Hope this country has regulations to protect the consumers as fast as sending an email. Just like calling 911 – to the big companies in this country, banks and malls please teach your employees to treat customers well.


Hope this country has regulations to protect the consumers as fast as sending an email. Just like calling 911 – to the big companies in this country, banks and malls please teach your employees to treat customers well.

I am writing this with disappointment. After calling one of the biggest banks in our country to follow up for our car insurance claim. We have been waiting for email response, txt response for almost three months now. I tried calling several times, always rung and nobody was answering. This morning was the best time to call. At 8:00 am, I may be the first customer. I called up, it appeared to be approved last October. They did not even care to respond to our emails or inform us that the number they gave was no longer active. They did not even bother to call us! Where is your aftercare customer service?!!! Don’t we deserve a penny of your call for our claim!?

We are paying for the service that we should deserve but you are treating us like rotten customers who don’t deserved to be informed about the status of our claim. Have you been training your employees about customer care to start with? We are in the millennial world please, let them understand that the reason why you have emails is to also communicate to your clients especially if they are ofw’s. You’re asking us our email address and we sent you documents needed for the claim, you cannot even respond back that you received the document. Not, even answering when my husband was asking the status. Waiting for almost three months of when our car should be repaired is absurd, right? But we did patiently wait for your instruction so with the shop who informed us to wait for your approval. It was so disappointing that if not had been of me calling your office we would not know that it was already approved last October.

This is not my first time to have a bad experience with the same bank. I came across with another bad customer service when I opened an account. the service was so poor and yet they cannot offer an option to resolve the issue.

This is also not my first time to meet poor customer service in big companies, the owner of this village where we built our house. It took as couple of months to get the refund of the deposit we made when we built our house, just because the office here in Davao is dependent to the office in Manila so the process took 48 years to finish!

This is not my first time to meet poor customer service in big companies. When I was traveling with an infant 3 years ago, the front desk in one of the big airlines did not even care to offer help when I and my two kids need to catch the flight from Manila to Bangkok because their airlines delayed the flight. I baby wear my youngest and thank God my eldest was 4 years old then when i told him we would be playing running race, we ran fast going to the next flight. You know what the front desk says: “Cge maam takbo kayo baka ma iwan kayo?” and poor me just followed her, I did not even realize that they should take part of our running – the plane almost left us because of their delayed flight!

This is not my first time to meet poor customer service not in big companies but with medium companies. Where the agents selling in the store do chatting with co-employees first before attending to your needs.

What poor customers we are! What a poor consumers we are!  We just have to accept how they treat us poorly. These big companies are getting us big money but with such a poor customer service they can offer. Poor after customer service! With employees who don’t understand the value of their customers, who don’t even understand the importance of communication and who could not give an alternative to resolve an issue.

Hope this country have regulation to protect the customers as fast as sending an email. Just like calling 911. The US has BBB.org I hope we have like this one so that the customers can just raise their concerns immediately and private companies would regulate their services.

With customer service we are far way behind, consumers are like beggars asking these companies to treat them well. But with the cost of the things we buy and service we avail,we are one of those who pay a high price!

Maayo lang mo maningil da! diretso minus raba sa atong account pg delay naa pay interest. Unya kumusta naman inyo customer service!???

Maayo pato si manong ng baligya saging mo katawa pa mang hangyad sa iyang baligya. Maayo pato si ate ng baligya sa iya carenderia, libre pa ang tubig ug sabaw.

Maayo patong mga ng baligya ug isda sa palengke naa pay libre kuha himbis ug hasang. Maypa tong carpool service offer pa ug dala sa bag sa mga bata and even mo bantay sa mga bata pg walay gaurdian.

May pa tong mga gaurds sa skwelahan sa akong anak, mo open pa sa door sa car daun kuguson ang bata padulong sa sulod skwelahan.

Kamo unsa na? Walay libre tanan bayad pro way pulos ang serbisyo?!!! GROW UP YOUR CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE?!!!

What are the best places to go in Bangkok with Kids?

