Home Based Job Tips – Series 1

With almost 4 years as a freelancer, I would like to share the two legit websites where I get legit clients. 

  1. upwork    Upwork
  2. outsourcely  Outsourcely

These two websites screen employers and freelancers; there are little chances that scammers can scam freelancers especially those new ones. 

With over three years of doing home based jobs, I have done research on what companies or website could I bid for a job; and yes! I had bid to job postings which I thought would give me a  pay, but in the end, I was just deceived; some were asking me to pay before getting the job, some interviewed me – as if I was hired from a big company but was fishing personal information.  And those two websites above, have proven that they have made some precautions to avoid scammers. There were some popular websites I did not include in the list;  experienced wise – those have a high probability that scammers could post job postings and could easily deceive new freelancers.

The following tips are base on my experiences and how I filter job postings.

When are you going to say that you are not going to pursue the application or you are being scammed? 

  • When an employer asks you money before getting the job.
  • When you have done the work but no response from the employer.
  • When an employer is asking you personal details such as ID, passport, signature without the proper signing of contract or clarity that you are already hired in a legit company.

If this is your first time to try your luck as a freelancer,  use the two websites as I mentioned above.

If you have questions just let me know and I would be happy to answer them.