Philippines: Medical Cannabis is now legal.

The use of Marijuana since 1972 in the Philippines has been unlawful and after some states of the US declared recreational cannabis as legal,  the Philippines as well declared Medical Cannabis legal this year; 2017 a press release from the house of representative dated 26th of September 2017  titled: “House Committee Approves the Medical Cannabis Bill” .  The bill, authored by Isabela Representative  Rodolfo T. Albano III called “Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act” which seeks to legalize Medical Cannabis. This bill has been controversial because the Philippines has recorded Marijuana as  the second used illegal drugs in the country. And after a long deliberation of the bill since year 2014 the house of representative approves its legality this year 2017. Remember cannabis are only legal for  “Medication Purposes”. The Law has a very strict ordinance such as:

  1. A Patient who is qualified to use “Medical Cannabis”  should be given an Identification card.
  2.  Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has the virtue in monitoring and regulating the release of the “Medical Cannabis” in the health facilities.
  3. Research Centers should  follow safety procedure; and permits should be acquired from PDEA and Department of Health.



  2. Press Release, Albano, T.R: House Committee Approves the Medical Cannabis Bill, 2017.






Importance Of Physical Activities to Kids While Learning.

This article will talk about the importance of Physical Activities in sustaining overall health; and will point advantages of exercise to those straight “A” students who usually avoid it. I will be pointing out different advantages of physical activities emotionally, mentally and physically. I have gathered resources of studies from different organizations like US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health (NCBI ) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which studied preventable disease related  to lack of physical activities and how school-based physical activities affect the academic performance of the youth which improves cognitive and motor skills.

There is five leading cause of death reported in the US and those are heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, stroke and respiratory disease. 20-40% percent of annual deaths from each of these diseases are preventable ( CDC, 2014). Preventable disease means, these diseases can be avoided and premature death may be lessened through healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet and participating in physical activities. Examples are, heart disease and stroke; which may be worse or acquired through lack of physical activities.

CDC has released facts of Physical activities which says that regular physical activities about 60 minutes per day among children and adolescents can improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscle, control weights, reduce anxiety and depression and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, obesity. It also reduces the risk of acquiring the five leading diseases which cause deaths in the US. On the other hand, the consequences of lack of physical activities can cause energy imbalance which can lead to obesity, increase the risk to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breast, colon, endometrial, and lung cancers, osteoporosis (CDC, 2017).

Health does not choose if you are student “ A “ or just an average student since optimal health can be acquired mainly through physical activities and healthy eating habit. Thus exercising is also advised to those straight “A” students who usually avoid it because physical activities can help these students interact and release stress. Studying is stressful they also need an output to release their stress and energized their brain. A research study has been made to understand the relationship between physical activities and the physiological behavior of the brain and how physical Activities affects the Brain, ( CDC, 2010). The study wanted to prove that cognitive skills and motor skills can be improved through physical movement as it affects the physiology of the brain by increasing the cerebral capillary growth, blood flow, oxygenation, production of neutrophils, the growth of nerve in the center of learning and memory, neurotransmitter levels, development of nerve connection, density of neural network and brain tissue volume. Thus, the overall finding indicates positive outcomes in the following: academic achievement, academic behaviors such as classroom conduct, indicators of cognitive skills and attitudes such as concentration, memory, self-esteem and verbal skills. Moreover, physical activities will develop the social being of the youths which will help them develop their interpersonal skills and the understand cultures such as policies, support and etc. These can be nurtured when they find joy in participating the game, interacting with others and being able to experience different environment such as going to the gym or park; following the policies of the game and find support(4).

As health care cost increases people nowadays are interested in knowing how to improve and maintain overall health most especially those underdeveloped and developing countries. The government and many organizations have uprooted to encourage and educate people in engaging themselves in exercising, as it benefits not just the physical but optimal health of an individual. Its’ benefits in reducing the risk of acquiring preventable diseases, improve physiology of the brain and its influence in the sociology ecological well being of youths or individual are the reasons why these wellness programs are encouraged in the schools and workplace.