Me and my two boys used to visit my husband who works as an overseas in Kabinburi, Thailand. Every time we visit amazing Thailand my husband makes an itinerary mainly for kids to enjoy in Bangkok. What are the best places to go in Bangkok with Kids? below is my current lists of the best places to visit while in Bangkok with kids with entrance fee and without. These details I am talking about are for years 2018 and 2019. I will be mentioning the year since we understand that prices and places may grow and innovate with time.

  1.  Safari World

Cost: 810 Bhat/ head includes buffet lunch. Kids below 100cm are free.  

We were able to book a ticket from a friend it cost lesser than booking online. Be there as early as 6:00 am because there is a flock of tourists and of course to enjoy all the shows they have and you may have ample of time to roam around this huge Safari World. The park was opened in 1988 with a total area of 480 acres (190 ha) for its open zoo and 180acres for its bird park.

Not only kids will enjoy this place so much! Parents will have fun too! Kids will be amazed personally by looking at several animal species which they only see on the TV. Kids have mixed emotions siam covers his nose when he saw the Elephant but my Philnand enjoys feeding the elephant. They have an elephant show, orangutan show, dolphins show, sea lion shows, and giraffe feeding as well. Walrus is fun too and many more. Then a huge lunch buffet eat as much as you can then roam again!

DSC_0192 (2).JPG

DSC_0216 (2).JPG

DSC_0252 (2).JPG

DSC_0143 (2).JPG

2. Ocean World /Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

Cost : 650 Bhat per head. Kids below 100cm are free approximately these are kids from 1-4 years old.

This place is located inside a huge Siam Paragon mall map here

Kids will enjoy the marine animals. This is where my kids saw different kinds of dart-poison frog which they only saw on youtube while watching be brave. Amazing the frog is as mall as a thumb watch here

You may need some guidance on how we get there check out here.  There is no free lunch and you may take your lunch just 1 story above the park. There are several food restaurants lining up from, Thai food, Japanese food, and many others. Overwhelming! Food! food! food! this is one of the reason makes Thailand amazing. It’s affordable and tasty.

3.  Watching 3D cartoon movie at Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok

Cost : 645 Baht/Head a bit cheaper since we got an early bird ticket.

Map here

Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok is also known to be a wax museum. Popular celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians are being replicated using wax. Kids still enjoy the place but they enjoy more in watching 3d cartoon movie. There are also games and many more.

4. Public Parks for free.

Lumpini Park is the first public park in Bangkok. Entrance is free you can bring food or buy food from vendors just outside the park and a store inside. If all you want to to do is breathing fresh air and let your kids play around with the doves, feel the breeze of the wind, watch over the lake this is a perfect place to unwind and relax for free.

lumpini park.jpg

lumpini park2.jpg

Benchasiri Park is a garden on Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand. Built on 11.6 acres next door to the Emporium shopping complex. This park is also very nice if you want to jog around an have a glimpse of the dove and monitor lizard. We went here just for the kids to see real monitor lizard and indeed some monitor lizard will walk along with you. They are hiding near the rivers.

monitor lizard2.jpg

siam and friends.jpgDSC09110.jpgsiam catches a dove.jpgmachesire.jpgDSC09121.jpg

There are still more places to go in Bangkok, See you in  my next post.

For hotels, my husband is using booking.com to get great deals for accommodation.

Using booking.com makes it easier to book online you can pay online or reserve the accommodation and pay when you arrived. In Thailand, there are many great hotels to stay with and at affordable prices. Go choose where to stay in Booking.com

No me time, it’s always us time!

Being a work at home mother is a privilege for me to be with my kids almost every minute of my time. Those were the days! Those were the days that I wanted to have a me-time but I refused to, because my two boys used to see me beside them. Yes, I had secret tears moments, but those were the days! Yes, those were the days.

Even my journal is my eldest son’s drawing book.

Now, I don’t have a long hour me time but we have us time. We go to the mall together, we drop his kuya sometimes in the school and get him, they wait for me when I am in the parlor too,  play tennis or jog, study, and yes, in all my going outs, they are with me. Am I enjoying it? Yes, I do! Though sometimes I wanted to have my time- my thoughts still are with them. When I go out alone, I ended up wanted to go home right away! I’m on my case to go home. Do I like it, when they are looking for me? Yes, of course, because I know very soon I will have an ample of me time. Philnand will go to school next year, I would be alone in this coffee shop working while waiting for them.



