Here are my exercise motivation trigger tools.

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Gaining weight is too easy but losing weight needs us to sweat out!

I was 59-60kgs when the year started! I was challenged to lose weight when I could not use my old pants and clothes!

Sharing you the tools that motivate me to stand up and do an exercise at home only! Again at home only – because we need to “stay home”. This coronavirus is challenging our fitness habit :-).

Now I am 57kgs, still trying to push harder since I wanted to hit 54kgs.

Here are my exercise motivation trigger tools:


Light Brown and Blue Leaves DIY Influencer Facebook Post Set

1. Mirror

I  put a mirror on my working table to see how my looks are going. Oh, when I see those little fats on it. I always talk to myself – I can look better than this. I need to lose weight! Aja kudasay!

2. Weighing Scale

The weighing scale is very important it helps me to be mindful of my weight and my eating habit. It’s easy to gain weight but difficult to lose weight. It needs you to move your body and burn some fats. I was not successful in doing it every day yet trying to at least do thrice a week – better than nothing at all.

I feel threatened when my weight reaches 58kgs. So, I do check my weight often.

3. Fitness Smartwatch

My husband gave me a fitness smartwatch. It helped me a lot. I had a good exercise habit when I first had it,  January this year. In fact, after a month I reached 55kgs. But, I went out of my way when the coronavirus spiked.

I learned that If I make 4000 walks a  day, I can burn about 200 calories which is equivalent to a cup of rice. I can reach that 8000 walks a day when I first had my smartwatch! Oh, I need to do it again these months. 🙂

You gotta sit all day and have some food while working! 🙂 We must watch this when we are working at home.

Now, I am trying again to reach my goal of 54kgs after two months. I am counting Day 1 for this.

DSC06501 (2)

Day 1 – 4/29/2020

For Day 2; Stay tuned!



Rebook his ticket instead of risking one’s health to Corona’s threat while traveling.

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DSC06088 (3)

It’s almost April classes are soon to end. My kids have been counting the days for their father’s coming home. It’s Songkran in Thailand and with these holidays my husband could have a break from work and spend time with us. Either we go to Thailand to visit him or him going home to the Philippines! Kids have been counting the days! Excited for their microscopes and even praying every night for their tatay’s coming home.

Tickets were booked for April and suddenly “Corona Invasion” (my kids usually call it).

My husband and I decided to rebook his ticket instead of risking one’s health to Corona’s threat while traveling.

Before we slept our eldest Siam leads the prayer.

Lord please make corona a small spread Lord. Protect my tatay when he travels Lord- going home Lord and so on..

After the prayer, I told him what if tatay cannot go home in April?

Our youngest son said – I will be sad.

Siam: hmmm my microscope… and crying! Tatay! Tatay!

Me: Explaining about the corona

Siam: I hate Corona! I hate Corona! Tatay, tatay! I want tatay to go home…

And I noticed his tears were not just because of a microscope but he already missed his father and was disappointed because he’s not gonna go home soon.

I then told him that in July he is going home. Siam did not stop crying! It is so dugay, he said. December is longer! my response. I let him cry while my tears just fell on its own until we all fell asleep.

Praying that soon this will end! Corona will vanish and we could all live our normal lives.

Do I worry about my husband? Yes, of course, because he is out there living away from us and away from our country, we do not know until when would Corona fade! With hopes and prayers – the best thing we could do is to be healthy and stay where we are!

I saw how my husband embraces a healthy lifestyle not just for himself but because of us! May God embraces his love and strength to all who are working away from their families and could not go home because of Corona!

2019 Thailand Travel


Aspen Hotel Thailand – Review! April 2019

I do not encourage you to travel this time. Let us Stay at home this time.


Nanay want – flowers?

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DSC05845 (2)

After playing outside the house my youngest Philnand got inside the room and said “nanay want some flowers? Here oh..” I was smiling and got it. Sure, thank you nak.

