate world or in a  free working space, whatever you may be the most important thing is we love what we do!


A Freelancer?

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What is a Freelancer?

Freelancer means you can work in your own space and time. You can work when your kids are sleeping, you can work while on vacation. You can work while breastfeeding and many more…

Freelancer has no long-term commitment to a single company.

Freelancer is a contractor where you can bid several projects as much as you think you can deliver.

Freelancer is a common term used by those people working online as a virtual assistant, admin support, programmer, writers, researchers and etc.


Some of you might be doubtful if it really exists? Yes, it does.  In fact, according to Upwork “Freelancing in America:2017”   50% are working as a freelancer in the US. They also projected in the year 2020 the working environment would be a freelance.

It implies that you can work as much as 1,2, 3 or more employers ( freelancers call them a client, instead of employers). All would depend on your capacity to do the job in your own space and time. It also depends on how many projects you win from bidding.


How does a freelancer work?

Most of the freelancer works online;  the internet and computer are already part of their lives because it’s their primary tool to earn.


How does a client pay the Freelancer?

A client will pay them hourly, fixed price or monthly.

Hourly means they are paid per hour of the work done.

Example: You are hired as a virtual assistant for 20 hours a week 5USd per hour.

Fixed price means the client will pay the freelancer on the desired output.

Example: Client A, has a project which cost 100USD for you to write 4000 words about the story of your life.



Why I teach my kids to speak English? For them to compete with the growing technology of the 21sth century.

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I was sitting while doing my task online. I overheard parents talking about how public schools in the Philippines changed their language of teaching and most of them are dismayed the use of vernacular language Tagalog or Bisaya especially for Math. Me as a mother, I felt pity for these kids as well. It is a struggle for them.

I personally, experienced how learning the English language has helped me embrace available opportunities online. Work while I see my kids playing. Help my husband with our daily expenses. I strongly disagree with the use of vernacular in all subjects. But I can agree to have one subject as the vernacular language.

As technology continues to innovate people are also looking for a tenure in their own homes, an engr., architect, IT, health care professionals, customer service, writer and etc. are now looking for ways to earn in the comfort of their homes. Recently Upwork had made a study about the future office in 2027. The article titled: Freelancing in America 2017, Why The Future is Freelance. The data below from their study shows that workers will freelance by 2027. Meaning workers will be like contracting for jobs from companies in the comfort of their homes. Working not only for the single company but many as they can. America has recorded 50% of Americans in the year 2017 are freelancers. And this may be the reason why I as a Pilipino is struggling to bid higher rate for projects unlike before, aside from freelancing agencies in the Philippines who are advertising lower freelancing rates. 

And I think Pilipinos should prepare for this. Other companies in the US are hiring customers service, call center agent home based and much more.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.46.56 AM

This is one of the reasons why I teach my kids to speak English. I am not good at English language but, English is an everyday learning process for me and an income-generating skill as well.

As a mother I see English as one of the skills that our kids should learn for the following reasons:

  1. English is widely used in learning.
  2. English is the best way to communicate with other nationalities and it would be easier for them to mingle with people of different nationalities; adapt when going to other countries.
  3. English is the skill that will give you more opportunities in working as a freelancer, call center agent, overseas and even working locally.
  4. English skill is also an advantage in building your business since 21sth-century buyers are inclined to using the internet to buy products; the internet is using English to generally communicate with the users.

I tried to find a scholastic article that will prove my thoughts and I read this article published in IJALEL– International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature in Australia.  They studied the relationship of between the English language to the academic performance of University Students. The study concluded that:

  • English proficiency is a determinant of success in Engineering, Business, Economics, Political Science, Informations and Computer Science at British University in Egypt.
  • the higher the English proficiency of students on entry to the university the better they can perform their area courses which will help them to fully engage in the learning process which in turn should result in better performance. (P. Ghenghesh, 2015)

Moreover, According to International Journal of Language, Literature, and Linguistics, published a study “How English language proficiency and academic performance of Philippine Science high school students”. The study concluded :

  • Majority of Grade 8 students of the Philippine Science High School in Northern Luzon have English language proficiency belonging to the satisfactory level.
  • Students academic performance in Science and Mathematics fall under the very good level while good level in English
  • There is significant relationship between English student proficiency and their academic performance in Science, Mathematics, and English language proficiency and academic performance such as learning styles, teaching strategies

These are my reasons why I teach my kids to speak English it is for them to compete with the growing technology of the 21sth century, and there is a need to learn English to be more productive; be able to maximize available opportunities in the country or outside the Philippines. It is not being in the social class, or to look like elite or intelligent but it is about opening their opportunities when they grow up.

