Mae Your Back Office Support Team – The Philippines!

I have been working online for 6 years now. My eldest at the time was 9 months old. I crawled my freelancing career diligently and passionately on my own. Until I got opportunities in Upwork. After 2 years I got my top badge! It boosts my confidence in what I can do more and delivering quality output to my clients. I started to learn more skills and serving more business owners, speakers, and professionals.

Until this year, I wanted to serve more clients with their overloaded office works. As my kids grow I also wanted to grow not by myself alone but also with my trusted team -working in my home office. While I grow with my clients I also wanted to help women, mothers, and wives in the Philippines to empower themselves. Use their skills in helping their husbands with bills and also not to be so dependent on the money that their husbands give them.

DSC05514 (2)

I have been there so dependent on my husband financially but it’s also fulfilling to get some from my pocket to buy food, buy my clothes and makeups too.

Don’t get me wrong I am not only working to get paid but with my experienced working as a freelancer, my goal in helping clients get their goals – kept that top badge in my profile. This is also the reason why I am working with a team to continue delivering the best output we can for multiple clients. Trust me Mae your Back Office Support Team- The Philippines can help lighten your overloaded office works.  We are a team of women, mothers, and wives who have a history of working passionately in everything we do.