My kids love to give me flowers, they usually get those from the roadside or those flowers falling on the ground. My youngest even loves to see me putting those flowers on my ears.

I have kept some of those flowers they gave me in my journal which has become their journal too, these flowers were a year ago (2019)!


My kids’ were seven and four years old, I am enjoying watching them grow. Thank you to the idea of free working space – that I am able to be with them most of the time, while I try to grow and served several clients with their admin tasks.

I am excited to serve more clients this year and onwards because my kids are now learning to do things on their own. I also got some household support and  I work with my home office team. Mae your Back Office Support Team- the Philippines (MyBOSTP) would be very happy to grow with your team as well. We are a team of a dedicated woman, wife and a mother who are passionate in everything we do.

Comment below if you need some support with your overloaded office works!

DSC05514 (2)


How to make kids behave in an online meeting.

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DSC05828 (2)When I locked the door they make more noise by knocking at it too hard with a yell ” Nanay, ooo..pen the door! ”

When they see me talking to my client online they wanted to show up and talk to them. So, I ended introducing them to my clients. My problem – they wanted to talk more especially when the client was trying to communicate with them.

There are three kinds of clients:

Client 1: They understand that you are a parent.

Scenario 1: My kids entered the room and were talking, trying to ask who am I talking to. I tried to hiddenly push them away from my camera.

Client 1: It’s ok Mae, I have kids too. You can talk to them and get back to me if you like.

Client 2: Work is work
Scenario: (My kids are calling me to go ) I hear that kids voice. I am not sure if you can do my task. My task is so demanding and you have so many things to do.

Client 3: We can make a bit of friendly talk and let’s proceed to work.
This is the client that my kids really loved. When I am having a meeting they joined with me. They even had a few small talks with my client before we start the proper meeting. My problem – they wanted to talk more especially when the client was trying to communicate with them.

Since these two little buddies of mine were like bubble gum to my tummy and to my breast. It would be very difficult to shoo them away to whatever I do. And the best thing to do is to make them quiet.

Now, my mother thought me an idea to put a note: A note near to my working table and at the door to our room.

DSC05829 (2)

Was this effective? Yes, I think my eldest son understands it, he even opened the door slowly and hide from my computer when he was trying to get the toy. And because the youngest was crying he tried to let his toy be borrowed by his youngest brother and the best thing they went to the playground with their cousin. 🙂 When they get home the meeting was over and I had a new task to do. 🙂




Maximized your resources for your kiddy party!

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I just came home from a christening and birthday celebration of Cate. They celebrated it at once. I believe this is a great idea to save time, money and effort.

Cate was a baby girl light colors were a great color theme for her party. It was a great theme color like pastel pink, turquoise, white, orange and beige. Very refreshing to the eyes and feminine. And yes, all were the idea of a loving mother. Young and creative. Kring her mother and with the help of the siblings – conceptualized the decors. The backdrop was decorated with balloons and an accent of the green leaf. The centerpiece at the backdrop was the picture of Cate taken from a cellphone. Her dress was personally knitted by Kring from old clothes which she re-designed.


Let’s learn from Kring how she maximized her resources to make the event successful without hiring a caterer, renting accommodation and a professional photographer.

  1. Family Support – Filipinos have a Bayanihan culture. Bayanihan culture was when relatives and friends help together in building a house or doing the harvest. Just the same concept, if there was a celebration we used to ask or relatives offering free help to make the event successful. With the support of the siblings and relatives from both sides – they have cooked the food and prepared the decors all together.


2. Use the resources available – they availed for free the function hall of the subdivision. Her sister was a homeowner hence, they have the privilege to use it for no cost.

DSC05352 (2)

3. Not so much of decors but making the backdrop attractive and colorful makes the venue so refreshing.

DSC05372 (2)

4. Kring redesigns old clothes and knitted it by herself self which was Cate’s clothes during the pictorial and the party.