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  4. Progress and Future Directions on Physical Activity Research Among Youth:  Everson, K. R., Mota, J.




Why let the kids play in water?

My kids really like to soak themselves in the water.  Why kids like to play in water? It is because, they find it exciting to hear the splash, drops, and waves of the water, they even like to get wet. Water itself is very attractive even to us adults because of it’s relaxing essence.

According to letting our kids play in the water can develop their balance and strength, motor skills, socialization; and give them fun ways to explore and discover many things like the volume of the water and biological knowledge relating to fish, frogs and etc. Moreover,  it also gives them opportunities in discovering that they can move their bodies in many ways while swimming or walk in the water.  Hence, now I understand why my kids are having fun with waters; because it gives them a lot of adventures and realization about bodies of waters and what they can do with it. Relating to the thing they see in youtube like ship,  fish, frogs and ducks and what they can do in the water as well. Realizing something would float in the water would be great for them.

Here are the 6 ways I find my kids enjoying while soaking themselves in water with toys! 


  1. Swimming Pool – The swimming pool is just walking distance from our house; I would let them swim 3- 4 times a month; once they are there, it would be very difficult to let them go home. My eldest son gained confidence in learning to swim on his own and the youngest would enjoy walking in the pool on his own.


2. Beach – Beach is an hour ride from our house, so we just go there once in a while. Early in the morning would be the best time to swim in the beach.


3. Bucket Pool – These are baby bath tabs and the pail we use for washing clothes. My youngest would love to soak himself and bring as many toys he could; he does this most of the time when he takes a bath in the morning. 


4. Bath in rainwater-  They have a great time running and playing; exploring the wonders of the rainwater. They hear the thunder and see lightings;  scared a bit, yet are enjoying soaking themselves in the rainwater. 


5. Kids Swimming Pool– I had this swimming pool during my eldest Christening ( A gift) and when we are too busy to look after them in the swimming pool we let them swim in the house with this – can be kept swimming pool. You can find this in stores; kids sections or buy online as well.

6. Fun bath in the shower room – They love letting the shower flow and playing the water in the floor as it falls. They are trying to swim like they are in the swimming pool and get their toys, splash the water, dance, sing and shout.


When you do these tips to your kids, never ever leave them unattended and you should check the floor if it’s not slippery and the bucket is safe for them to use. Always remember safety first. Never ever keep your eyes away from them, because waters can also be very dangerous to them.

Bringing back my desire to work!

I am glad that I am bringing back my desire to work. It’s been more than a week now and I found the things I did in my article faith and work really works for me. I am now bringing back my desire to work and enjoying everything I do.  For a week of trying to practice good habit such as following my to do list, has been a good help for me not focus myself on just one and repetitive task.

My usual everyday task just revolve in the four corners of our house, my laptop and my freelancing task then kids, and maybe because I have been doing these for so long then,  I lost my passion, I get bored as I also disconnect myself  with the Lord. What are the things I think helped me to bring back my desire to work?

  1. I call God’s grace everyday, when I wake up and before bed time. I am trying to build a good habit of listening to wonderful praise songs and meditation songs like that from Don Moen. I love listening to his songs. And his songs from Hymnbook full album are just great songs that brings back my connection with our creator. I even listen these when I am working. It refreshes my thoughts.

2.  My realistic and achievable to do list has helped me to form a good everyday habit. Such as:

  • In the morning while waiting for my son at school, I do my freelancing task.
  • When I am at home I prioritize doing my mother’s task including unlimited breastfeeding my youngest son.
  • I work sometimes when my kids are watching youtube and if there is somebody who will look after them.
  • Then 4-5 times a week, I spare 1-2 hours jog or play tennis with my kids; breath fresh air outside our village.
  • When my kids are sleeping at night and if my body has still energy to tick my time to work, then I do.