Today was the longest me time. I call it my time because I almost have 5 hours, thinking of how can I build a building like this? (Just Kidding) 🙂



While my little one does his own thing, lying down, eating then playing. No annoying movements, he just wanted to sleep as he has been doing whenever I bring my laptop here. I miss writing and I choose to write! Just thinking of my goals and put them into writing. I left my pressures from deadlines and other matters that a mother should think. I just think of my goals and write them.  While watching the busy street and the tall buildings wishing to have one of them someday uhmpp.. I am dreaming.. 🙂

This is just my one kind of me time, waiting for my eldest’s sons dismissal time, no laptop. Just trying to have peace of mind and redirecting thoughts to a goal. Maximizing my own me time while I am with them is equal to us time.

Tools to release stress: the blue space!


DSC01267 (2).JPG

I decided to be a full-time mother when I was pregnant with my first born son Siam. I pave my way through Upwork to get an online job while I am staying at home with my kids. My husband works overseas. I have support like parents and relatives staying in the house but, taking care of kids while the husband is away was not easy. There are just things that a wife could only express to the husband that I couldn’t express to others.  My mind and body need to be strong for my kids. If my husband is around it’s a relief though because he tries to carry all, budgeting and take care of the kids most of his time and I have a pretty relaxing moment thinking only a few things like my online job and some chores in the house. My mind is literally relaxing.

I am trying to understand where my stress coming from. Oh, after two years, I get pregnant, then Siam needs to undergo surgery then after a week I labored my second child Philnand. Again, after two years, my second child needs to undergo surgery of the same disease as my eldest – Hirschsprung’s disease.  Philnand’s recovery from surgery gave me more worries. I worry every day when he couldn’t poop thinking that when the first surgery wasn’t working well, he needed to undergo another surgery. I need to deal with his shouts and cries when during potty time. He felt pain when pooping and he didn’t want to poop!

I felt like giving up! My kids could not live without seeing me even for a day! There was no way of giving up! One day, I tried to sneak outside where my kids couldn’t see me. I was walking and trying to meditate under the heat of the sun. Imagined that the heat of the sun burns my negative thoughts and God’s holy spirit washes away my busy mind. I was walking and I saw Siam’s carpool, so I decided to stay on the road where the carpool usually passes through out of the village, expecting my son could see me. I waited for almost thirty minutes but I did not see my son’s carpool passes through the road. I decided to go home and asked my mother if Siam has already gone to school: she said yes! I cried and got inside the room, scared what was happening to me? Am I becoming crazy? I believe, what my mind saw was not really happening! I talked to my husband and he told me to lie low of my online job so that my mind would only focus on my kids. I could still feed you even if you have no work, he said! For me, my online job was also very important. But, I decided to follow him and tried to rebuild my emotional strength. I decided to bid less work online to concentrate my thoughts to my kids. Less online task causes the drop of being a 100% top rated freelancer to 78%,  I lost my badge. Yet, I know I could still make it up. I just have to put a space of my thoughts of earning more and gave more time to my kids. I started to fetch and dropped Siam in the school (my father does before) with my youngest Philnand. I and my kids sometimes go out, pay the bills and go to playgrounds.

DSC01888 (2).JPG


Although I don’t earn more, I was happy spending more time with my kids. Eventually, kids are learning to be independent. Philnand had fewer tantrums, he was already comfortable walking with me as long as we hold hands while walking. He also does things on his own and we don’t spend much time on breastfeeding any longer. Every time he wanted to poop and cried, I tried to practiced not to personalize it, and not to worry about it so that I won’t get angry. Instead, we made song  (Philnand is pooping a big poop! Nanay and tatay is happy!). My duty as a mother gets lighter as my kids’ grew. I had time to stay long in the toilet, put some lipstick on and look at the mirror noticing that I already had many gray hairs. I was very happy because finally even if I don’t have me time kids don’t need me all the time because they are learning to be independent. As long as they could see me around they are already happy to do things on their own. And now, I am not ready to deal with more people whose values are different from mine, I am just so tired and I want to relax even just for a while. I cried to the deepest hidden thoughts I had, box the bed to the deepest anger I hide. Then my sister just let me cry and speak out! That was the loudest cry I ever had since my motherhood. Because when I am tired I used to just cry it on my own or hide in the ink of my journal or springs of the shower. Then my sister thought tools to release my stress and when I feel depressed.