Speaking English is not about forgetting their vernacular or Filipino language. It is about learning to speak a different language in their early age. At the age of 4, now I see my son can easily adapt to vernacular language. I know, this time is the best time to speak vernacular as well or Tagalog because when these English speaking kids grow, they can already decide which language they are comfortable with using in a different avenue. And most of them, I encountered,  are comfortable in speaking their vernacular language or Pilipino. That would be great! What is their edge then? They already have English vocabulary in their pockets which they can get whenever they needed to.

How did I teach my kids to speak English?

  1. We talk to him in English the first day he was born. I encourage everybody in the house to speak English whenever they talk to my son.
  2. When he was months old, I let him listen to English nursery rhymes.
  3. I buy books and read them before he sleeps or read books in his play time.
  4. I have English talking pen which I think also has helped him to learn English easily. But, this is expensive my son is not using this books anymore, there are many cheap books that they can enjoy in books stores and I also have collections of books. Just let me know if you are interested.
  5. I also let him watch youtube which are for kids, nursery rhymes, storytelling and anything that has a good English accent and are good for them. His favorite is Blippy, Badanamu, book box, Be Brave, chu chu TV.

My eldest son can already identify English Alphabet at the age of one. He like narrating how things work especially about animals. He is talkative. I think it is because of the things he watched.

My second son, I was not so focused on teaching him the English Language when he was born. It was not same as my first born son that from the very first day everybody in the house should speak English. I also did not expose him to listening music or storytelling on his age below one. I notice that he is not talking as good as my eldest at the age of one. So, I tried to cope up, I buy books let him watch educational youtube, storytelling, nursery rhymes. He became interested in books he even gets a book and points them for me to read on. Then now he is two, he can talk one sentence like. Dino finds, hurt, go pool, didi nanay, go there, wait to find t-rex at least 1-4 words.

Bringing back my desire to work!

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I am glad that I am bringing back my desire to work. It’s been more than a week now and I found the things I did in my article faith and work really works for me. I am now bringing back my desire to work and enjoying everything I do.  For a week of trying to practice good habit such as following my to do list, has been a good help for me not focus myself on just one and repetitive task.

My usual everyday task just revolve in the four corners of our house, my laptop and my freelancing task then kids, and maybe because I have been doing these for so long then,  I lost my passion, I get bored as I also disconnect myself  with the Lord. What are the things I think helped me to bring back my desire to work?

  1. I call God’s grace everyday, when I wake up and before bed time. I am trying to build a good habit of listening to wonderful praise songs and meditation songs like that from Don Moen. I love listening to his songs. And his songs from Hymnbook full album are just great songs that brings back my connection with our creator. I even listen these when I am working. It refreshes my thoughts.

2.  My realistic and achievable to do list has helped me to form a good everyday habit. Such as:

  • In the morning while waiting for my son at school, I do my freelancing task.
  • When I am at home I prioritize doing my mother’s task including unlimited breastfeeding my youngest son.
  • I work sometimes when my kids are watching youtube and if there is somebody who will look after them.
  • Then 4-5 times a week, I spare 1-2 hours jog or play tennis with my kids; breath fresh air outside our village.
  • When my kids are sleeping at night and if my body has still energy to tick my time to work, then I do.

3. I take time to talk with friends I just knew when my son entered school. Now I am learning to mingle with others. As a freelancer we tend to isolate ourselves with others because of the nature of our work. We always need internet.

I am connecting myself to my inner self, people, God, environment and my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. Embracing the things that I can do and not mending on the things that I can hardly do yet, like working 8-12 hours a day; and connecting to what I really need to do in the present situation of my life, helps me to bring back my desire to work and enjoy each responsibilities I have. There are many things I would like to do  but as a mother I need to prioritize my kids. As what I read from  the book “One Thing” I just have to build a good habit in hitting my one thing, and I know when they grow up, nobody will grab my hand, ask me to carry them anymore. 🙂 I will just take each plan one step at a time by forming a good habit.:)

How to prepare yourself for a freelancing career?