3. I take time to talk with friends I just knew when my son entered school. Now I am learning to mingle with others. As a freelancer we tend to isolate ourselves with others because of the nature of our work. We always need internet.

I am connecting myself to my inner self, people, God, environment and my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. Embracing the things that I can do and not mending on the things that I can hardly do yet, like working 8-12 hours a day; and connecting to what I really need to do in the present situation of my life, helps me to bring back my desire to work and enjoy each responsibilities I have. There are many things I would like to do  but as a mother I need to prioritize my kids. As what I read from  the book “One Thing” I just have to build a good habit in hitting my one thing, and I know when they grow up, nobody will grab my hand, ask me to carry them anymore. 🙂 I will just take each plan one step at a time by forming a good habit.:)

Faith and Work

Lord, please help me! Was my thoughts before I slept yesterday night. I felt my desire of forming a good habit in reaching my “One Thing Goal” was slumping. That fire I had before working my online task as  freelancer for almost four years was not the same as I had it, last February this year and the previous years.

What is happening to me?! This is not me? I have goals to achieve but that fire in my heart to do the things I usually do for over three years is almost dying. I wanted to let that fire burn as my faith in the Lord burns everyday when I do my work at home these previous years. I felt a very powerful mother that time.

My desire in doing my task was slumping and I lost my intimate connection with the Lord. What is happening to me?! I don’t like this feeling. Help me Lord. “This was my thoughts yesterday! While my kids were sleeping and after photocopying my son’s workbook for a review before going to school the next day,   I tried to get my journal, I started writing my to do list. At the back of my mind, to do list again and I am not achieving them! That night  my to do list for the next day was realistic. I learned it when I was making a  book summary for a client. The book title was  “One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I learned that when we make everyday to do list, it should be:

  • Realistic
  • Achievable
  • Can form a good habit towards my “One Thing Goal” that needs a long term hard work.

Before; my to do list didn’t include taking care of my kids or tutoring them, because I am very focused of completing the task and the penny that drops each time I turn on my time tracker. Yesterday, I am being honest to myself that I am not a superwoman anymore, who can work 8-10 hours a day and take care of my kids as well. Because, my eldest son is already in K1 and he needs follow up; my youngest also loves someone to read book for him. They always wanted to be with me when I am at home.

I realized that aside from working at home I should prioritize my two kids more than before( three years ago) because, they are growing up and they are forming their values and emotional strength as well. It would be a consequence if  I  let them watch educational youtube videos more than four hours a day. I should take the challenge watching over them and making them feel the love of their father working overseas. My to do list has only four hours work – obligatory; and I do it while waiting my eldest son’s school break. Then,  when I am at home, it’s a mothers task. Read books, play with them, jogging, playing tennis and trying to insert gardening (I hope, I can make this). And, if there would be somebody to look after my kids, I can work or do stuffs like blogging, do some work when needed, reading and applying for projects online.  I think this is the best to do list I can achieved everyday. And may be this, will bring the fire in my heart again connecting to the real world and situation in my life. Not just computer, house, mall; computer, house, mall.

After doing my to do list, I went to the toilet and saw the bible in the Altar. I got it and ask God’s guidance to talk to me. Lord, please talk to me, I closed my eyes asking his Holy Spirit;  tried to open the bible without any bible verse in my thought. In my prayer whichever verse my hands flipped through it was the message that the Lord was trying to convey.  It was about Baal and idols, I told myself, ” I don’t believe in Baal’s,  this is not a message for me”. I prayed again and flip through , I opened Hosea 2, it was still  about Baal. “Oh, why is this? ” when I tried to  flip through again, a message deep within me “money is also a form of Baal” . I Stopped and read back each word in Hosea 2.


I started  flashing  back my attitude towards work and how I value faith. And these verse strikes my heart. Reminding me that this previous months I lost connection with the Lord; I was so focused of earning more and working hard. I forgot to praise him first day in the morning and  before bed time.