5. The giveaways were not so many but enough to cater one head per family.

DSC05364 (2).JPG

DSC05367 (2).JPG

6. The loot bags were made up of paper cups and inside were candies and small colored pens. Just enough to make kids happy and get busy with much tiny stuff inside.


DSC05415 (2).JPG

7. They hired a magician to entertain the kids and also the adults.

DSC05394 (2).JPG

DSC05397 (2).JPG

8. Before the program started the guest were already encouraged to eat lunch then a few minutes the programs started. I believe that was a great idea to full the tummy first then enjoy the program. Thus, no need to have pica-pica.

DSC05439 (2).JPG

Of course, I volunteered to take unlimited photos. I enjoyed taking photos of the happy faces of the guest, the parents, and the celebrant. So, if you knew a friend who has an HD camera invite them and ask them to be the photographer for the event :-).

DSC05353 (2).JPG

Organizing a hands-on kiddy party was not easy between the smiles of parents, relatives and families were sleepless nights that will make it a successful and memorable event! Kudos to Kring! Taking care of a child then making all these a very creative event was a great mother job!

Birthday, Christening DIY and party Ideas!

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I went to my sister at Bagumbayan Sultan Kudarat because it’s her firstborn son’s birthday and christening celebration altogether. They have done it at once to be economical.  With their theme “Recycle and Re-use” I was amazed at how she prepared with the souvenirs and some DIY for the reception. Yes, she prepared it months before the celebration. She managed her time from the office and breastfeeding her son. She assembles the box, compiles the pictures and everything. Here are some helpful tips from her:

  1. Souveniers – It cost her less than  30 pesos. These are indoor plants in the pot, then printed a picture of the baby.  With the theme ‘recycle and re-use” I am sure many would love this idea. She bought plants from the local suppliers they are much cheaper than going to the mall.
  2. Loot Bags – She ordered the toys from shoppee, no food only cute toys inside her DIY newspaper bag. She bought bulk toys that cost less than 100 for 10-20 pcs.


The Reception

They got a package from a hotel P40,000 the accommodation and the food. They just add Lechon and pica and add her few DIY decor ideas.

3. These Boxes with letters “NATHAN FRANZ” and the photos of her baby all were prepared by her and some support of her household. Of course, despite the many details of a wife, a supportive husband would make all these things possible.




She prepared those framed photos.


4. Pica-Pica

Pica pica is a variety of tiny foods that we can pick and eat while waiting for the program to start. I think it is very important to avoid headaches hahaha, and keep everybody busy with the lovely tiny food which can keep them waiting while enjoying this food. Yes, I saw how the visitors enjoyed it. My sister contacted my cousin for the pica-pica corner. If you are interested to have her service you may contact her at her facebook page Jcppartypoppers


This is Cris you may contact her facebook for your party needs.





How was your Christmas 2019!

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Christmas 2019 for me is not much! There were no Christmas trees not so much of gifts.  My husband was not there to celebrate with us but he’s coming home soon for the new year! One thing I am grateful for, this year God taught me to bend my knees and get back to him in solemn prayers. Because I do not have enough money to spend on Christmas eve, I learned to face what I have and go on keep on praying for those that I deserved to have. Still, a few foods on the table with few significant people in our house are worth the Christmas 2019! Kids were sleeping so tight and they cannot blow their horns :-), and the neighbors are far not a sound of many greetings and tarotot ( horn) but still very grateful that despite some challenges God is still here for us! Reminding that he is the source of every good thing we have and we should go back and bend in prayers!




Merry Christmas Everyone!

Lazada Thailand Review – Online Shopping!

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1-screenshot (1)

It’s almost Christmas and my kids are excited to see their father and of course, they are excited about the gift. My eldest son has been longing for a Beyblade toy.

My husband thought that it was an expensive toy but it just cost from 200Bhat- 700Bhat. Beyblade was on sale 20% up to 50%! He does not need to go around Bangkok to buy toys that my kids exactly wanted to receive. He just sent the photo while we are chatting and kids would just choose which one they like.