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Breaking the wall of becoming a freelancer isnot easyy as you want to have it quick. There is no easy way. What makes it difficult is to get your first job or project; but once you are already there and you have build your profile as a freelancer- that will make things easier.

I can say that there are simple task and difficult task. And the most important thing, you  need to be the jack of all trade. When I got my first job in Upwork it’s like breaking the wall. It took me 4 months to get the first job with a very small pay! Yes, with a very small pay, not even worth the time I spent in doing the job and snitching my time between my kids and doing the task; I read an ebook about real estate and write questions and answers without plagiarism. I made 40 questions and answers a day with only 0.04USD per question. I didn’t work full time; I have to take care of my eldest son so , I need to balance my time as a mother and delivering quality output to my client. What keeps me going at that time was not the pay, it was the privilege to do my first project and I love what I am doing. Why I am saying this? Because being a freelancer- the most important thing you need to have are:

“The 2 P’s and the 3 L’s”Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.06.05 AM



The internet world is composed of many freelancers from all over the world. The competition is very tight as skills. But, once you already have a profile in websites such as Upwork or any websites, you have free slots to bid as many as you are willing to go through sending your proposal to every job post that you think you can do.

Make the most of your time in bidding and never give up until you get the first job. When I tried to break the wall of my freelancing career, I did not stop bidding because I want to have a job, I want to earn on my own while taking care of my kids. My husband is an overseas worker so, I need to be the mother and the father of my kids while he is not around. When all I do was taking care of my firstborn son, I missed spending my own money without my husband handing me his hard earned money. I wanted to empower myself as a woman,  mother, and a wife. So, I kept on bidding whatever I thought my work experienced in the office and skills would be relevant to the job. 




Being positive that even how many times you bid, you still have that positive attitude that you could have your first job. When I bid in projects I always speak to myself; I am unique, someone will hire me. Believe in your skills, explore and learn more to enhance it. In bisaya I say it “pabaga ug nawong”  No guts no glory! 





Online work needs you to learn a lot of things even at the expense of your own research. Almost everything can be searched on the internet. Google things that you want to learn. Always remember “Knowledge is Power”




The love of the work is very important because this will make you successful; this is where you get perseverance. When you love what you are doing it will take you to success and make your brain work more on how to improve yourself and your skills.


5.  Trust   in   Lord


Believe it or not my first $3.6/hour project. I have prayed and worked hard for it. I woke up 12am, kneel down and pray because I believe, God will provide. And luckily a very good client hired me as a researcher, he molded my skills in writing and research. I gained more confidence in myself and that was the starting of my breakthrough as a freelancer. Now, I am very thankful to be one of those who has “Top Rated” badge in Upwork.

This all for now!  🙂 When you feel like quitting always remember “the 2 P’s and 3 L’s “


And if you are willing to do whatever it takes. Then you are ready to do the techniques with skills. See you in the next article.


The books that taught me to dream and achieve.

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7 Steps to Living at your Full Potential by Joel Osteen and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. These were the books which taught me to dream and achieve.

7 Steps to Living at your Full Potential by Joel Osteen was a perfect book into knowing about what God has in store for us. I have read books about positive thinking, but I felt something was missing. When I happened to read cover by cover about this book written by Joel Osteen, I found the book very interesting. It was about the integration of being positive and being faithful to God – are the way to achieve our dreams or live at our full potentials. It filled that missing part I felt when I knew about positive thinking. Finally, it helped me understand that being positive was not the only way to achieve my dreams. Through this book, I learned to believe in my strength and my dreams; through believing that God was and is with me in everything I do. I remember reading on that page talking about a person who dreamt of having his own house; he stood in front of that house he wished to have and declared that one day he would have that kind of house too, and indeed that dream came true. I internalized that page, I started believing that I too could have a house of my own, in a beautiful place where the ambiance was the same as the place where I had spent my childhood. After reading the whole book, I started to build positive thoughts and being positive in all that I do.