Here we go! Read through my six helpful tools and tips to release stress or depression! I have been practicing them and really are helpful!

1. Breathing in and Breathing out.

DSC00967 (2).JPG
My youngest son took this photo. 🙂

Seat cross your legs and breath in, breath out! breath out, breath in! Feel the air running through the nose, to the backbone, and into the tummy making it half full. Then, release slowly making your tummy half flattened. This will help clear up your thoughts that cause you to stress accordingly to my sister.


2. Look for someone you can talk to.

DSC01305 (2).JPG

Look for someone you can talk to. I just learned the importance of talking to someone is one way of releasing your busy thoughts. My sister explained, if you keep on talking to yourself it’s like you are putting everything back to your own body and senses: worries, stress, loneliness all negative feelings which will accumulate and will stress the mind. Whereas, talking to somebody will help you release thoughts away from your body! Taking away all your worries and releasing each thought which keeps your mind busy.


3. Blue Space

DSC01274 (2).JPG

According to blue health, a synthesis found that people living close to blue spaces report higher levels of physical activity and that interaction with blue spaces can have a positive effect on mental health – particularly in terms of stress reduction and perceived wellbeing.”

Yes, it did really work! After going to the beach I went home with a very fresh mind!Felt renewed strength! Since it was summer every time when my sister visited us we often find these blue space! And because the Philippines has many of these blue spaces! Excited to talk about this too in my blogs 🙂


4. Learn to say no!


DSC01311 (2).JPG


Learn to say no to the things that will cause you stress. No, to the obligations that you cannot cater. Learn to say not ok when it is not ok for you. Because it’s a burden to pretend you are ok but the truth you are not. It takes a lot of courage to say no, but when you are able to do it. It’s a big help in managing your stress. Mayo Clinic has a great article about when to say no as stress relief check here.

5. You cannot please everybody.

DSC01471 (2).JPG

Don’t try to impress everybody,  take it easy and live life not to the expectations of others. Be your own good self without any expectations.


6. Exercise



Exercising or jogging with my two boys helps me redirect my positive thoughts and releases negative energy through sweat. While I jog or meditate I also pray. It is my time to connect to our creator and the universe. Feeling the sunset or sunrise then breathing fresh air and looking at the trees and mountains. According to a study published in ncbi “location with the highest level of nature had the greatest effect on reducing levels of stress .  Additionally according to  WebMD when we exercise our body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduces perceptions of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.


Kids jumping spiders adventure!

It was a week when I did not let my kids watch tv. At the age of three and six, I noticed that my two kids can go along exploring many things like trying to make a boat out of the plastics and sticks, draw, gardening and insect hunting. And the house gets messy! It’s ok than watching tv most of their time. When they are busy exploring a lot of things this makes our motherhood duty easier :-). When I was a kid I am not fun of insects but these two kids really love insect, reptiles, and birds! I have no choice but to go along with them and support them! A week of no tv? What did they do?

  1. They play together jump and teasing each other or even playing like an insect fighting.

DSC01933 (2).JPG

2. Playing blocks and or trying to draw creatures.

DSC01734 (2).JPG

2. When it’s 4:00 pm I jogged and them insect hunting.



3. They play with their pets, they have love birds, chicken, fish, and spiders.

DSC01742 (2).JPG




Jumping spiders adventure was very interesting. I just noticed while watching jumping spiders which Siam and Philnand was able to catch nearby our house – that jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes and have sharp vision. Jumping spiders has venom and it’s not fatal to a human. One interesting behavior of jumping spiders: they are called jumping spiders because they jump and uses their web as a safety rope so they may not fall when they jump from one location to another location.

After a week, I let them watch tv but with two conditions:

  • Only watch 1 hour a day.
  • Watch only those that they can learn something like their favorite dr. Jack Be Brave, Wild Kratts and knowledge channel or anything that can help them learn something about animals because this is their interest.

Me and my husband also made a youtube channel of their adventure, to compile those interesting moments they have. Check Siamee&Philoy Toys-Adventure

Nanay’s tip: How does this kids get so interested of insects?DSC01992.JPG

Most of the time when they watch youtube we expose them to channels that they can learn something interesting about animals or insect. I believe watching Brave Wilderness influences them very much in getting more information about animals and get started to be connected with animals or insects.