Now, it seems that I could not go through pursuing my goals because I lost my desire to go through opportunities are also like blocking my way. My wisdom and perseverance and that fire to push through are slowly vanishing. And these verses hit my heart! I simply forget the Lord who was my husband when I was trying to start my freelancing career.

I want to go back to myself before; and work with faith. I am there trying to build back the habit of praying before working and while working. Bringing back all the glory to him; after all these opportunities I have came from him.

As I end this note. I am about the complete my half day to do list for this day.


I need to end now, my eldest son is already waiting for me in school.

Later, I need to complete my other half day to do list and prioritized my thoughts completing my motherhood task.







Mothers Shop Online and be in trend.

Sometimes we are busy mothers wouldn’t have time to shop for ourselves. We go to the mall but ended up buying groceries and buy things for our kids then at the end of the day would be so tired; would choose not to buy clothes for ourselves.  Sometimes I miss being beautiful and would want to shop trendy clothes. I don’t usually shop online because I am doubtful of the quality and as a breastfeeding mom one thing I need to consider in buying clothes is not just to look pretty but easy for my son to breastfeed. And this really takes so much  of my time to look for clothes. One day, I saw my sister with pretty and trendy clothes I asked them where they bought those, they said online shopping with Zalora and that was the first time I got interested buying my clothes online  with Zalora to shop for trendy clothes and be pretty even I am a busy full time, work at home mom. As a woman, I believe it is very important to look good and feel beautiful it is our gift for ourselves despite our busy schedule as a mother.

I remember that time when we had almost 2 months vacation at the urban area where I couldn’t find fab and beautiful clothes to fit however, I had seen my sisters and their officemates with beautiful clothes; these girls were so pretty with there nice clothes? Where did they buy these clothes? As far as the mountain and  rivers  we stayed the clothes they bought from online shopping with  Zalora were delivered.

One thing you need to remember when you shop online is your size; once you know your size everything will be all fine. Zalora sell simple but elegant clothes and these are the kinds of clothes I like to fit, as a breastfeeding mom, I would choose those clothes with buttons and find many good design from Woman. So, if you are a busy mom, while your kids are sleeping scroll down your phone with Zalora app and start shopping anywhere; it’s nice to treat ourselves with clothes that will make us feel beautiful and powerful. 🙂

To Download Mobile App here: Zalora Mobile App

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 8.45.20 AM
Zalora Mobile App

Start Shopping here: Zalora


Please see here other online shop that might fit your taste and location : SHop Online and Feel Beautiful

How to prepare yourself for a freelancing career?

Breaking the wall of becoming a freelancer isnot easyy as you want to have it quick. There is no easy way. What makes it difficult is to get your first job or project; but once you are already there and you have build your profile as a freelancer- that will make things easier.

I can say that there are simple task and difficult task. And the most important thing, you  need to be the jack of all trade. When I got my first job in Upwork it’s like breaking the wall. It took me 4 months to get the first job with a very small pay! Yes, with a very small pay, not even worth the time I spent in doing the job and snitching my time between my kids and doing the task; I read an ebook about real estate and write questions and answers without plagiarism. I made 40 questions and answers a day with only 0.04USD per question. I didn’t work full time; I have to take care of my eldest son so , I need to balance my time as a mother and delivering quality output to my client. What keeps me going at that time was not the pay, it was the privilege to do my first project and I love what I am doing. Why I am saying this? Because being a freelancer- the most important thing you need to have are:

“The 2 P’s and the 3 L’s”Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.06.05 AM



The internet world is composed of many freelancers from all over the world. The competition is very tight as skills. But, once you already have a profile in websites such as Upwork or any websites, you have free slots to bid as many as you are willing to go through sending your proposal to every job post that you think you can do.

Make the most of your time in bidding and never give up until you get the first job. When I tried to break the wall of my freelancing career, I did not stop bidding because I want to have a job, I want to earn on my own while taking care of my kids. My husband is an overseas worker so, I need to be the mother and the father of my kids while he is not around. When all I do was taking care of my firstborn son, I missed spending my own money without my husband handing me his hard earned money. I wanted to empower myself as a woman,  mother, and a wife. So, I kept on bidding whatever I thought my work experienced in the office and skills would be relevant to the job. 