At the same time, I also read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Kiyosaki. This book.. oh, this book! It was really great! it was about being successful by, this thought “stop complaining, instead make the most in learning”. The book was about making the most of the job we have, and to persevere even with a very small salary. In working our main goal should be “learning” and not just about earning. Pave that way to make that big dream come true through “learning”. It talked about why poor remain poor and why the rich became rich or richer, and all of it was caused by our estate of mind by limiting our dreams and thoughts of becoming successful.

While I was reading these books, I was at the lowest morale of my life where I got rejected for a job; I tried looking for a job but I had no luck. One day, I got hired as a sales executive in a jewelry export industry my salary was just so small, enough for my own needs, but couldn’t even afford to buy expensive clothes. I remember the book  “Rich Dad Poor Dad”; each time I woke up every morning to work, I kept telling myself, “I am in that job to learn and stop complaining”. Then, I put all my dedication in that job and it last two years. That was the last job I had in the office.

I got pregnant and had spent my life being a full-time mom. My husband was an overseas worker. The time came that I felt bored and I wanted to earn on my own. I tried to make the most of our internet. My eldest son was 7 months old; I was a full-time mom then. While he was sleeping, I snitched time in googling how these people making money online? I could still recall, I’ve gone to many websites and sometimes got scammed, but I did not stop. I came across with the website and now Upwork; believe me, I kept bidding but with no luck; I did not stop and I believe in myself that one day someone would hire me, and of course I had with me that “faith” that God will provide. I put all in my heart the hope that Joel Osteen and Robert Kiyosaki printed in their books. Indeed, I got hired; making questions and answers from a real estate book for $0.04 per question. I did not complain and yet very thankful for the opportunity. I was enjoying the job and again I told myself  “I am here to learn”. With perseverance I kept bidding for work and kept on praying; indeed doors of opportunities opened up. And I have been a freelancer and independent contractor in Upwork for over three years now. I got my top-rated freelancer badge in Upwork late last year.

I am very happy that through those books, it points me the right path what my heart really wants to do. I am now earning more than I worked in the office; in the comfort of my home and still able to watch my kids. And just this year with a couple of hard work between me and my husband, and some instruments from the Lord, we got our dream house from the perfect place which seems to be nostalgic from the place I spent my childhood with. And all this, I believe; because of that faith in Lord, hope, and perseverance which I got from these two books I read.

Though there are still things I want to achieve, I want to do more with my online career. But, I am very happy that I am now gaining some fruits of reading the book and applying them in my personal life.  I still love learning and dreaming. Now, I am reading “Beyond Talent” by John C. Maxwell and I would be glad to share it with you once I am done reading the book. As the book says, talent is nothing if we will not work and explore it; this book has more to learn and I am very excited to know more about it.

If you are interested in these books, you can buy Joel Osteen and Robert Kiyosaki books Amazon

Of  Join a 2 day online summit with the great writer of the book Rich dad poor dad  Robert Kiyosaki who has changed the mind set of many readers in achieving their life goals.

I am bored of my job.

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I am in the stage of my life that I got bored of my job. It seems that my brain won’t work anymore of doing the same routine. I want to learn more but it seems I feel wasting a Dollar if I do something else that will not allow my time ticking to earn. I work at home as an online researcher and seems I am tired of doing the same thing. I remember this talk from Matthew Lesko in Ted Talk titled  ” Don’t Be Afraid of Being Anything ”   It inspires me to manage my time in doing my job and at the same time do the things I love and I have fun in doing even if  I don’t earn but I know if I will cultivate it I can think of something that I will earn from it.  This is what the talk all about. That we should not be afraid of being anything.

The thought that he says that motivates me to keep on writing is this:

“Finding what special about you and so that you can give it better than anybody else because you are happy everyday you do need a Million Dollars because you are happy ” – Matthew Lesko

By doing the things I love to do which is  “Writing” aside from the work which I have been doing all day. Will somehow give a diversion of my routine and will refresh my thoughts and boost my energy to work.

What are the steps I make to not feel bored with my job?

  1. I keep into mind that “I need my job, I am well paid off and I worked hard for this” I just need to do other things to refresh my mind.
  2. Since I love writing I decided to make this website and when I feel bored doing my job, I can stop for a while and write my thoughts.
  3. When I work I play relaxing instrumental songs.
  4. I take time to do household chores.
  5. I take time to take care of my kids, play and laugh with them.

Other plans:

6. In my payday, I will go out with my kids.

7. Play tennis twice a week.