Patience! Patience!Patience! Block toys to teach kids the value of patience!

DSC01749 (2).JPG


Patience! Patience Patience! I need to teach my kids to be patient. This was the phrase I had when I saw my eldest Siam being grumpy because he felt building blocks seemed so difficult. While observing him, I told myself this must be the effect of over tv exposure. They want things to happen right away, just like clicking the button of the remote control and entertain themselves with another youtube channel. Because honestly, they can watch tv for more than two hours a day especially when I am doing my online tasks, but today I find ample time to address this issue.

I realized that these blocks could be my tool to help them understand the value of being patient. But, I thought by just letting them play, is enough. A demonstration could help them better understand that being patient can help them build great things!

DSC01760 (2).JPG


Just this morning while I asked them to go up with me in the room and just play while I am doing my online task. I heard Siam crying, grumpy and about to destroy the blocks that he was building, “this is difficult! I cannot do this”!

I tried to compose myself, “It’s time for me to be patient too! ” . I called him and get his attention to watch what I am going to do. I got some blocks and demonstrated two types of scenarios:


1. The Impatient Person.

I acted like an impatient person, copying his reaction disappointed, grumpy and crying because the blocks kept falling and I can’t do it! I destroyed the blocks! (He laughs a bit while watching me. )


DSC01751 (2).JPG
After breaking because of disappointment!


2. The Patient Person.

I acted like a patient person. Showed him that I was thinking. ” I can do this, hmmm?” I am tired! I will sleep for a while! I acted like sleeping for a while and woke up full of positive energy in pursuing the blocks that I built. (He smiled with hope and excitement!)

He sat beside me and ready to build the blocks. But, I asked him to listen first. I told him. See? what is the difference between an impatient person and patient person? The patient person is already done doing the blocks while the impatient person needs to build the blocks all over again from zero. Now, whom do you choose to be like, the impatient person or the patient person? Then with excitement getting the blocks, ” the patient person”, his response. And that’s a relief for me! 🙂

DSC01761 (2).JPG
Nanay, look I am done! Now he sees the fruit of his labor with his baby brother.


Selfie for a great job!
DSC01762 (2).JPG
See what patience can do? Can clean the room.. (Just Kidding)

I just feel the need of teaching them to be patient, because after all when they grow,  life is a battle of yourself and life challenges. It’s the battle of thoughts and values to be able to persevere and endure its ups and downs! Today, they are not allowed to watch tv whole week I just hope we can persevere despite of my online tasks! See you tomorrow for another journey with these two kids.

Work at Home Nanay tip: Working online too needs patience! Patience to learn new skills, patience to find clients and prove your worth.  Patience gives you hope and hope drives you to do more and make things happen. Because being an online freelancer need much of self-effort to build once profile. Things don’t happen in one go or a year or two it happens when you decide to be patient and persevere until you find great clients that will recognize your learned skills.

No matter how wide this beach maybe there is just only a few spaces that our focus can dwell.


No matter how wide this beach maybe there is just only a few spaces that our focus can dwell and those are the scenes that make up our values. But, sometimes we are able to extend a bit of the space that we can focus on. Learn to accept some values that we cannot change and learn to love those spaces that are new. But, there are times, that we are tired and just want to focus our sight on the views that we want, until we fall asleep and take a good rest. And sometimes, we just have to bring everything to our sight it may be nice and sweet or awful and stressful and still we need to fall asleep and have a good rest.


What’s the sweetest thing about having a son!



What’s the sweetest thing about having a son? I am my kid’s apple of the eye!

Their mother is the prettiest girl they found in this world!

It’s been five years since we had our eldest Siam and 3 years since we had our youngest Philnand. Siam and Philnand are now 5 and 3 years respectively. I realized that I had been their apple of the eye since I gave birth to them. They use to call me princess,  hugged and kissed me! Says I love you to me.


And now they are my mirror; they say I don’t look good when they don’t like the clothes I’m wearing. Checked if I am wearing an undershorts when I am wearing a dress. When I buy clothes they go with me to the fitting room and choose which one they liked. They even choose what lipstick color I need to put on.