Being positive that even how many times you bid, you still have that positive attitude that you could have your first job. When I bid in projects I always speak to myself; I am unique, someone will hire me. Believe in your skills, explore and learn more to enhance it. In bisaya I say it “pabaga ug nawong”  No guts no glory! 





Online work needs you to learn a lot of things even at the expense of your own research. Almost everything can be searched on the internet. Google things that you want to learn. Always remember “Knowledge is Power”




The love of the work is very important because this will make you successful; this is where you get perseverance. When you love what you are doing it will take you to success and make your brain work more on how to improve yourself and your skills.


5.  Trust   in   Lord


Believe it or not my first $3.6/hour project. I have prayed and worked hard for it. I woke up 12am, kneel down and pray because I believe, God will provide. And luckily a very good client hired me as a researcher, he molded my skills in writing and research. I gained more confidence in myself and that was the starting of my breakthrough as a freelancer. Now, I am very thankful to be one of those who has “Top Rated” badge in Upwork.

This all for now!  🙂 When you feel like quitting always remember “the 2 P’s and 3 L’s “


And if you are willing to do whatever it takes. Then you are ready to do the techniques with skills. See you in the next article.


Java Maya Bird-Cause of Sudden Death

I bought birds for my kids, they love animals. Put those two Java Maya birds or known as java sparrow, in the cage.

One day my son was not in the house for the whole day; he always looked after his birds’ food. The day after, we found that his birds’ died. The two of them died! I felt guilty because, I was not able to also look after them while my son was away. My son “nanay the lord will correct them to be  alive? ” ; what he meant was, if the bird will be alive because the Lord will help them to be alive after they died. He was crying and wanted the bird to come back after they were buried. He even says to her aunt, after burying them, “they will grow, tita?” they are coming back?  (hehehe.. he thought animals were like plants, they will grow in the soil). He felt so bad and was crying for the lost of his pet.

I wanted to buy another birds however, when I researched and tried to understand why those birds died, I found out the reasons of their death could be one of these listed below:

Top 10 birds killers

I summarized them into this abbreviation: WUTTOTHOSH

  1. Water –  This could be the possible reason because after lunch (the day before they died) we were not able to check if they have enough water in their pot.
  2. Unclipped wings – Could be; since, they were two in the small cage and they could not really freely fly. And naturally they should not be in the cage.
  3. Trauma-  They might have not adapted their new environment yet. Moreover, during   night  time the wind was cold and may be their location was not a comfortable place for them.
  4. Toxic Foams – My son, put a letter foam inside their cage, they might have  tried to eat it.
  5. Other Animals – We have other animals in the house but, they are living separately.
  6. Toxic Food and Plant – We don’t put any other food in the cage except the bird food      and the water, but letter foam was connected to a tie that was hanged on the cage which they could wrongly associate it as their food. 
  7. Heat Exposure – Sun set during 3’Oclock  goes to the  direction  at the corner  of our     house where we put them.
  8. Owner – caused disease – My son, usually brought them anywhere and sometimes         played with them by touching their bodies with a stick.
  9. Sleeping with birds – We didn’t sleep with them, but sometimes my son brought the     cage  inside our room, because he wanted to always see them.
  10. Hand Feeding Mistakes – We don’t give them food through hands


Oh, it seems 80% of the caused of birds death were true to how we handled those java maya birds. I felt guilty of not knowing how to take care of  birds. I found out that birds were really sensitive and they need special attention than the fish and dog we have in the house.

That would be the last time birds, I won’t be buying birds anymore, I’d rather let them escape from the cage than seeing birds die in our house. But, my son wants to buy iguana in exchange for the death of his bird! Oh no… I don’t know how to take care of birds how much more Iguana?… 🙂  Iguana seems scary to be a pet… Oh,