Breastfeeding can reduce weight!

Yes it does!!! Breastfeeding can reduce weight. A friend of mine was surprise to see me.

My friend: You reduce weight!!?

Me: Really? Ow, thank you… maybe because of breastfeeding.

My son is already 1yr and 2 months now and I have been exclusively breastfeeding him since day 1 . I have tried feeding him formula during his second month, because I thought I could not supply his milk needs but I was able to manage letting go of the formula his third month and so on..

Exclusively breastfeeding him I believe really helps my weight to reduce.

What are other things I do to loose weight after birth.

  1. Breastfeeding.. unlimited breastfeeding.
  2. I don’t eat too much carbohydrates if I feel that I am eating too much I just drink water or soya milk to increase my milk supply
  3. I don’t let my tummy to be empty but I also discipline my self not to full it often. I eat to much sometimes but often times just enough.

I am bored of my job.

I am in the stage of my life that I got bored of my job. It seems that my brain won’t work anymore of doing the same routine. I want to learn more but it seems I feel wasting a Dollar if I do something else that will not allow my time ticking to earn. I work at home as an online researcher and seems I am tired of doing the same thing. I remember this talk from Matthew Lesko in Ted Talk titled  ” Don’t Be Afraid of Being Anything ”   It inspires me to manage my time in doing my job and at the same time do the things I love and I have fun in doing even if  I don’t earn but I know if I will cultivate it I can think of something that I will earn from it.  This is what the talk all about. That we should not be afraid of being anything.

The thought that he says that motivates me to keep on writing is this:

“Finding what special about you and so that you can give it better than anybody else because you are happy everyday you do need a Million Dollars because you are happy ” – Matthew Lesko

By doing the things I love to do which is  “Writing” aside from the work which I have been doing all day. Will somehow give a diversion of my routine and will refresh my thoughts and boost my energy to work.

What are the steps I make to not feel bored with my job?

  1. I keep into mind that “I need my job, I am well paid off and I worked hard for this” I just need to do other things to refresh my mind.
  2. Since I love writing I decided to make this website and when I feel bored doing my job, I can stop for a while and write my thoughts.
  3. When I work I play relaxing instrumental songs.
  4. I take time to do household chores.
  5. I take time to take care of my kids, play and laugh with them.

Other plans:

6. In my payday, I will go out with my kids.

7. Play tennis twice a week.


Working With Fresh Air

Literally working with fresh air refreshes the mind to work. If you are a work at home or a freelancer we often work in the  four corners of our house: often times inside the room to stay away from distractions.  To keep us up beat with our job or just to break the routine working environment its nice to do the following:

  1. Work outside the room in you dining table or sofa  to be with your family so that you can laugh and talk with them while working.
  2. Work outside the house where you can feel the breeze of the soothing air. A place where the air kisses your face and sway your hair. This is so far the best I have ever done that revitalized my energy to work.
  3. Go to park, coffee shop or anywhere where it gets you connected with the people and the environment.`

As the with the meaning  of  Breath of fresh air in dictionary  it says ” someone or something that makes a situation feel new, different, and exciting:” This is exactly what we need.