These two are like my guardian angel and my bodyguards!

Soon they will grow up and I would not be the prettiest girl they found on earth. They will find their circle of friends and learn to walk without me holding their hands.

And while I can still carry them and grasp their whole body I would.  While they want to hold my tummy and breastfeed to sleep, I would pave time for it. While they want to see me dropping and getting them in school I will try my best.




Because sooner they will grow up and might not want me to do those things we used to do when they are my little ones. Now, I see them growing I would surely miss these things we use to do when their feet are smaller than mine. When their fingers are easy for me to catch. When their bodies are easy to hug and when they still have a lot of time to go with me.




Lipstick color for morena skin tone.

I don’t use blush on, eyebrows, eyelashes but I love lipsticks! As long as I have day cream and lipstick, I am already confident to walk around. I used to put eyeliner and lipstick before I got married. But, I have been trying to figure out the best lipstick color for my tan skin. I have a typical Filipino skin tone which they call “Morena”. When I got married and had my first-born son, I have only been using lipsticks, it’s time-consuming to put all the set of makeup in my face! I have my son to attend too. So, lipsticks were just enough for me. 1-5 minutes in the mirror and I am off to go!

Dark colored red lipsticks came out! And I got curious about using it. Finally, I got the perfect color for my skin tone. It’s red deep color lipstick or dark colors. I believe they blend along with my skin tone and it brightens my skin. Below are lipstick colors I play around.


1. Plum Noir from Mary Kay


plum (2)

I have been looking for this color but I couldn’t find a good brand that uses less hazardous chemicals and paraben free products.  I saw a friend selling online these new colors of lipstick from Mary Kay and I really love it! It just fit into my skin tone and brings sophisticated looks even if I don’t have makeup. 

2. Red Alert from Mary Kay


red alert (2)

Since I have been using my burgundy like colored lipstick (Osaka Plum in number 5 below) from the body shop for three years now. I need to have a new one. I found a “red alert” which is similar to it. At first, I thought it’s not the red I wanted but, I tried to apply it thickly,  there I got the color I wanted. The true color of the lipstick does not appear at an instant but minutes after I got the color I expected. But, if you want really dark red my friend says. “red serine” is darker. 

For Mary Kay, you may contact my friend’s FB here. for queries about these products.


3. Pink from Mac


1 (2)
This is the set I got from my sister’s balikbayan box.










My sister sent it from Canada. At first, I wasn’t using it because I thought pink won’t really match to my skin tone. I feel uncomfortable, seemed pink color does not blend with my Morena skin. I felt walking behind my lips. People would catch my lips right away not my whole face as one. They just don’t go along. But,  I tried using it as well. Applied it thickly to reveal the strong pink color and at least go along with my skin tone. Not bad at all! I should have a daring mood to use this color confidently.  I believe this set is really good for those who have white skin.

4. Natural color from Mac

I rarely use it. I feel pale and dead while using it. My lips are already naturally pail. But, my sister loves this color.


5. Osaka Plum (Burgundy) from Body Shop


The Body Shop Matte Lipstick – Osaka Plum – about 700PHP










This is my first ever favorite lipstick from the body shop. I have been using this for three years.  Nonetheless, this color opened up the idea that dark-colored lipsticks are just perfect for my skin tone. 

Mac and Mary Kay, they smell like fruits. Leaves a bit of dry lip feeling which made you feel that the color on your lips fades. Try looking at the mirror, oh, the color is still there.

With Body Shop, though the color is matt it does not leave a dry lip feeling. It has no smell unlike mac and mary kay.

With other lipsticks; putting on it leaves the feeling of heaviness and dryness on the lips, then peel some skin on the lips. Colors easily go away after long hours of using it. But not with Mac, Mary Kay and Body Shop.

With full-time and work at home mothers like me, we tend to overlook fixing ourselves in the mirror because kids need our attention, we always stay in the house and; to be pretty – demands time. With only lipstick on, we can still look good and feel good! Not so much expensive because these brands will last for years enough to treat ourselves with good looks! But as I  always remember to practice, we need to feel good, choose to be happy and be positive because the energy inside our soul radiates to how we look and how others look at us!