Parents looking for a gift for their kids, Lazada Thailand delivers affordable and quality toys. My husband has been buying through this online shop and we got our kid’s toys from gun toys, insect toys and their Beyblade through this online shop. Nevertheless every order he received is of great quality. Visit Lazada here.


                                 My  Lazada Thailand online review!!!


Hope this country has regulations to protect the consumers as fast as sending an email. Just like calling 911 – to the big companies in this country, banks and malls please teach your employees to treat customers well.

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Hope this country has regulations to protect the consumers as fast as sending an email. Just like calling 911 – to the big companies in this country, banks and malls please teach your employees to treat customers well.

I am writing this with disappointment. After calling one of the biggest banks in our country to follow up for our car insurance claim. We have been waiting for email response, txt response for almost three months now. I tried calling several times, always rung and nobody was answering. This morning was the best time to call. At 8:00 am, I may be the first customer. I called up, it appeared to be approved last October. They did not even care to respond to our emails or inform us that the number they gave was no longer active. They did not even bother to call us! Where is your aftercare customer service?!!! Don’t we deserve a penny of your call for our claim!?

We are paying for the service that we should deserve but you are treating us like rotten customers who don’t deserved to be informed about the status of our claim. Have you been training your employees about customer care to start with? We are in the millennial world please, let them understand that the reason why you have emails is to also communicate to your clients especially if they are ofw’s. You’re asking us our email address and we sent you documents needed for the claim, you cannot even respond back that you received the document. Not, even answering when my husband was asking the status. Waiting for almost three months of when our car should be repaired is absurd, right? But we did patiently wait for your instruction so with the shop who informed us to wait for your approval. It was so disappointing that if not had been of me calling your office we would not know that it was already approved last October.

This is not my first time to have a bad experience with the same bank. I came across with another bad customer service when I opened an account. the service was so poor and yet they cannot offer an option to resolve the issue.

This is also not my first time to meet poor customer service in big companies, the owner of this village where we built our house. It took as couple of months to get the refund of the deposit we made when we built our house, just because the office here in Davao is dependent to the office in Manila so the process took 48 years to finish!

This is not my first time to meet poor customer service in big companies. When I was traveling with an infant 3 years ago, the front desk in one of the big airlines did not even care to offer help when I and my two kids need to catch the flight from Manila to Bangkok because their airlines delayed the flight. I baby wear my youngest and thank God my eldest was 4 years old then when i told him we would be playing running race, we ran fast going to the next flight. You know what the front desk says: “Cge maam takbo kayo baka ma iwan kayo?” and poor me just followed her, I did not even realize that they should take part of our running – the plane almost left us because of their delayed flight!

This is not my first time to meet poor customer service not in big companies but with medium companies. Where the agents selling in the store do chatting with co-employees first before attending to your needs.

What poor customers we are! What a poor consumers we are!  We just have to accept how they treat us poorly. These big companies are getting us big money but with such a poor customer service they can offer. Poor after customer service! With employees who don’t understand the value of their customers, who don’t even understand the importance of communication and who could not give an alternative to resolve an issue.

Hope this country have regulation to protect the customers as fast as sending an email. Just like calling 911. The US has I hope we have like this one so that the customers can just raise their concerns immediately and private companies would regulate their services.

With customer service we are far way behind, consumers are like beggars asking these companies to treat them well. But with the cost of the things we buy and service we avail,we are one of those who pay a high price!

Maayo lang mo maningil da! diretso minus raba sa atong account pg delay naa pay interest. Unya kumusta naman inyo customer service!???

Maayo pato si manong ng baligya saging mo katawa pa mang hangyad sa iyang baligya. Maayo pato si ate ng baligya sa iya carenderia, libre pa ang tubig ug sabaw.

Maayo patong mga ng baligya ug isda sa palengke naa pay libre kuha himbis ug hasang. Maypa tong carpool service offer pa ug dala sa bag sa mga bata and even mo bantay sa mga bata pg walay gaurdian.

May pa tong mga gaurds sa skwelahan sa akong anak, mo open pa sa door sa car daun kuguson ang bata padulong sa sulod skwelahan.

Kamo unsa na? Walay libre tanan bayad pro way pulos ang serbisyo?!!! GROW UP YOUR CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE?!!!

What are the best places to go in Bangkok with Kids?

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Me and my two boys used to visit my husband who works as an overseas in Kabinburi, Thailand. Every time we visit amazing Thailand my husband makes an itinerary mainly for kids to enjoy in Bangkok. What are the best places to go in Bangkok with Kids? below is my current lists of the best places to visit while in Bangkok with kids with entrance fee and without. These details I am talking about are for years 2018 and 2019. I will be mentioning the year since we understand that prices and places may grow and innovate with time.

  1.  Safari World

Cost: 810 Bhat/ head includes buffet lunch. Kids below 100cm are free.  

We were able to book a ticket from a friend it cost lesser than booking online. Be there as early as 6:00 am because there is a flock of tourists and of course to enjoy all the shows they have and you may have ample of time to roam around this huge Safari World. The park was opened in 1988 with a total area of 480 acres (190 ha) for its open zoo and 180acres for its bird park.

Not only kids will enjoy this place so much! Parents will have fun too! Kids will be amazed personally by looking at several animal species which they only see on the TV. Kids have mixed emotions siam covers his nose when he saw the Elephant but my Philnand enjoys feeding the elephant. They have an elephant show, orangutan show, dolphins show, sea lion shows, and giraffe feeding as well. Walrus is fun too and many more. Then a huge lunch buffet eat as much as you can then roam again!

DSC_0192 (2).JPG

DSC_0216 (2).JPG

DSC_0252 (2).JPG

DSC_0143 (2).JPG

2. Ocean World /Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

Cost : 650 Bhat per head. Kids below 100cm are free approximately these are kids from 1-4 years old.

This place is located inside a huge Siam Paragon mall map here

Kids will enjoy the marine animals. This is where my kids saw different kinds of dart-poison frog which they only saw on youtube while watching be brave. Amazing the frog is as mall as a thumb watch here

You may need some guidance on how we get there check out here.  There is no free lunch and you may take your lunch just 1 story above the park. There are several food restaurants lining up from, Thai food, Japanese food, and many others. Overwhelming! Food! food! food! this is one of the reason makes Thailand amazing. It’s affordable and tasty.

3.  Watching 3D cartoon movie at Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok

Cost : 645 Baht/Head a bit cheaper since we got an early bird ticket.

Map here

Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok is also known to be a wax museum. Popular celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians are being replicated using wax. Kids still enjoy the place but they enjoy more in watching 3d cartoon movie. There are also games and many more.

4. Public Parks for free.

Lumpini Park is the first public park in Bangkok. Entrance is free you can bring food or buy food from vendors just outside the park and a store inside. If all you want to to do is breathing fresh air and let your kids play around with the doves, feel the breeze of the wind, watch over the lake this is a perfect place to unwind and relax for free.

lumpini park.jpg

lumpini park2.jpg

Benchasiri Park is a garden on Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand. Built on 11.6 acres next door to the Emporium shopping complex. This park is also very nice if you want to jog around an have a glimpse of the dove and monitor lizard. We went here just for the kids to see real monitor lizard and indeed some monitor lizard will walk along with you. They are hiding near the rivers.

monitor lizard2.jpg

siam and friends.jpgDSC09110.jpgsiam catches a dove.jpgmachesire.jpgDSC09121.jpg

There are still more places to go in Bangkok, See you in  my next post.

For hotels, my husband is using to get great deals for accommodation.

Using makes it easier to book online you can pay online or reserve the accommodation and pay when you arrived. In Thailand, there are many great hotels to stay with and at affordable prices. Go choose where to stay in